End it || Jaehyun & Woori

Going about with the duties she was supplied with in setting up the dance in the west wing, she held her wand steadily in her hand. Her other hand was outstretched in a commanding pose as she pointed to the high ceiling fixtures that the elves were trying to put up with so little help on such short notice, Woori was feeling a frustrating headache beat against her temple. Walking over, she flickered her wrist to the side, allowing herself to help the elves in decorating at least this way they would go exactly where she wanted them to be. Hanging the leaves of a majestic ivy against the walls, they were covered in the finest if not the most realistic leaves that magic could conjure up without having them to be actually real. Flowers of a pure white were hung alongside of them, the fresh smell of gardenias immediately surrounded her as they were brought to life. Spirals of petals undoing themselves as they opened to say a beautiful hello to Woori as she stepped back to marvel at the work. Nodding her head, she looked down, feeling the edge of her dress be tugged by an elf who began to speak with her, not realizing of the foreboding presence that was beside her. “Yes, there’s been a charm set so they’ll be able to last for the evening but if there is anything to go wro-” She wasn’t even able to finish her sentence when she felt a hand clamp around her wrist and yank her away from the conversation. Startled, Woori’s eyes rose upwards in a demand for an answer as to why and who this person was to have the nerve to do such a thing. The sight before her had the crystals of a deep auburn turn black, she should have known but before she could restrain from him and pull herself away, he had taken her away from the corridor and into a more secluded sheltering. 

Dreading denial || Jaehyun & Woori

Tapping her wand against the table distractedly, Woori stared down at the book laid in front of her. The wall of literature that was stacked carefully in front of her vision was staring her down, as if lecturing her for making such a noise in what was suppose to be a silent sanctuary. A sigh came from the small girl, the tapping becoming more of a burden rather than a pass at time. She couldn’t stop. The anxiety that filled her kept her hand moving, the tapping becoming louder and harsher with each passing second. The blurring thoughts that were keeping her mind so preoccupied were annoying her, frightening her. Closing her eyes, she held tight to her wand, halting the excessively unnecessary sound effects while she rested her head onto the sheets of parchment that were binded into the textbook in front of her. It was an attempt to calm her and it failed, she was still feeling the depths of that nervous jumble of emotions within her.