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adding jungwoo was the biggest fucking mistake. and I hate sm for it. jungwoo won't be adding anything to 127. if anything he'll ruin them cause hell be taking lines away and he also doesn't have the same level of talent as the 127 members so he'll just slow them down and won't match up to them. this is why I'm staying an army and gunna watch 127s downfall with the new useless member jungwoo

idk why you guys keep coming to me to translate for you guys, but here you go,,

Translation: I’m so happy Jungwoo get’s to have this amazing opportunity to be employed and show off his talents and have a chance to show people what amazing work he’s capable of. He’s a sweet boy that just has good intentions at heart and 127 is lucky to have their sweet and caring brother join them. Whether it’s forever or temporary I can’t wait to see what amazing music they show us. I’m a proud NCTzen and they’re gunna be legends that blow the music industry away. anyway, Stan NCT 127 Stan Talent™

Original language: bs

translated to: common sense

it’s been a while since I’ve translated, things might be wrong in some places, I don’t speak fluent bullshit

nct as things that i’ve heard in high school

Taeyong: “Why do I always have to shake your salad? Don’t you have hands? Shake that veggie bonanza yourself.”

Jisung: “Yeah, I might be a freshman, but I have a bigger dick than you so shut the fuck up.”

Jaehyun: “These shoulders looking like a motherfucking tabletop, hell yea.”

Lucas: “I was so sexually frustrated in class that I basically humped the chair while the teacher was giving a lecture.”

Yuta: “Wait, the answer was a number?! I fucking wrote Alabama!!”

Winwin: “This milk tastes like cum.”

Someone asks, “How do you know?”

“Because I was sucking your man’s dick last night.”

Kun: “This some crusty ass lasagna.”

Mark: “Yo waddup Mrs._____, I hope your weekend was yeetingly yeet! Cause I’m feeling #blessed.”

Jaemin: “If I was a girl, I would have massive big dick energy. But lucky for me, I’m a guy with an actual big dick.”

Chenle: “You know what? I’m sick of you guys making fun of my laugh. If I want to be a fucking hyena, let me be a fucking hyena.”

Jeno: “They charged me ten dollars, for THIS SHITTY CROISSANT.”

Ten: “No homo or anything, but I’d suck that guy’s dick for free.”

Doyoung: “If that teacher sticks her stanky ass in front of my face one more time, I will kill a bitch.”

Taeil: “For the senior prank, I’m thinking of sticking condoms all over doorknobs. Could you imagine? Hey, Mike, sorry bro, but I can’t help with your pickle jar cause my hands lubey as fuck.”

Haechan: “You know, I walked in front of the mirror today and thought, damn. Why am I still not on America’s Next Top Model?”

Jungwoo: “Today, I went for the furry sub vibe.”

Renjun: “ I said. Fuck. Your. Chicken. STRIPS!”

Johnny: “Of course she’s attractive. You would fuck anything with two legs.”


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Jungwoo being added to 127.

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