Multi fandom talk

When you are so goddamn deep in kpop fandom and the otp’s of them and you are just sitting there-

-Watching those laugh videos and laughing together. (Almost everyome of them have funny laugh and it makes me giggle. Kim seokjin and choi youngjae. No one can top you on this.)


-Sneeze (yes, you can actually find compliation of that.)

-Crack videos. (All those youtube video creators, i love and respect you ♡)

-The omgggg they kissed videos. (Dont get me started with fanservice gay moments. Still need a person to top heechul’s and the imfamous taemin-jonghyun moment. Gd and top..ok but that was parody movie but still.)

-The hip thrust video.

-The otp videos. I wish that, they would marry each other more than i have ever wished for me and my crush.

-The M/V (Latest hype: ko ko bop- 2 , drug restaurant- drink O2 in water[completely new concept loved it!], Shine forever- monstaX.)

-The acoustic vocal performances.

-The rapper line spitting fire performance.

-My goodness the choreography.

-Senpai fmv. Istg, i cannot even hear the word senpai and not be triggered.

-Daddy fmv. Fuck this shit because my goodness have you even seen wonho and jhope’s daddy fmv? If you havent you must.

-THE ONE AND ONLY Or nah fmvs!

-The ‘oohh look who is jelly!!’ Videos. (So fucking amusing.)

-The beat drop fmv. (Where they are derpy af and beat drops and boom! That was the sound of your ovaries bursting.)

-Derpy face complilations! Changsub, kim taehyung, baekhyun, Top and got7.

-Best one is the bitchy face complilations. Best of bitchy faces- sehun, IM and jungkook.

-And my goodness fanfictions. When i have free time i jump and start reading fanfictions. Thanks to creator of Ao3, wattpad and AFF.

Feel my pain.

concentratedtea  asked:

what discworlds would you recommend to start out with? and the which ones after? Its so overwhelming!

my extremely unorthodox suggestion is to just do what i did– start right at the very beginning with the colour of magic and then read them in order. the reason this is an extremely unorthodox suggestion is that the colour of magic isn’t as good as most discworld books and also it’s just extremely un-discworldlike. in most of discworld, the satire is targeted mostly at the real world, using fantasy as a lens to say things about current day society, or history, or politics, or whatever. but in the early books (and especially in colour of magic) the satire is very squarely pointed at genre fantasy itself. there’s even an lengthy section of the book that’s a direct and specific parody of pern, which helped make starting on discworld feel like a punctuation to my middle school rambling between bad fantasy series. and i mean. it’s funny. i liked rincewind enough i started calling myself “rincewind” on the internet and, well, i’m still sort of doing that like 17(?) years later. but it’s not special in that way discworld is. also there’s like no girls in it.



one of my favorite things about, like, the whole experience of discworld was seeing it grow and change over time. the setting itself and its history and society and technology change continuously– novelties in one book (the semaphore clacks, the postal service, the printing press) become woven into the setting from that point forward. so many fantasy settings seem like static, stagnant places. but discworld felt like a living world. it was heightened, comic, literally on the back of a giant turtle, and it felt more real than dozens of dour medieval fantasy settings.

but also you get to see pratchett grow as a writer, from just a pretty funny fantasy satirist to– well, to the pratchett we know and love, who writes with so much humanity and thoughtfulness and compassion about his characters.

and by starting at the very, very beginning i got to kind of live out that journey.

but um probably somebody with better advice should chime in here and suggest a discworld book that is actually good for humans to read


me: oh what a sweet way of marketing! This looks so pretty! :) hope the story will be funny and nice

also me, polluted by bl mangas since a young age: oh holy shit uhm why does Jackson look like the typical Tsundere Uke???? Oh oh oh OoooOoh! Jackson the loud, popular clown of the school who is secretly in love with mark - the polar opposite of him! the shy, quiet, handsome sporty guy - since he first laid his eyes on on their first day of school but would of course always very loudly deny it and act like a butt with mark but still blush to the heavens if mark just so much as glances at him AND jinyoung the super diligent class president always in a conflict with jb who sits in the last row and prefers o stare out of the window and listen to music but still will always argue everything Jinyoung says and Jinyoung thinks he is a total ass until he sees jb after school taking care of a box of stray kittens and a school project forces them to work together AND Bambam and Yugyeom being best friends since forever and Bambam is pretty much the most popular guy in school, flirts with everyone and had already a 100 girlfriends he broke up with while Yugyeom just laughs about that but one day Yugyeom gets a confession after school and Bambam doesn’t like that AT ALL for some reason AND- AND-

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Lol I never had a chance to read Brave New World, but I thought people generally like it? What don't you like about the work?

it is just terrible in every way

the concept has already been done 500 fucking times

the writing is awful and impossible to follow and boring

it’s nowhere in the fucking VICINITY of scientifically plausible

it forces you to read the words “orgy porgy” with your own two eyes

actually just everything that happens in it is so cringeworthy i was in physical pain just reading the sparknotes

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12, 14 and 22 c:

  • 12.Are you mad at someone right now?

very, and they deserve it 

  • 14.What makes you laugh no matter what?

that tom and jerry scream video can make me at least smile usually 

  • 22.Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?

right now i don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone

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the "listen" piece is so lovely nat !!!

thank you for your kind words 

i wish i could of finished it but working on it didn’t feel good at all anymore so it kind of took on a new form past just being about talking and communicating but also being about suddenly being unable to do those things