only jagby. only jagby.
  • jason: eyes and hair are very important. and skin. skin is important.
  • rigby: oh, but of course! of course! i mean, all the other things are so insignificant!
  • jason: would you rather she didn't have eyes, hair, or skin? really rigby?
  • rigby: oh my god. did i say that? no. but you know, she also could not have a nose and look like that dude from harry potter. since you seem to think that those are less important than hair, skin, and eyes.
  • jason: what dude from harry potter?
  • rigby: that one dude without the nose.
  • jason: ... i think you're making shit up again.
  • rigby: i'm not making anything up! there's a dude without a nose! damn it, jason!
  • jason: ok. i still think eyes are more important.
  • rigby: just as important as noses and everything else.
  • jason: why is a nose so important?
  • rigby: would you date a woman with no nose?
  • jason: would you date a man with no nose?
  • rigby: why the hell are you asking me that? i wasn't the one who asked why a nose is so important. i bet you have a no-nose fetish. freak.
  • jason: ... you have a nose!