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[JAEHYO (Instagram)] Sometimes even two men go on a pink pink date, taking pictures of their food 

Starter; The lost member- Park Kyung, Woo Jiho.

It was late at night, probably around two am? Maybe three, Jiho lost track on that. He and his derpgang where about to go out – have some drinks and celebrate the success of Jackpot. Maybe a bit late but it would be slightly disrespectful if the guys would do such thing while the entire country’s eyes where focused on the tragedy which was going on with the boat crash. So better later than never, right? – The blonde walked through some dark alleys, clearly lost as the others might or might not ended up pranking him or got their own drunk asses lost somewhere in the dark places in the city. The leader only could look for them because who knows what happened to his mates? Taeil was with Jaehyo and B-bomb, Pyo helped Yukwon home,  five shots might be a bit too much and he’ll probably end up sleeping by now. But to Jiho’s horror it was only Kyung missing. So he couldn’t risk the boy being in problems, so he kept searching.

Hours passed by, and it soon was seven am, or seven in the morning – depending how you’d call it. Still no sign of the missing member, leaving the leader all frustrated. It was nothing for Kyung to be out this long. Jaehyo and B-bomb sometimes ended up returning home. But Kyung was the kind of boy that never liked to worry anyone. Especially not his closest friend Jiho. The rappers body gone cold, he was stressing out and his battery died. Could this get any worse? The answer clearly was yes as it started to rain heavily. Quickly he tried to find a place to hide, ending up in a small coffee shop. As he ran inside he bumped into someone else, yet the rapper was clearly not in the mood for manners just huffed and gave the person a light push. “Seriously fuck it all.” He mumbled. Clearly upset and close to breaking down in public.