150921 jaeparklb: I was moved to tears again when I saw this picture hung up in the headquarters kekeke. To be honest, when I saw our posted hung up outside JYPE, I cried cooly. For 3 years, whenever we walked past by our company, we talked about “how will it feel like to have our poster hung up there?” We just thought that we would feel happy but our thoughts fell short. When our poster was hung up, I was delighted but I was mostly thankful. I’m thankful to everyone who led DAY6 here, words can’t express how thankful I am towards the members. Three years ago when I joined the group, I was pessimistic and greedy, I only thought of myself. But they accepted me and helped me.
Sungjin, who turned me into an optimistic person. Wonpil, who understood my feelings whenever I had problems and gave me advice. Brian, who translated things for me when the culture difference got to me. Junhyeok who always encouraged me and gave me confidence whenever I was feeling down.
Thanks to DAY6, I learned a lot and I feel that I was able to come this far thanks to them. Thank you, sincerly! #ItMustHaveBeenHardForDowoonToTolerateThisFoolishHyung #IWillWorkHard

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151122 jaeparklb: 길터 #ButImNotARapper #RapperCosplay #RespectToMCSThisIsHarderThanItLooks #LikeForreal #SorryIsuckAhahahhah