jaejoong's friends


Today Jaejoong’s friend june.shin1 posted a picture from Jaejoong’s birthday party and that got Japanese fans talking about an old picture of Jihye’s lol

So apparently Yunho and Jaejoong were both on break back in May 2016, and both meeting people in Itaewon. In Jihye’s post we can clearly see the same brand of cigarettes and a hand that looks like a certain someone’s hahaha xD Jihye’s fiancé at the time has never been seen smoking nor have there ever been cigarettes in any of her or her husband’s Instagram pics lol

I’ve included the pics of Yunho’s wallet and Jaejoong’s too xD I’m not sure if I’ve done a post of all of the LV things that Jaejoong owns but yeah, they both have an LV wallet ;D Jaejoong has both the short and long version^^