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Part 1

[Info/Trans] 120909 In his interview, Jin YiHan talks about his friendship with Kim Jaejoong: 

“I have spent a week at Kim Jaejoong’s house. Kim Jaejoong likes me a lot and therefore he said to me ‘Let’s live together.’

[TWITTER] 120921 Jaejoong Tweets to Junsu Part 2: 

Jaejoong to Junsu [TRANS] Junsu yah, as expected, it was fun when we were working together LOL. Should we live together in dorm again? LOL

Since this last tweet to Junsu, I haven’t seen/heard of Jae asking anyone to live with him.  I wonder why?

Part 2

[TWITTER] 120914 Jaejoong Twitter Update: 

[TRANS]  The distinct line between hand and arm.. the colors are.

[TRANS] How do you think, it’s pretty, isn’t it?

Can jealousy bring reunion?

Part 3

120923 Jaejoong’s twitter:

[TRANS] There’s another reason why I have foolish smiles. It’s because..! It’s secret.

Part 4
12-12-17 Beatles Code -rings left hand ring finger on national tv.

12-12-12 Election day -rings left hand ring finger

Do good thing to people that are nice. Listen to the beautiful song of life together with the beautiful person, Kim Jaejoong

from Poet Park Nohae 6/2/2014.

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[Trans]DC Korean fan went to the poet, Park Nohae’s photography exhibition on 6 Feb. When fan asked the poet, Park Nohae for autograph, she was asked how she got to know about the exhibition. She answered she came after Jaejoong had tweeted about it. So the poet, Park Nohae wrote this : 

“Do good thing to people that are nice. Listen to the beautiful song of life together with the beautiful person, Kim Jaejoong - Park Nohae”

He even mentioned that Jaejoong came for the VIP exhibition when he just finished with his Asia Tour Concert. Jaejoong was almost in a state of prostration and so he hugged him tightly.

via 金在中最高_韩社长特助
Trans by @fourc_pyc


120223 JaeJoong Twitter Update 

[TRANS] I want to introduce new family member.
Name is Juny~ and a boy~
He looks like Bichonfrise (it’s a name of dog species) but.. he is actually Poodle~
Jiji! You have a new younger brother^^


[TRANS] I just change his name..
Because he resembles Go Changseok-nim..
So I decided his name as Changseok-i..
Sorry to Go Changseok-nim.
I borrow your nameㅜ

Credis: @theyoungestmin+princejj

[TWITTER] 140515 Jaejoong Tweets A Screencap Of His Chat With Yoochun

 [Trans] Young Dallie who was touched by Han Tae Kyung faithful message 

YC: ㅎㅎㅎ Cheers up and do your work well..

JJ: OK.. the episodes for next week will be very interesting. So please watch it~~ 

YC: OK, OK.. let’s meet together next week if you have a time

JJ: Yes, YC.. Let’s talk about something we didn’t talk..

YC: Yes.. it’ll be great.. Let’s do it~

JJ: miss you so much.. I miss you

YC: That’s what I wanna say, hyung~^^
Now you have no time to sleep but~ let’s drink together~
I’m telling ‘let’s drink together’ despite you have no time to sleep..

(by theyoungestmin)

anonymous asked:

i got into tvxq after the law suits and everything, and i just wonder how it affected the two member who stayed in the group? did they ever speak out about what was happening?

no they didnt

and after what happened today i finally realized how important it was that homin never said a thing

i “heard” about this interview that one of the exo members accused kris of betraying the group? it isnt confirmed if those were his real words tho but sth along those lines but long story short it made me realize how thankful i am that homin never said anything negatively about the group

what i recall yunho saying when the whole thing first started was

“Please don’t believe in anything you read.”

then he said they didnt know anything about what happened or sth along those lines and junsu tweeted “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”

and then yunho said they never talked and jaejoong tweeted I want to reply to this directly, through my own words.  They weren’t many, but do you know how hard it was for me to send you those texts?  I texted you again right now, please check it.”


anyways what was most important to me was that a fan once went up to yunho and asked him to say sth already and express how he feels

and yunho said to her that silence is the best protection he can offer us fans

i never understood that but now i do and im so thankful