jaeme bereal

A Book Hunt Turned Treasure Discovery

Today I decided to catch the bus to Grand Avenue in Oakland to my local book store, Walden Pond Bookstore. I headed straight for the Children’s area because I was on a mission to purchase a few books I needed for class. After spending over 10 minutes perusing the many titles and bright colors, I finally saw a cover staring back at me. “In Her Hands, The Story of Sculptor Augusta Savage”. I couldn’t believe it! I felt as though I found something that I didn’t even know was missing from my life. I had only heard of Augusta Savage a few weeks ago when I blogged about her art. So for me this discovery was exciting and felt destined. The book is written by Alan Schroeder and illustrated by JaeMe Bereal. If you’re interested in Art History or Augusta Savage, I recommend this book. It isn’t a full look into her life but the book does captures a few nice moments and beautifully illustrated scenes.