[00:01] on the night of your birthday, jaehyun wakes you up at midnight and sings ‘happy birthday’ to you, still half asleep, then kisses your forehead before congratulating you again and falls asleep with you in his arms.

“Happy birthday, baby. Let’s make it a special one”

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My fantasy is Jaehyun fucking me in the kitchen. I just woke up up and he is preparing breakfast for us in the morning ... and ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’–

secret fantasy | jaehyun | fluff, smuttish (not real sex, just kinda suggestive)ย 

You smiled when you noticed Jaehyun at the stove, his back completely naked and flexed and the loose grey sweatpants he usually wore to sleep were hanging on his hips, showing his tender muscles stretching under his sweet skin. You padded in the kitchen in your socks and his big t-shirt only, hugging Jaehyunโ€™s back briefly, pressing a kiss to his boiling skin, your hands reaching to caress his chest before digging in and grabbing an apple.

โGood morningโž you mumbled pressing a second kiss before turning and walking to sit at the table, your lips already meeting with the sweet fruit.

You barely managed to walk a couple of steps before Jaehyun turned around and swung his arms around your waist, holding you close to his chest, his lips meeting with the shell of your right ear. He hummed, a soft smile on his face, โMh, well, good morning to you tooโž he huskily chuckled before letting his hands wander toward your hips, holding you against him.

You smiled shyly as soon as your lower back was met with his crotch, already hardening - if not still hard from the night that had just passed. Your free hand met with his naked bicep, your nails digging in his flesh.

โLetโ€™s eat breakfastโž you chuckled trying to get away from his grip, yet he was keeping you too close, flushed against his chest and you could feel the warmth of his skin, never wanting to leave it.

โYeah, โž he breathed kissing the side of your neck, his hips bucking and snuggling closer to your body, making something inside of you lit up, โno, letโ€™s notโž

Your eyes fluttered shut, his lips cherishing the skin of your neck, kissing red spots all over it, meanwhile his hips were basically dry humping you from behind; Jaehyun was probably trying to get off of the tension concentrated there.

โLetโ€™s do something more interestingโž he chuckled again, this time walking some steps toward the table, until you were flushed against its surface, bent down with a leg up, resting with your torso on the table. You laughed, trying not to be too loud over his antics. โLike, let me take you?โž Jaehyun suggested, one of his hands flipping your (or better, his) shirt up, while his other hand was already sliding his member out of his sweatpants.

Space Between Us | JAEHYUN

โจฏ summary: being just classmates is not enough for him, but you only get to understand that after his lips had reached yours.ย 

โจฏGenre: frat boy!au | smutย  | a wave of fluffiness at the end

โจฏย Pairing: Jaehyun / Reader

โจฏWord count: 9 575

โจฏa/n: lowkey inspiredโ€”and enlightenedโ€”by study sessions from @honeytaeyong though mine is not as good as hers (god bless you and your writing). Special thanks to my pumpkin @suhsexual for ย endure endless requests for help. There may be some grammatical mistakes left so I apologise in advance. Oh, yes, there may be a part 2 ;)

โจฏ warnings: mature content, language (not actually dirty talking)

Youโ€™d been first, it was a relief. The number one exposed in that piece of sheet made your heart flutter little by little, and then you smiled. How sincere and truthful was it, the small grin drawn on your face, transforming your previous anxious expression in something completely lighted and amused. After broken hearts and desperate tears, being ranked as first place was one of the few things that could possibly turn out to be great in your eyes. You blinked. It was there, the one.

The elder woman in front of youโ€”an old professor in the university; someone with an enviable knowledgeโ€”rested her hand on your shoulder. She had an odd aura around her; something completely comforting, which was not expectable from someone extremely rigorous. The professor took a deep breath and twinkled.

โ€œYou did great, again.โ€ She said. Her voice tone was apathetic, but she managed to show some kind of happiness after a smirk. โ€œIf you keep doing like this, you may get in the rank of all courses.โ€ Then she clapped her hands. โ€œItโ€™s something to think about.โ€ And touched her own head with an index finger.

That hadnโ€™t been your main focus, however. The ranks were just something to fulfil the emptiness you felt inside your being, as something really important was missing. At first you concluded it could be all about the end of you three-year relationship; you really had loved him, and that was something you didnโ€™t doubt about. It was crystal clear youโ€™d felt the most intense of all feelings, because youโ€™d wished him well, youโ€™d wished him to be close to you, and youโ€™d wishedโ€”and deeply wishedโ€”for him to like you back in the same level. Although in the end of all, he didnโ€™t. And thatโ€™s when youโ€™d felt on the surface of a limitless ocean, slowly drifting away from the only land that held youโ€”and your emotionsโ€”still. He had left you in the farthest blind spot possible, without a plausible reason. Were you supposed to be fine? In the very beginning you had even thought it could work out: you could deal with the situation. Oh, but you had been wrong.

And then you had cried for hours. An intense pain burning inside you for daysโ€”afterward days became weeks, and weeks became months. In the end of the third month, after the breakup, youโ€™d realised he wasnโ€™t what filled your soul. The guy whom you dated, and eventually developed feelings for, was just a part of a puzzle you hadnโ€™t had the chance to complete yet. Something bigger was missing; finally youโ€™d gotten to the point when your vision had become clear again and the monochromatic colours of life had turned out to be, actually, the colours of the rainbow. You were free of angst. You were mature enough to understand that the only person you needed was youโ€”but you also knew that it did not mean you forgot your past experiences, it meant you could love yourself entirely. From that moment, what could possibly make you feel satisfied was your own success, so youโ€™d looked for it. And youโ€™d achieved your goals.

You looked down to the paper again. The #1 on the top made you feel ease. You folded the note and gathered the rest of your things, packed them up inside you backpack and calmly walked out of the enormous auditorium. The semester ended in the best way possible, and you were happy with what you obtained. The professor politely asked you to close the door behind you, but before you could do so, someone held it. The blond haired boy gave you a small smile and waited for you to exit the ambient so he could shut the entryway. You nodded, as an acknowledgement, and turned on your heels so you could finally go home, yet a hand touched your free shoulder obligating you to shift back and face the person.

โ€œCongratulations.โ€ The boy said. โ€œYou got first place again.โ€

โ€œThank you,โ€ youโ€™d begun, searching in your memory for the name of the guy in front of you. The information you had was his physical appearance and his voice, which didnโ€™t sound so familiar. So it took you more effort, causing you to look deep inside his eyes and drive you gaze to his smile. You suddenly knew who he was and the sort of fame he had. You smirked at the thought that he was talking to you. โ€œHum, Jaehyun.โ€

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Gold Leaf | JAEHYUN

Genre: rich kid!au | fluff | angst

Member: Jaehyun / Reader feat. Yukhei

Word Count: 10,500

Warnings: language

Important Note:ย inspired by an idea of @tenpiocaโ€˜s. thank you for letting me write this, ash! also this is unedited, mistakes will be fixed in the future

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Brother’s Best Friend (M)

Jaehyun x Readerย (feat. Johnny)

Word Count: 3.6k

Genre: Smut, Slight angst

A/N: My first published smut ayy.. I was stuck on this for a while but last night lordt I just went on one and finished it at like 4am lmaoโ€ฆ Ty to my FLOwer (@nctreacting) for helping me out with thisย ๐Ÿ’•

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Call Boy Jaehyun (Jaehyun x Reader)

Rating: M, very rated M

(A/N) The moment of truth has finally arrived yโ€™all, Call Boy Jaehyun has joined the party! Hope you enjoy him for the night! ;)

Originally posted by openyoureyesfornct

You didnโ€™t trust men anymore, not after having your heart broken over and over by them without batting a lash. Each breakup warped and shaped you into the woman you were now, someone who was broken but strong enough to handle her ownโ€ฆand her men.ย 

You shouldโ€™ve taken a break from dating, but your mind kept convincing you that the next one would work and that you would be stronger. Each man that you dated slowly changed you, the only consolidation your heart ever felt was when you were breaking a manโ€™s will underneath your six-inch heel. Your friends jokingly called you a man eater, and you didnโ€™t make any attempt to correct them because you knew thatโ€™s exactly what you were.

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Bad Habits, Part 1 (m)


โ†’ Words: 16,000 rip

โ†’ Genre: Smut /ย fluff / tattoo soulmate au / messy love triangle.

โ†’ Pairings: Jaehyun x Reader / Taeyong x Reader.

โ†’ Summary: You donโ€™t believe in love but, in a world where soulmates exist and where lovers are branded with matching tattoos, when you meet Taeyong and Jaehyun and find a new tattoo on your body, everything seems to change.

โ†’ A/N: This fic was originally posted on my other blog for bts (@jungkxook) but Iโ€™ve since decidedย to repost it here onย this blog!ย It is also inspired byย the song How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds and, more fittingly, inspired greatly byย @taeyongtime and her undying love for both Jaehyun and Taeyong.

โ†’ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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after hours; part 1 [m]

summary: your night job at taeyongโ€™s strip club has always been a secret; it is how you are able to live well during your life at university.
though, all is fine until a familiar face shows up at your work with surprisingly benevolent intentions.

โ€ pairing:ย jaehyun, taeyong & reader insert ย || university!AU & stripper!AU

โ€ includes:ย fluff, light angst, smut/suggestive content, alcohol mentions

โ€ wc:ย 20.2k

โ€ series:ย prologue โ€“ part 1 โ€“ part 2 โ€“ part 3 โ€” ongoing

โ€ note: Finally, jaehyuns character is introduced! i hope you guys enjoy this updateโ€”its a bit longer than what i thought it would beโ€ฆ ^~^;
Also, i changed the title fromย โ€œrumoursโ€ toย โ€œafter hoursโ€ because it fits more!

It was another simple day for you, nothing too out of the ordinary occurring from your typical routine.

You woke on time for once and got ready for your classes, arriving on the dot and being attentive towards your lectures. You seemed like any normal, plain university student by pouring hours into your studies and mindfully completing your assignments the second they were given to you. You made time for friends and studies, an equatorial balance between the two factors to limit the daily stress. Though, that was just by day, of course.

Night time was another story. With your job that causes you to exhibit your charms, peculiar and repulsive to normal students, you were a completely different person when moonlight splashed onto the town. Rather than, during the day, where you would drown yourself in an abundance of books and passages, you would douse yourself and relish in the praise, cheers you retrieve during work. Instead of being quiet and close to your compact sphere of acquaintances, you were a few notches more vivacious and livelyโ€”the complete opposite of who you were at university. If any soul at your institute were to find out about the job you had taken upon after dark you were bound to drown in shame and embarrassment.

Speaking of your job, you were on the way to it right then. Your music was put on full blast, heavy bass vibrating up your body as you hearkened the pleasurable tunes, extemporizing lyrics. Immersing yourself in your favorable melodies was the only way you would fully prepare for the long nights you had to faceโ€”it was as if you were preparing for a grand event every night, hoping that the long drive and music would soothe your nervous wrecks.

You parked by the curb of where you worked and stepped out of your vehicle, only to become illuminated by the flashy, blue neon sign. Its artificial light splashed onto your skin, tinging it with aegean until you ambled towards the entrance to enter the dynamic confinement. The brief silence you had faced amidst your short walk to the doors was replaced by the blaring pop tunes that emitted from the high quality speakers within the area. You saw familiar faces and new identities within the first two steps of being ensconced by your workplaceโ€”the strip club.

Co-workers greeted you ecstatically with beaming grins as they were escorting certain patrons to private rooms, and others waved your way as you rushed your way past the sea of drunken bodies on the dance floor. Bartenders asked if you wanted a drink before you started your shift, each friendly and bodacious, but you shrugged them off. You tried your best to get to the back room as quickly as you were able to; you were already beginning to reveal your โ€œuniformโ€ prior to reaching the dressers. As you walked towards the back you eyed the elevated stages and smiled at other workers. The girls were dancing as if being orchidaceous was in their blood, twirling around the poles that reached for the sky before committing a stunt those mindlessly watching were entranced by. Patrons were hypnotized by the way the skilled dancers moved their bodies, and it was only predictable that they would reward them by tossing whatever large bills they kept in their wallet. One of the workers even crawled down on the stage and allowed a customer to stick a flimsy twenty into her thongโ€”and that was when you looked away and reached the desired room.

You took a heavy breath of air once you found solace in a castle of privacy, your eyes closing as you finally felt free from the stuffiness of the club. It was like that every night: vivacious and wild; surprising for a Wednesday evening. Then again, this was just another night at your job at the strip club, Blue Moon.

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Jaehyunโ€™s Dimples Appreciation Post

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fuck really bitch are u kidding me

hello ive been attacked recently and i believe everyone has been personally victimized by jaehyunโ€™s cute ass and especially his cute ass smile so lets jump right in ๐Ÿ˜ค

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im really soft but i will turn these feelings into anger bc hes out to get all of us

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heโ€™s showing off his weapons he is taunting us do not trust this man

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okay but look at his soft little turtleneck โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’

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okay maybe just one more

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hello i have been informed that i can only put 10 images per post when i use my phone SO lets try and work together to tame this man before he channels his final form

Jaehyun as your boyfriend

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* admires you for an hour before he wakes you up by tickling you

* loves it when you poke his dimples

* loves it when you call him baby

* call you princess, baby, angel , sweetheart all that cute shit

* your #1 hypeman

* says i love you so much so you never forget it

* everytime youโ€™re out he always has his arm wrapped around your shoulder

* wipes off your makeup for you when you come home drunk

* likes cooking together

* feeds you food all the time

* probably eats half of the food while you guys are preparing the food

* whispers heโ€™s hungry sexily in your ear at 2 am ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ (skakaka im so annoying)

* loooveeeesss to cuddle

* loves having you in his arms 25/8

* when hes stressed out he loves being the little spoon

* lil bby probably just sits there in the practice room and is smiling because heโ€™s thinking about you

* the boys tease him about how whipped he is

* sweet gentle kisses

* kisses you a lot

* but when hes the mood heโ€™s passionate for suuuureeeee

* probably a tease and likes to see you beg

* when you guys get into an argument he canโ€™t stand being away from you so He usually comes to you to talk about the problem in a nice calm way

* always want to fulfill your needs if ya know what I mean

* i imagine you two will have a relatively active sex life i meanโ€ฆ itโ€™s jaehyun

* overall hes just such a softie for you he cant help it

NCT Reaction To: Their S.O being cuddly in their sleep

Anon asked: “ youve done a lot of nct recently so maybe youre tired of it but if not itd be cute with a nct u reaction to their s/o being a sleep cuddler?

Author’s note: Girl! NCT IS MY BIAS GROUP SO I DON’T MIND WRITING FOR THEM ONE BIT! Thank you all for loving and supporting this blog it really means the world to me <3. I tried to make it fluffy and make it a little scenario almost? Anyways I hope you’ll like it! Sorry some are longer than others it’s hard to write for 18 members, oh my god this took me so long!  Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

This cutie would like cuddles a lot. Really a lot. Taeil would be a bit shy if you’d cuddle him around the other members but when you did it in your sleep he just thought it was the most adorable thing ever, since you probably didn’t even realize you were doing it. When you woke up in the middle of the night and realized that your arms were wrapped around him you instantly pulled back. Taeil smiled softly as he gently pulled you back against him and pressed a kiss against your temple. 

“Don’t, I like it when you cuddle with me.” 

A soft smile spread across your face as you turned your face to give him a peck on the lips. Taeil chuckled as he nuzzled his nose against your cheek. 

“Let’s go back to sleep okay? We can cuddle the rest of the night.” 


Originally posted by sasha092398

Johnny loves your cuteness and would love to cuddle, especially after a long day of practice. Your cuddles would make him feel better and comfort him a lot. Johnny would often come back late from practice and you were already asleep. He’d quietly make his way into the bedroom and change before climbing in bed with you. As soon as he was laying down you wrapped your arms around him as you snuggled closer to him. Johnny chuckled softly as he pressed a kiss against your forehead. Not wanting to wake you up of course. 

“Honestly you’re too cute Y/N.” 

He whispered as he wrapped his arms around you in return. Letting out a deep sigh before closing his eyes and letting sleep take over him. 


Originally posted by nct127

As the leader of the group Taeyong would often take care of his members. So you wanted to take care of him for a change. He was always so busy making sure his members were alright that he often forgot about himself. That’s why you always spoiled him whenever you could. Not with expensive gifts but cuddles and kisses. Small things that Taeyong really appreciated. So when he came home from practice and he saw that you had already made dinner he couldn’t help but smile. He dropped his bag on the floor and wrapped his arms around you. Pulling you in for a kiss as he thanked you for taking care of him. 

Later that night when you two were laying in bed Taeyong couldn’t fall asleep. You on the other hand were sound asleep. He watched you with a fond smile on his face as you turned towards him and snuggled closer to him. Taeyong’s heart skipped a beat as he chuckled softly. 

“Aish Y/N, you’re gonna be the death of me.” 


Originally posted by chocosicheng

Yuta loves cuddles. Yes sometimes he’d pretend to be tough and that he doesn’t need them but we all know that he’s very soft. Yuta liked it whenever you were clingy because it showed him how much you loved and cared for him. Yuta visited you after practice and when he wanted to leave it was already well past midnight, so you suggested he’d sleep over. Not too long after you two were laying in bed together, smiling brightly at each other as you couldn’t help but chuckle. Times like that always made you realize how much you actually loved your boyfriend. Soon your eyelids grew heavier as you slowly drifted off. Yuta watched you as he gently ran his hands through your hair. 

He was surprised when he saw you moving closer to him and wrapping your arms around him. Yuta couldn’t help but smile as he took his phone and secretly snapped a photo because he wanted to remember this moment forever. 

“You’re gonna laugh so hard when you see this someday Y/N.” 


Originally posted by yunar

This precious bean would love to cuddle with you. He simply liked laying in bed with you. Not in a sexual way but he liked being close to you. It made Kun feel comfortable to know that you were there right next to him. Kun was watching something on his phone when you suddenly moved so you were sitting behind him and pulled him up so he was sitting in between your legs. He blushed furiously as he hid his face behind his hands. You chuckled in response as you only held him tighter. Kun shook his head before going back to watch the video while you rested your chin on top of his shoulder. A few minutes later Kun realized that you had been really quiet and slowly turned around, only to realize that you had fallen asleep while still holding tightly onto him. 

A warm smile spread across his face as he felt his heart melt. Kun couldn’t be happier to be with you and at that moment realized how special you were. 

“I’m never gonna let you go Y/N.” 


Originally posted by chttaphonten

Ten didn’t like necessarily liked cuddles, but he liked affection a lot, especially from you. He always appreciated it whenever you wanted to shower him with cuddles and kisses His job could be very tiring so he’d always appreciate it whenever you wanted to care for him. Both of you had decided to watch a movie together on the couch. Your head resting on his shoulder as both of you were covered by a blanket. Your arms wrapped around his waist as your eyes were focused on the screen. Ten really got into the movie when he suddenly heard soft snoring next to him. He turned his face to see that you were fast asleep. He grinned as he shook his head playfully, smiling to himself. 

Ten moved you so your head was laying on top of his chest as he wrapped he blanket around you. Gently brushing your hair out of your face as he leans in to press a soft kiss against your lips. 

“Sweet dreams Y/N. I love you.” 


Originally posted by dimplesjae

Doyoung tried to be quiet as he got comfortable in bed. He noticed that you were already asleep as tried to be as quiet as possible. You turned around in your sleep and nuzzled closer to him so your head was laying on his chest. A beaming smile appeared on Doyoung’s face as he felt his heart flutter. It wasn’t unlikely for you two to cuddle in bed but knowing that you did it unconsciously made the gesture ever sweeter in his eyes. Doyoung moved his hand to gently rub your back as he leaned in to press a kiss against your forehead. Making sure you were both warm before he closed his eyes. He could feel you shifting a couple of times but you always ended up going back to laying on his chest. 

If Doyoung wasn’t head over heels for you before he surely was now. 

“I swear you’re too much Y/N, you’re too cute.” 


Originally posted by sumimaurmom

Jaehyun wouldn’t really voice it if he wanted to cuddle with you but you could always tell but his actions. He didn’t want to bother you, although in your eyes he could never do that. Jaehyun softly closed the door behind him as he looked around the room. He was surprised when he found you asleep on the couch when he had specifically told you not to wait up for him. He let out a soft sigh as a smile spread across his face. Even though you were stubborn sometimes he still thought it was cute that you wanted to wait for him. Jaehyun took his shoes off as he slowly made his way towards you. He brushed your hair out of your face as he leaned in to press a kiss against the tip of your nose. 

He moved to lay down next to you as he planned on waking you up, but when he felt you nuzzling closer to him and even wrapping your arm around his waist he couldn’t bring himself to wake you. 

“You’re too sweet Y/N.” 


Originally posted by seo-bean

Sicheng wasn’t too fond of cuddling around his members so cuddling in bed was a great way for you to show affection. Your relationship was pretty innocent and playful but that’s what you loved about it. Sicheng came back late and he was obviously tired. He took a quick shower and changed in some more comfortable clothes before laying down next to you. You instantly put your book down as you wrapped his arms around him, pulling him against your chest. Sicheng rested his head on your shoulder as he wrapped his arms around your waist in return. He started telling you about his day as you listened carefully to what he was saying. Not too long after that Sicheng suggested to take a nap. He was ready to turn around when he felt you tightening your grip on him, making him giggle. 

“You don’t wanna let go of me? Alright Y/N, let’s cuddle some more then.” 


Originally posted by babyjungwoo

Our precious angel boy Jungwoo loves loves loves affection. Seriously he loved it. This cutie would always be holding onto you all the time. He also liked to be praised which was something you did often. It often happened when you were cuddled up in bed. Jungwoo’s head was resting on your chest as his arms were wrapped around your waist. He had a deep sigh as you ran your fingers through his hair, gently massaging his scalp as an attempt to make him feel more relaxed. It didn’t just calm Jungwoo down, it also made you feel more calm. So calm even that you felt your eyelids getting heavier and fell asleep. Jungwoo didn’t notice until he realized that you weren’t responding to his story. He looked up to find you sound asleep. A bright smile spread across his face as he noticed that your arm was still wrapped around him. 

He giggled softly as he leaned in to press a kiss against your cheek. “Sleep well my cutie.” 


Originally posted by yukbaee

Yukhei always teased you whenever you were clingy but secretly loved it so much oh my god. The first time he found out you were cuddly in your sleep his heart pounded against his chest as he tried to calm his excitement. He simply found it incredibly adorable. But after a while he got used to it and would frown whenever you wouldn’t cuddle with him. If you were asleep and you weren’t cuddling with him he’d always grab your arms and wrap them around him instead. Yukhei simply liked it whenever you were holding him, although it’d take a while for him to tell you that. It wasn’t that you hadn’t noticed it before, because you obviously had you just didn’t tell him. So often you’d pretend to be asleep so, just so you could catch him grabbing your arms and wrapping them around him. Making him the little spoon. 

You chuckled as you held onto him tighter. Yukei’s eyes widened as he realized that you weren’t asleep. He hides his face behind his hands as you burst out in laughter. 

“Aish Y/N why are you doing this to me!” 


Originally posted by minhyunq


Mark was so grateful for you, because when he came back from a long day and barely had any energy to get up you’d always take care of him. You sat him down on the bed and covered him with a blanket before going to the kitchen and making him some tea. Grabbing some snacks along the way before going back to the bedroom. Mark smiled brightly when he saw you coming in with the snacks and the tea as his cheeks turned a soft shade of pink. You placed the snacks in his lap as you placed his tea on the nightstand. Mark covered you with the blanket as he snuggled closer to you. You gently rubbed his back as you pressed a kiss against his forehead. 

Mark took the remote and turned the TV on as he rested his head on your chest. It wasn’t long before both of you fell asleep. Cuddled up in each other’s arms. 


Originally posted by hwangsrenjun

Another cutie that loved your affection. Renjun liked affection in general but it was different when you cuddled with him. You and Renjun were a team and you wanted him to know that. You were always there for him and wanted him to do well, which basically meant that if he felt tired you’d take care of him. Of course he’d take care of you in return whenever he could. Renjun often came home late from practice and although he loved his job a lot, it was exhausting. You didn’t like seeing him tired so you always wanted to make him feel better. So when you saw him sitting in front of the TV, eyes almost falling shut a sad smile spread across your face. You sat down next to him and you grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him. Renjun’s eyes opened as a tired smile spread across his face. 

“Thank you.” 

You wrapped your arms around him as you pulled him closer to you. “You’re welcome sweetie. Let’s take a nap, okay?” 


Originally posted by nctaezen

This cutie loved your affection a lot, it made him realize how much you actually loved him. Jeno especially loved it whenever he was tired and you climbed in bed with him and wrapped your arms around him, being his big spoon. A beaming smile spread across his face as he felt his heart beat faster at the sweet gesture. Jeno liked that you didn’t really care about gender roles and that you often wanted to care for him instead of him always taking care of you. Jeno came back late from practice and basically let himself fall on the couch You chuckled at the sight before you sat down on the edge of the couch and gently brushed his hair out of his face. 

Jeno flashed you a tired smile as you leaned down and pressed a kiss against his lips. He pulled you down with him so you were laying next to him. You pulled the blanket over him as you snuggled closer to him. Surprisingly you fell asleep before he did and Jeno couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Even in your sleep you still can’t let go of me, ugh why are you so cute?” 


Originally posted by haenyan

This boy loved cuddles, a lot. Not just cuddles but also affection in general. Donghyuck was always cuddling you and when he didn’t you were the one cuddling him. You two were basically always holding each other in some way so it only made sense that you were cuddly in your sleep as well. Donghyuck knew that you were asleep and put his phone away before making himself comfortable in bed. As soon as he closed his eyes he felt you turning around and your arms wrapping around his waist. A bright smile spread across his face as he chuckled softly, trying to stay quiet since he didn’t want to wake you up. Donghyuck wrapped his arms around you in return as he rested his chin on your shoulder, holding you tightly. 

“I swear you’re perfect for me Y/N.” 


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You were staying over at Jaemin’s family since he asked you to spend the weekend with him and his family. Jaemin wanted you to meet them and you obviously said yes. The first day was fun and although it was a little awkward Jaemin was always there by your side. You ended up sleeping in his old bedroom, cuddled up together in the small bed. Jaemin ran his fingers through your hair as he let out a deep sigh. He was glad that you and his family got along well, because after all you were important to him and he really wanted them to like you. Luckily for him that’s exactly what happened. His family seemed to like you a lot and Jaemin couldn’t be happier with that. 

You rested your head on his chest as he chuckled softly while pulling you closer. Not too long after that he heard soft snoring coming from you. So he looked at you and found you sound asleep on his chest. Your arms wrapped around him. 

“Aish just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter.” 


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You didn’t plan on staying the night but it was already 3 am and Chenle didn’t want you going outside at that time. So you agreed to stay the night. You had never spend the night together but it was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Chenle’s bed wasn’t too big so you were practically laying against each other. Your arms touching as you stared up at the ceiling. To be fair it was pretty awkward but many first things in relationships are awkward in general, which is kind of cute. Since it was past 3 am both of you were pretty tired so it didn’t take long before you fell asleep. You were used to holding your plushy whenever you’d sleep so as a habit you wrapped your arm around Chenle, who was wide awake all of a sudden and felt his breath hitch in his throat. 

A beaming smile spread across his face as he giggled softly, trying to stay quiet because he didn’t want you to wake up because of him. 

“I can’t believe how cute you are Y/N.” 


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The dreamies had invited you for a sleepover and you were a little nervous about it. Yes you might have accidentally fallen asleep next to Jisung before but that was just for a nap, not for a whole night. You were all laying on your air mattresses as Haechan and Mark were telling ghost stories.  The night was filled with giggles and lots of snacks before all of you decided to go to sleep. After a while Jisung noticed that he was the only one who was still awake and gently brushed your hair out of your face. He watched you with a smile on his face as you turned towards him and wrapped your arms around his middle. Jisung’s eyes widened at your actions, especially since you were doing it unconsciously. 

Jisung tried his best to keep quiet as he practically wanted to squeal from excitement. He just thought that you were the most adorable thing ever. 

“You really are too cute for your own good Y/N.” 

Making out with... Jaehyun


Anon: Could you please do making out with jaehyun?

Anon: How it’d be to make out with jaehyun of nct? ;)

Anon: making out with jaehyun? c’:

Anon: make out with jaehyun please~~~ thank you !!

This was very requested and a lot of people in the surveys wanted it so I decided to prioritise Jae’s over everyone else’s lol! Because it was heavily requested, I tried to make it as long and as worthwhile the wait as possible :-) I hope you like it ;;;;-)

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jaehyun looks so good this comeback everyone makes fun of his hair (the one he had at the start of the promotions) but i didn’t think it was too bad :-(

  • Today is Jaehyun day lol 
  • First Kiss and now this lmaooo 
  • Anyway 
  • As I said in his First Kiss thing, Jaehyun would have really nice lips 
  • They’re soft and smooth and inviting and just perfect 
  • You’re always complimenting him on them and at first he used to blush, but now he’s cocky af and always wants you to remind him or he’ll pout
  • He’d proabbly boast to the other guys about amazing he is at kissing and they’d probably say he really wasnt and he’d get upset or soemthing
  • And the next time you saw him, he’d be sad and say that they only thing that’d make him better is if you rove that he’s not bad at it
  • Basically guilt trips you into kissing him lol
  • I don’t think he’d be the type to do it a lot, but he wouldn’t hardly do it either
  • Both your daily routines would clash a lot so quick pecks were usually the only time you got any form of skinship or action lol in a day
  • Making out would be saved for the night
  • Will literally wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you to kiss him
  • You’d think it was bc he wanted sex
  • And yes sometimes he did
  • So you’d prepare yourself lol and sigh really loudly
  • Then he’ll surprise you by hovering over you and kissing you, with no sex involved
  • Jae would like making out with you lying down on your bed
  • You’d like to do a lot of things lying down tbh
  • Kissing, cuddling, eating, talking, watching TV, taking selfies, having sex
  • He’d like how his body would dwarf yours and how he could easily let his hands run across your body
  • The close proximity would be his favourite thing
  • You’d lie on your back and he’d basically lie on top of you
  • Not completely but half his body would be and he’d hold him sle fup with one of his shoulders
  • Do you get what I mean? Am I explaining this alright?
  • His other hand would run through your hair and hold your neck
  • You’d put an arm around his neck and place a hand on the bottom of his back
  • He’d be very breathy
  • Not necessarily loud, but he’d basically be panting
  • Also likes to suck your bottom lip
  • I hate that word, but he’d do it tbh
  • By the end, your bottom lip will be swollen and red and he’ll laugh at you bc you look funny
  • Anyway
  • He’d change pace quite a lot, varying between slow and deep sloppy kisses, and faster and sweeter kisses
  • He’d tilt his face a lot too, because he can’t help himself and he just wants to make you feel good and vice versa
  • Making out usually happened in the dark bc its night duh
  • But JAehyun still really wanted to feel you and see if he was making you feel good, by sometimes moving down to kiss your neck
  • You’d moan lightly which would be an indicator to him that you’re enjoying himself
  • He’d smirk to himself and move back up to kiss your lips again
  • Hickies!!!!!!
  • Usually prefers giving you them, around the bottom of your neck where your collar bones are
  • He won’t realise how many he’d give you or how dark and pink and sore they are until the next morning
  • Sometimes if you were feeling like it and weren’t too tired, you’d roll him over
  • So now you were the one lying partially on him
  • He’d find it hot af actually, and would groan into the kiss
  • If he got too excited, this might lead to sex but most of the time you’d be too caught up into the moment to do that
  • He’d move his hands down to your bumb, laughing as you squeal at the warmth
  • And you’d play with his hair softly
  • Whenever he’s the one dominating the kiss, its quite heated and deep and when you are, its more gently and teasing and light awe
  • There wouldn’t be much talking involved (like in comparison to Taeyong)
  • But at the end, he’ll be telling you how much he enjoyed it and how much he loves you
  • And he’ll cuddle you to help you get back to sleep because he knows your tired awe
  • Jaehyun :-( writing these make me more depressed than writing the first kiss series tbh lol

Making out with… series

Like a Princess » Jung Jaehyun


summary: โ€œcould I request a Jaehyun scenario where you are best friends and you like him, but you think he doesnโ€™t like you because youโ€™re on the bigger side. You have a lot of insecurities about your body, and Jaehyun sees that. He ends up liking you and tells you that youโ€™re perfect the way you are.โ€
words: 1824
category: jaehyun x chubby!reader, angst, fluff
a/n: literally i need to write more chubby!reader scenarios bc theyโ€™re always so cute and iโ€™ve only written like two i need more

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You sighed, staring at the piece of paper you had just pulled out of the mailbox. It was finally here, the dreaded invitation that you had been hoping would never come.

Your sister was getting married, and she wanted you to be the maid of honor. That was nice of her, of course, if only you didnโ€™t have to wear a dress. Being maid of honor drew another concern, which was that you would have to stand up on the podium during the entire ceremony, practically begging to be ridiculed.

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NCT things that haunt me

- apado gwaenchana

- be there, or be sQuArE

- *car honks* hello?

- i don’t follow the camera, the camera follows me

- yuta grinding on a minion

- wE goTTa DrEaAaAm mAn

- LeT’s gEt It

- we just gotta touch

- mark’s going through puberty

- whiplash is about my sister

- assalam o aleikum my name is jeno… i mean jaemin

- legend

- dolphin laugh

- eskeeRet

- i like things that are soft and sticky in my mouth… like our baby don’t stop

- i lived in america for four years

- we are uh. the foreign swaggers

- hi i’m johnny

- johnny doing a parrot impression

- taeil acting like an owl

- yorubun

- haedwae

- yuta acting like an old person in the background of the bts black on black mv

- fat kun

- fruits are scary

- fashion EVALUATION

- uHHHH canada

- john banana?

- milk

- when my cousin kisses me, i smell like her

- *sneezes* YES

- long ass ride

- my lady

- i don’t believe it’s evening

- this is not ice cream, it’s butter


- taeyong rapping in the haunted house and then immediately screaming

- ty track, ty track

- oh DaDdY

- everything that i touch is a poSe

- oh shit i dropped it

- look at that

- chenle breaking a table

- winwin doing nct promo for “nct life in osaka”

- kimchi iroKE

- where’s my hair ????

- a dance just for GoRLs

- oh my you scared me

- don’t look down on me

- seoul is seoul

friday boy (ii) → jaehyun

โ†’ summary: friday was just a normal day to you until you met jaehyun.

โ†’ genre: college au, a bit of angst, a whole lot of smut, a little fluff

โ†’ pairing: fuck boy/frat boy!jaehyun x female reader

โ†’ word count: 7.2k

โ†’ warnings: a flirty lucas, mature content, strong language, dirty talk, pre-marital but protected sex

โ†’ authorโ€™s note:ย remember what i said in the first part of this storyโ€™s authorโ€™s note? tada, here is the sequel! with nct uโ€™s boss out (stream it here please, taeyong has 17 mouths to feed) and jaehyun looking like a feast for a hungry village during this comeback, i think we all needed this - jaehyun stan or not (i swear my bias is johnny). enjoy ๐Ÿ˜ and please, if you like this let me know by sending an ask or an im! โ™ก (simply hitting the heart below is enough too) iโ€™m not accepting requests right now but iโ€™m not not accepting requests - if thereโ€™s anything you want me to write, let me know and iโ€™ll see what i can do. and also, two songs are linked in the story under the cut, youโ€™ll just have to click on them if you want to listen to them for a better reading experience.

The time you could be spending taking yourself home is going to be added into all the hours youโ€™ve already wasted waiting for Jaehyun.

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