I would like to firstly apologise on behalf of many people from various k-pop fandoms complaining that idols (most of them) have halted their promotions in the light of the ferry tragedy. In particular the fucking Exo fandom (or parts of it) that are pressed because they’re not doing live shows this week or haven’t released their music video out of respect.

I would like to make it also very clear that I, and pretty much a good 99% of the k-pop fandom care about this incident because we are humans and humans have compassion and feeling and the fact that nearly 300 people of which are predominantly “our age” (assuming a lot of the fandom are in their mid to late teens) left their house yesterday morning thinking they would have a fantastic day at Jaeju Island but instead this tragedy struck. We care because there are hundreds of parents who have lost their children. We care because we are people. It wouldn’t made a difference if this happened off the coast of Brazil or Tunisia. Peoples fates were sealed and died in one of the worst circumstances and as a human it is our duty to at least feel a degree of sympathy.

It is not because we are k-pop fans and “we only care about South Korea”. That is the bottom line and I want people to understand this now. I have seen enough of people saying that “k-pop” fans only care because Korean’s died. We are humans beings and citizens before K-pop fans. I am extremely sorry to anybody who has read anything stupid from certain fandoms regarding this issue and I’d like to reassure everyone outside of the K-pop fandom that it is a minority and it has been amplified due to the idiocy of it. 

I’m praying for everybody on that ferry.

Losing faith and hope isn’t an option now.

Pray for South Korea. Pray for those who are suffering from the trauma of this. Pray for those who are unaccounted for. Pray for the families who are on the edge with grief and fear.