Good morning or good afternoon to you all; WE MADE IT! The Kickstarter for Jotun has been successfully FUNDED! Here are the (cropped) god designs I did that were released, for which the backers got to participate in choosing the blessing or power they would give Thora upon meeting.

Thank you all who reblogged my first post to signal boost the project, and the biggest of thank yous to the backers of the project without whom the project would not have taken off. I’m so happy and grateful to have been part of this, and to continue to be!

We just had a little party to celebrate this success, and on top of the awesome Jotun cake we had, we had the cutest little stickers ;v;


I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down!

And nobody in all of Oz
No Wizard that there is or was
Is ever gonna bring me down!

(Defying Gravity - Wicked)

I saw Wicked last weekend; I’m still hooked on the songs and my heart still flutters when I listen to them, this song in particular. I wish I could do this musical justice, but I doubt I can ever convey all the wonderful feelings it gave me through a simple drawing!

Today, and by two groups of people who have never discussed the matter together, I was told I would make a fine Harley Quinn! I thought the coincidence was hilarious and strange, but my constant loud and near-deafening laughter made it impossible for me to argue.


Jotun is what I’ve been working on and talking about since January, although admittedly not a whole lot here! I’m ridiculously proud we can present you this trailer, along with the alpha in less than two days-it’s been a lot of work and there is even more left to do, but it’s so, so very worth it, especially when I can see it so beautifully presented!

Enjoy the journey!

My half of the trade with crispyfishsticks!

I wanted to incorporate a pretty background and everything, and then I remembered who I was and how I have little to no patience or talent for cell shaded backgrounds. Oh golly I hope I got Aryian right ;w; I had a blast drawing him, and that pose +baggy pants was a challenge for me gjhfgjdhjkfgh.

I hope you like it! *u*

I probably shouldn’t be posting this here, but ah, to hell. Sorry in advance to the people who don’t like seeing two girls together, haha. Then again, you probably caught up on my… preferences.

Nixen and her girlfriend (what a surprise), Amber. I guess that’s probably when they confessed to eachother, or something like that. I really, really adore drawing these two. I think I’m gonna draw them especially when I miss my own girlfriend, haha ;u;

Also, I wanna thank you all, I have reached 200 (203, more exactly, even though I lost one yersterday so it’s 202 now) followers last Monday! You guys are all such SWEETHEARTS and I aboslutely do not know why and how you keep up with me and my art. But in any case, you guys are what make tumblr worthwhile for meee 8w8 <3 I LOVE YOU ALL.

I very rarely paint. I don’t know what got into me. Took about 3 hours in photoshawps.

I guess I should paint more if I want to get better at it but OTL It takes so long and I’m so impatient dgsfsdjfkg. oh wellz.