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I had headcanoned that these two are what started the trend to begin with ;)


Alyanette, Adrienino, Chlobrina, Kimax, Julerose, Myvan, Nathalix

Bonus: Lila, Feligette, Gabalie, Tombine, Mirore



im telling you guys, these two will become the best of friends in season 2 or 3

Jagged & Marinette friendship fanfic idea

Ok so while watching ml and reading fanfics i believe I’ve come up with a fun concept…

-Jagged Stone had become close to Marinette, after she made his awesome shades and his favorite album cover, that she gets different commissions for him (jackets, pants, hats, shoes, ect)
- Jagged is the first to start calling her Mari, and when asked about his new *insert item here* he all “Oh, you like it? My girl Mari designed it for me, isn’t she wonderful? ”
- in return Mari starts calling Jagged Jag
- Jagged kinda becomes like a older brother for Marinette, and starts hanging at the bakery with Penny and Fang more often so Marinette’s parents start parenting Jagged because he can kinda be over the top about some things
- Penny kinda is like an aunt to Marinette and helps give that advise you need to get from a parent but is too embarrassed to ask…
-Penny knows when it is time to talk to mom/dad and encourages Marinette to do so, but also how to keep a secret when she needs to
- when Jagged and Penny have to go to events or places that won’t allow Fang to go in they ask Marinette to watch him
- Fang, being the big soft cuddly crocodile he is, falls for Marinette insistently and becomes very protective of her (he started this close to the beginning after Jagged got the shades *i will fight this being cannon since in ‘guitar villain’ though he hated the producer he seemed very irritated when said producer started to get close to Marinette and put his arm around her*)
- Fang, being an animal with instincts, knows Marinette is Ladybug so he ends up helping occasionally and might have scared Chat a couple of times running in to get at an akuma that is about to attack her
- Adrien ends up seeing Marinette with Fang and goes to say hi with Gorilla trailing behind
- Fang, seeing that Adrien is not only Chat but also the guy who Mari had posted all over her room, playfully growls at him like he has at Chat, and Adrien accidentally starts to playfully growls back like he does as Chat
- Gorilla steps in and gives Fang a 'you better stop it ’ look Fang backs of but still gives Adrien an sloppy lick making his hair messy
- Mari seeing Chat’s hair and hearing a familiar growl starts connecting the dotes about Adrien being Chat Noir but still trying to live in the denial not wanting to believe he is so close and them possibly being more endanger due to knowing each others identities.
-Adrien seeing how close Fang was to Ladybug and how close and affectionate he is to Marinette starts to get curious about Marinette possibly being Ladybug
-Jagged, from seeing the posters of Adrien in Marinette’s room and her fumbling while talking to Adrien when he went to pick up Fang, teases her but also trys to give her advise on how to get Adrien’s attention
- “so that the boy you like?” “Yeah…wait what? Jagged?!” “Should i ruff him up abit, let him know you aren’t to be played with? ” *side wink* “Jag, No!” *Jagged starts walking in Adrien’s direction* “Hey, boy…” *Marinette starts to jump on him* “stop it Jag, he is just a friend…” *Jagged looks at her on his back* “Want to change that? ” *Marrinette blushes and starts pulling him away* “I swear your just as bad and mama and papa”
- Adrien, being the cream puff he is, sees the interaction but doesn’t hear the conversation, and starts thinking “I wish she would interact playfully with me”
-Alya, being Marinette’s best friend, gang’s up with Jagged on teasing Mari about her crush and trying to help her with getting Adrien’s attention…
- “why not call boy up and say 'hey hot stuff, wont you come help me with physics?’” *Alya eyes Jagged* “and give her another chance to palm his phone when she messes up? No way can’t happen” *Jagged raises eyebrow* “you palmed his phone?” *Marinette groans* “why would you do that?” “Oh she caked him hot stuff on his voice mail and confessed her crush on him… foaming at the mouth might have been involved too?” “Alya!” “Oh really? Well then we could just have him touch some of Maris pressure points to help herout” *Alya snikers* “I’m sure she would enjoy that” *Marinette covers her face* “do you guys even know I’m…” *Jagged puts finger on Marinette’s mouth* “ssshhh Mari, we’re talking about you like your not here, just sit there and make me a scarf” *Alya jumps up* “oh did you hear about when Mari made him a birthday present?” “What you made him a scarf? Did he even thank you?” *Alya quickly puts hand over Marinette’s mouth* “No” “What?!? He shunned my girl? I should sick Fang on him” *Marinette pulls Alya’s hand off her mouth* “he didn’t know it was from me… he thought his dad got it for him” *Jagged stands with a mission* “still no excuse, you shouldnt have been…” *Marinette puts hand on Jagged’s mouth* “he just looked so happy, I couldn’t take that from him”
*Jagged takes hand off mouth and with sad crocodile eye’s*“But you sign everything you make, didn’t he see your signature?” *Fang curls up close to Marinette to comfort her* “He should,” Alya voices, “he was there when you pointed it out when Chloe tryed to steel your derby hat design” “which was after his birthday, and i didn’t start signing my designs for others until the scarf misunderstanding so it doesn’t matter”
-Penny often steps in to get Jagged and Alya to behave when Marinette is becoming uncomfortable, Fang just laughs *knowing the inside joke the entire fan base has groaned about since the beginning*

Girl meets pretty, blond host, and gets mistaken for a boy. Girl destroys interior and pays for it by agreeing to play with host and his friends after school.

Dude with green hair - and a name to match said hair - rides bicycle rear cart.

Tachibana and Matsuoka play survival games with water guns.

If He Looks At Your Lips

Composing a Master Post of all my Miraculous Ladybug-related fanfiction, so I’ll be posting some of the one-shots I have uploaded in various places but not on tumblr. First up is a one-shot based on a concert a friend of mine went on a date to, and it rained so hard that the concert was cancelled for about 45 minutes. I took some liberties. ;)

Talk To Me coming soon!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Adrinette
Words: 3K
Summary: Their gazes locked on one another, very aware of their sudden close proximity. In a car alone together, the faint drumming of rain outside in tandem with their pounding hearts.
Tags: Fluff, Adrinette, Car Kisses


The rain began slowly at first. The throngs of people paid it no mind and only drew their rain slickers closer to their bodies as they chatted excitedly. The venue was a huge outdoor stage, the front sections covered by a tall awning and leaving the remaining seats open to the darkening sky, but no one seemed to mind. Teenage couples lounged on towels in the grass, and older groups of friends milled about with beers while waiting for the concert to start.

Marinette wasn’t quite what to do, so she let her eyes scan across the crowed of concertgoers as they made their way to the front entrance, excitement building in her chest. When Adrien had told her he had an extra ticket to the Jagged Stone concert and wanted to give it to her, she had about fainted right there. Her crush had mentioned that he’d asked Nino and Alya, but both had curiously declined the invitation (an opportunity Alya had thrust in Marinette’s direction… what did she do to deserve such a friend?)

So now here she was with Adrien, who stood a few paces behind her as he locked his car door. He’d picked her up that afternoon; none the wiser to the hours Marinette and Alya had spent in the raven-haired girl’s room going through her closet to decide what would be appropriate for a concert date. They’d eventually decided on a dark purple sleeveless button-up over dark jeans and mid-calf black boots, comfortable and stylish. She let her hair fall into its normal pigtails, playing with her bangs until they fell over her blue eyes just right, only to go back and fix them again five minutes later.

It was almost like a dream as she glided into the passenger seat of Adrien’s Bugatti. Part of her was curious how much convincing it took for Adrien to forgo a chauffeur and get his own car, but another part just simply marveled at the expensive vehicle. They’d chatted aimlessly during the twenty-minute drive, and Marinette was about to burst from nervousness.

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Can you hand me a towel? I’m a little wet. (whoever you fancy).

“Uh…yeah! One moment!”

The hesitation had been noticeable within his reply at the question that was shouted from the bathroom. Setting his notebook down against the desk and tucking the pencil within the spine, he rose from the couch. Aiden was never sure about what his sexuality was, but he did know that was queer but had feelings towards woman. Would make him…bisexual? He never did much research into the matter. He wasn’t able to anyway. After 19 years, he had finally been able to grasp full control of his life and flee from his father’s talons. Free at last and the first breath of his independence felt like radiance. It was overwhelming, but beautiful all at once. He found himself in the care of another who didn’t seem as cruel as his old man was, which was a good thing. The young artist had been slightly cautious at first, but soon found himself growing bolder with each passing moment he spent with the man. Nigel was his name and it was rather strong name for a male of his stature. It suited him well. He was intimidating, but underneath that thick hide of armor, he had a gentle heart. They were both people had been broken by the world and it was something that held in common. Aiden never connected anyone and this was new to him, but he wasn’t scared by new experiences. He would face them head on, with the lack of fear.

Grabbing an extra towel from the cramped closet within the single bedroom, he made his way towards the bathroom. A drift of steam from the recently taken shower appeared like smoke as it traveled out from the miniature crack that separated the door from the frame. Aiden’s bare feet was nothing more than a muted tap against the aged floorboards that creaked here and there, depending on where he stepped. Knocking lightly against the door with the back of his hand, he listened to the sound of streaming water before peaking in through the crack and casually pushing open the door with the towel in hand, attempting to keep his gaze lowered. A sense of slight embarrassment flooded over the boy and his shyness was expressed as he glanced down at his feet, trying to push down the blush that had found its way up to his cheeks.

I don’t think anyone will agree with this but...

Obviously, I am currently hooked on “Rey-is-Jaina-rewritten-for-canon” and “Ben-is-Jacen-rewritten-for-canon”

So I spent some time revisiting Jaina’s Wookiepedia page…

and I end up going through the page of Jagged Fel a.k.a. Jaina’s Bae

Jagged Fel is a pilot who has family ties with Imperial Remnant loyalists

here are some pictures of Jagged:

and I was staring at him…

  • random white strands of hair?
  • scar/wound on the face?
  • stubbles and beards?
  • pilot?
  • military parents?


my damereysolo heart cannot take this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the only major difference in their background is that Fel hails from Imperials while Dameron is sworn to Leia’s factions…but this makes it easier for people to accept him in case he becomes Rey [Solo]’s love interest

The Jagged Edge of Loyalty: Chapter Four by onekisstotakewithme

Plot: According to the world at large, for all intents and purposes, Ziva David is dead. At least until a threat to a former friend’s life causes her to resurface. She had sworn an oath, and she intended to honour it, even if it meant an untimely and unwelcome resurrection. “You are not just any partner, McGee.” Set after season 13, with Tiva, McLilah, and Kibbs (the gang’s all here).

Read HERE and HERE

Note: Yeah, sorry, this chapter is a bit exposition heavy, but I promise, there’s some plot advancement in here. And soon, there will be a lot of plot advancement and some *cut away chapters* to McLilah, and the goings-on of other NCIS people.

This is for @minikate–24-05 @a-mi-zivi and @fandomlifeuniverse for being great people and to anyone else who wants to read.

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"Are you going to eye fuck me all night or do something about it?" //oops

He’s never been embarrassed to infer that he’s never felt the touch of another’s heated skin against his, or the gentle peppered kisses against his neck. It was rare that he found himself craving it, but he never took a chance to subdue his needs. He was aware of the various styles of this broad topic known as sex. Without even experiencing it first hand, he could already assume he was someone who received to please the other. He did have his kinks nonetheless and sometimes, he had his own fantasies that he kept to himself. Being restrained didn’t sound like too bad of an idea. He’ll admit it to himself that he was slightly kinky, but still lacked knowledge.

Uncertainty could simply be detected within the boy as he shifted upon his feet with slight uneasiness at the query. Slowly approaching the other, Aiden stopped in front of him with his anxious dark sapphire optics fixated upon Nigel. A lump had formed within his throat, making it difficult for him to speak. His mind was clogged with a newfound nervousness and his thought process ran in several stray directions as if it refused to place words into a proper order. He had no experience in this area. He’s only seen the acts a few times and now, he was faced with a situation that he so deeply wanted. Warmth made it’s home within the pit of his stomach and slowly crawled up to his face, flushing his cheeks in a light shade of pink. A silent distress call rang within his body and a butterfly continuously beat its wings against the his chest. A steady chuckle escaped from him and he lowered his head slightly as it sounded from him. Oh shit. “Yeah,” the artist cleared his throat. “Uh…I have no knowledge of how this works.” He wasn’t going to admit that he was virgin straight out like some newly recruited prostitute. He figured that the older man understood. “Hopefully this doesn’t us from…it.” Where he stood now, was a place that he wouldn’t have felt comfortable in prior. Standing with his feet touching the other’s, he blinked his visuals in anticipation.

Current Works in Progress....

What works in progress do I currently have for fanfiction?

The Jagged Edge of Loyalty, found HERE and HERE (Ziva!lives AU)

The Real Deal, found HERE and HERE (quality fake dating AU)


Fair Winds, found HERE and HERE (no clue what this is but enjoy)

Right now, Fair Winds has two chapters *it was updated today*

The Real Deal has two chapters and

The Jagged Edge of Loyalty has four chapters.

The Other Father

Inspired by this

Adrien wasn’t sure what his father called him in his office for, but he certainly hoped it was nothing bad. Did he did bad on the last photo shoot? Weren’t his fencing lessons going well? Adrien certainly hoped it wasn’t because his father started noticing  his disappearances as Chat Noir. He would be a fried cat then.

His father entered the office and sat at the table in front of Adrien with a serious expression. Oh, boy!

“Adrien, I’m afraid I’ve been keeping you in the dark about some things. And given the seriosity of the situation and the way it will take the media and especially the gossip columns by storm, I decided it is much more recommended to inform you myself.”

Adrien blinked. Did his father murder someone? 

“Adrien,” Gabriel got up from hs sit and straightened his back.”I’d like to introduce you to my fiance.”

Adrien didn’t have time even to be shocked because the door to the office slammed open.

“Rock and Roll baby!” 

From the many things Adrien Agreste had never expected to see, Jagged Stone playing a sick guitar solo in his father office could easily be in top three.

“My fiance who always overdoes it.” Gabriel added, rolling his eyes, but Adrien was convinced there was some kind of affection there.

The teenager pinched himself trying to make sure he didn’t end up in some alternative dimension. Nope still in Paris.

“Jagged Stone is gonna be my new father?” Adrien asked no one in particular.

“That’s right, kiddo. Come here now, family hug.” Jagged Stone declared strutting to them.

“That really isn’t necess-.” Gabriel’s words died when Jagged pulled both him and Adrien in a bone crushing hug.

Adrien squealed in happiness. Finally, affection.


“Kid, I don’t trust that thing.” Plagg declared darkly.

“But Plagg, Fang is so sweet.”

“He tried to EAT me, Adrien.”

“He tried to kiss you he is just affectionate like that. Stop being dramatic.”

Plagg gave Fang a ‘I’m keeping my eyes on you’ sign, making the crocodile sneaker.

The Signs and “i love you” in different languages (monsta x)

aries: Jag älskar dig/Swedish/Shownu

taurus: Je t'aime/French/Wonho

gemini: Ich liebe dich/German/Jooheon

cancer: Watashi wa anata o aishite/Japanese/Hyungwon

leo: Te quiero/Spanish/Kihyun

virgo: Rakastan sinua/Finnish/I.M

libra: s ‘agapó/Greek/Minhyuk

scorpio: Ik hou van je/Dutch/Wonho

saggitarius: Я люблю тебя/Russian/I.M

capricorn: I love you/English/Shownu

aquarius: Kocham cię/Polish/Jooheon

pisces: Ti amo/Italian/Kihyun