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the glowing sunlight (fluff/jaejae/2jae)

youngjae x jaebum ! enjoy. if you didn’t know, youngjae has a dog named coco! (posting this from wattpad just so ppl can see on here)

summary: just a domestic day of youngjae and jaebum. featuring small coco.

It was a warm Saturday with birds quietly chirping and a subtle wind in the air. The morning light was shining through the transparent windows, illuminating the dark room. Coco’s barking was echoing throughout the house which would’ve bothered the neighbors. Jaebum was the first to wake up to the sound, eyes fluttering open.

The first thing he sees is his handsome boyfriend, Youngjae. He looked at his face, studying every feature he had. Youngjae’s hair looked messy, but soft and bright. Jaebum slowly moved his hand to his face, lightly touching it. He didn’t want to wake him up or ruin the masterpiece before him. His mouth formed a smile because he was thinking about how much Youngjae meant to him.

“I love you.” He whispered. It was a line he said often to remind Youngjae, but he meant it each time. They’ve been together for almost 3 years now and it still felt like an everlasting dream to Jaebum. “I love you, too.” A groggy voice suddenly whispered back. Youngjae was awake since Jaebum started touching him, but faked it to avoid ruining the moment.

“I didn’t know you were awake, sorry.”

“It’s okay. I love your sweet gestures.” With that said, Jaebum leaned in closer to Youngjae’s face and pressed his lips onto his, closing eyes in the process. The kiss was short and sweet but full of love. Youngjae adored this kiss, it made him love Jaebum more by the minute. They both pulled away and stared at each other with passion. It was these moments that flustered Youngjae because he was the shy one in the relationship. He put his hands on his face and started smiling so wide that you could say it reached both of his ears. The older boyfriend also smiled back at his cuteness. Every time he heard Youngjae’s morning voice, it made him feel butterflies because he got to hear it each day.

They didn’t feel like getting up yet, so they laid there for a few more minutes. Coco went up the stairs and opened the door with his small head, barking at the both of them in an attempt to try waking them up. Coco was originally under only Youngjae’s care but once he was introduced to Jaebum, they both owned him together. Youngjae slowly got up from the bed and went to play with Coco for a few minutes while Jaebum turned on some quiet, instrumental music from his phone to get some noise in.

Once Youngjae was done messing with his little goof ball, his eyes caught on his boyfriend who was only in his boxers because he always went to sleep half-naked. Again, his cheeks blushed but his eyes wandered up and down at the same time, sunlight was hitting Jaebum’s tan skin. He was speechless of how he deserved such a loving and handsome guy in his life.

“Do you like what you see? Because I do.” Jaebum said with a chuckle after noticing his glare. He knew it was a cheesy line, but cheesy lines always worked on Youngjae. It was his guilty pleasure

He couldn’t help but laugh along with the person he loved so much.

sorry this was really short ! i just wanted to write something about got7 that was fluffy and cute.


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