Hello dear followers! 

On August 26th, this blog will be celebrating its third anniversary, and we thought it was time for a change, so for the next few days, our theme will be under construction. We currently have a temporary theme, and while it appears fine on Google Chrome, I can’t say the same about other browsers, namely Safari, where it appears to be a total mess. So with my lovely co-owner, I will be updating FYM to make it more visually appealing, and hopefully easier to use.

Thank you guys for following this blog, I remember in its early days when it just had a couple hundred of followers, which quickly turned into thousands and now over 12,000 people are following this blog. It’s unbelievable, I thank you all! 

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you guys, what do you think of the new logo/icon I just created? Let me know, all feedback is welcome!

P.S. Have any of you been following since day one? Or since 2010? 

- Sam xxx

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