It was the annual Christmas party that Samuel threw for his staff, all food, drinks and entertainment were included. He was positive that every member of his staff turned up, even the ones he didn’t know or the ones he couldn’t stand and vice versa. It wasn’t uncommon for Sam to pick up a little blonde intern to have quickie in his office with, somebody he’d probably never see again. But that evening it hadn’t been a blonde that had caught his eye. 

The next morning, when Sam woke up, he quickly realised that he had a girl with him, his chest pressed against her back and his arm wrapped around her keeping her close to him. He opened his and noticed the brunette, not his usual type, but he shrugged it off as he recalled the night before and just how good the night had been, even if he couldn’t recall the girls identity, he probably didn’t even know her. He brushed her hair out of the way and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, his had stroking down her stomach, if he was hoping for a quickie before parting ways then he’d better do this right, “Morning.” he murmuured, lips now pressed against the girls shoulder.


Curveball [[Reid && Jaelyn]]

See you on the green in five, Slugger.

Baseball season is over which really, really sucks in Reid’s opinion. He has next year’s tickets already purchased, as well as some spring training passes lines up already. Reid’s bank account is pitifully low after all of that and groceries, and he knows he’ll need to laid low for awhile or ask his parents for money. They’d give it to him without hesitation - what the golden boy wants, the golden boy gets - but Reid already feels guilty with all they’ve given him in his life. 

So instead of thinking about his parents and how they would have him with a private tutor, then a study session, and finish with a high protein dinner, probably fish. Instead, Reid puts on a baseball style shirt with a Marniers logo and #TrueToTheBlue on it’s back, tucks his glove under his armpit and makes sure he has two baseballs just in case they see any dogs who need a pick me up. Then he pulls out his phone to make sure Jae hasn’t canceled on him. When he sees she hasn’t he gets out of his jeep and heads for the open part of Washington Park to meet her.

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Man I'd date you or jaelyn. You're both great. She reminds me of Pete and you remind me of patty

tyats really nice of you but idk i’m really hoping to like date her someday

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Jaelyn just discovered her main power. Invisibility. She smirks and goes to Star Labs invisible and flings Barry's coat across the room when he's not looking, Wally right next to him. (She's going to mess with him a little bit before telling him she found her power. Lol)

Barry glanced over and notice his jacket was in the chair before looking at Wally confused. “I’m not sure if you or Caitlin put that there, but that was weird.”

Can't Avoid It Now

Madison licked her lips as she walked into the house she shared with Jaelyn. She had been away for her racing tournament, and had won the races she needed to place her in the piston cup race this year. She had gone out to celebrate and might have done it a little to hard. She ended up drunk calling her twin sister and confessing her love for her, she hadn’t meant to. It was her biggest secret.

<p> She licked her lips as she made her way through the house. Hoping Jaelyn was out so she could see if she listened to the voice mail or not. She quickly made her way to the living room and stopped in her tracks as she saw Jaelyn. She smiled softly, “I-I’m home…” She said softly but it was loud enough for Jaelyn to hear and notice the nervousness in Madison. @jxst-an-average-fxmily


Rhys walked towards the stables. He knew that the Princess was supposed to be out riding, but he’d been sent to collect her. He didn’t even know what the queen needed with her daughter, but Princess Jaelyn was required. And it was his job as a knight to make sure that the Princess was safely escorted to her mothers chambers. “Princess?” he called out, looking for her.