jaejoongs not in the middle


This is actually getting pretty amusing/funny. First of all, the MC asks Jaejoong to tuck up his legs a bit, as Jaejoong is taking up a lot of space. Flustered, Jaejoong does so, but not without one of his truly hilarious ‘Jaejoong Read-Me-Like-A-Book’ expressions, where he’s clearly torn between embarrassment and wanting to laugh it off. 

The MC asks if they have any stories from their Japan promotion, and Jaejoong shares a rather disgusting toilet story of how he went to the loo to find a ‘clogged up toilet’ which is exactly what you think it is. He said that he made it his mission to find out whose poo it was, and his investigation eventually led him to Yunho, ‘because he was the only one without an alibi.’ Yunho, rather agitated, gets up and says that he was out jogging at the time, and he actually starts jogging on the spot. Jaejoong, for reasons unknown, decides to join him, and the two of them basically start jogging on their spots whilst everyone kind of just looks up at them (all of the others are seated.)

Jaejoong then proceeds to share that in the middle of the night, he felt something behind his back, and turned to find that Yunho was in bed with him, saying that he would help Jaejoong find the poo culprit and that he would ‘snap the offender’s spine in half.’ I’m not kidding. Jaejoong actually said, on live TV, that Yunho clambered into bed with him in the middle of the night. 

Yoohwan only one of the victims of Kim Jaejoong, the thief.
  • Jaejoong : Yoochun’s brother is Yoohwan, I personally did something to him that made me feel really bad.
  • Heechul : Really?
  • Jaejoong : Yoochun said that his brother will be coming back from US. He bought a belt and shirt, and prepared many things for him.
  • Yoochun : I’ve already bought them and put them properly.
  • Jaejoong : It was really nice! The belt, I really wanted the belt badly! What can I do? Should I tell him? But Yoochun and I have an agreement, that is, “My things are yours, and your things are mine.”
  • Yoochun : Ah, yeap. Me and Jaejoong are always like that
  • Jaejoong : So, even until now, it’s okay for us to use each other’s things. So I was thinking that since we have that agreement, it should be okay if I use the belt for a while, isn’t it? But after all, that was a new thing, and I felt pretty sorry, but I used it first in the end. But when i out it on, I found out that it was too big.
  • Yoochun : Yeap, yeap.
  • Jaejoong : The belt was too big! My waist’s a lil thin.
  • Yoochun : Yeap, it’s big even for me.
  • Jaejoong : I think everyone should know by now.
  • Heechul : Ah, you’re talking about this now…
  • Jaejoong : Ah, no, but this is really a big problem for me… (His small waist)
  • Heechul : Ah, I know..
  • Yoochun : Hahaha~~~
  • Heechul : Seriously..
  • Jaejoong : I need at least four more holes on that belt.
  • Yoochun : Till that many holes?
  • Jaejoong : Yea, at least four more. So what should I do? I took a scissors that we use at home.
  • Heechul : WOW!
  • Yoochun : Really?
  • Jaejoong : And did something to the end of the belt…
  • Yoochun : HAHAHHA~~~
  • Heechul : Yoochun-gun, it’s a live show, you should control your laughter. It’s on air now.
  • Jaejoong : Ah, no, it wasn’t the end part of the belt, but the middle part of it, I used the scissors to poke it hardly, in the end, I made a huge hole on the belt.
  • Yoochun : AH!
  • Jaejoong : But..But since the hole was too big, it couldn’t hold the belt tightly. So.. one more time…
  • Yoochun/ Heechul: HAHAHAH~~
  • Jaejoong : Another time, this time, I used the kitchen’s knife, KA-CHA, and made another hole…
  • Yoochun : When did you do that?
  • Jaejoong : When I was done, I put the belt on, and Yoochun found out about it. (Immitating Yocohun) “AH, hyung! This belt, you wore it??”
  • “Ah, sorry! Yoochun-ah, after all, my things are yours, and your things are mine right!” And after I said that, Yoochun said, “Hyung, this is for Yoohwan who’s coming back from Korea…” When I heard that, there’s no way for me to tell him about the holes I made…
  • Yoochun : HAHHAA~~~ I didn’t know about the hole issue until now.
  • Jaejoong : About the two holes, I really planned to give a note to him. Or maybe give him money straight away, or buy a new one for him.
  • Heechul : HHAHAHAH! You weren’t thinking of the letter, but the money instead~~~
  • Jaejoong : What should I do? I really feel so sorry. Have you given the belt to Yoohwan?
  • Yoochun : Yeap, I gave him.
  • Jaejoong : Yoohwan-ah, sorry. Sorry that you’ll feel embarrassed if your foreign friends see it. Next time, me, hyung… next time when you’re here in Korea again, hyung will definitely buy something better for you. Sorry~~~
  • Yoochun : HAHAHHA~~~

His voice mesmerizes audiences by surprise. His song penetrates deeply to the bottom of your heart without you realizing it. It will touch your heart and dissolve the hard feelings you have. His song heals people’s souls. Jaejoong can even express his music using his facial expressions. His voice doesn’t fight against the song nor force himself on it but he can bring out just the right amount of beautiful colors of sounds. His song will never make you feel at unease even at his highest note. He can even express his song from the range of clear high tone to even a deep middle tone. 

The best attraction of his voice is the part that is like the richness of milk and velvet like the sexy middle tone. When Jaejoong sings high note, his voice turns husky and makes you feel like you are listening to a totally different person. He doesn’t force it and he has a flexible voice. Without forcing he can transform the sound into his own style so you can never get tired of listening to it.  Jaejoong’s songs show you the light in the darkness of sorrow and pain like a warm prayer it will touch the heart of suffering people and it will bring tears into their eyes.

—  Japanese review on singer-songwriter Kim Jaejoong (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (c)

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What is the meaning of jaejoong's tattoos?

at first he got the middle one which is TVfXQ SOUL since 2005

then he got two quotes in the shape of treble clefs on both sides 

the left one says “the pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor”

the right one says “a song will outlive all sermons in the memory”

and the middle says “hope to the end”

he then got the angel wings designed by himself underneath the treble clefs

the rest i wont put in order since theyre not in one picture

the one going down is spine says “Ohne Glauben Bist Du Tot” which means without faith you are dead

the bottom roman numerals are 0126 0204 which are his birthdays jan 26 and feb 4

then on the two sides are micky which is yoochun and on the right is junsu

ignoring the one on his stomach because it isnt real

the top one on his boob says “Deferto Neminem” (Accuse no man, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

the bottom one on his boob says the famous “Always Keep the Faith”

and the one on the left is his newest tattoo of a butterfly that jaejoong says was seduced by his jaeromones and landed on his chest  ಥ_ಥ


short synopsis

Triangle is a melodrama abt 3 brothers who reunite after 20 yrs the death of their parents. (Kim Jaejoong) Jang Dong Chul, the middle brother became a gangster who had grew up on the street surviving using his fists and wits to climb up the top of the crime syndicate. He tries to hide his real identity from his elder brother, Dong Soo (lee bum soo) but ends up in a dangerous situation which involves Dong Jun (im siwan) as well.