listen i really tried to add a cute gif of solbin to this post but tumblr is really trying me rn and this is my third time trying to post this so we’re gonna pretend there was a gif all along. anyways hi my name is simone for those of you at academia beforehand you probs know me because i played hyerim and jinah and to everyone that’s new hey how goes it? here is my darling child annie’s bio and below the cut here is going to be a tl;dr and a plotcall and if you happen to like this i’ll slide into your ims.

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anonymous asked:

Can you rec some Jaeson fanfics? 😁 and Jaemark, jjp if you can?

I would love to! Unfortunately I won’t be able to rec you any JJ Project because I don’t ship them and haven’t read any fics including them as an exclusive pair but there are a fics that I have enjoyed that do include them somehow.

key: ☼ = personal faves | nsfw = contains smut | pwp = porn without plot

31 fics under the cut, enjoy <3

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