Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Story Prompt: What if you got an alert on your phone every time someone thought of you? What if the alert told you what that person thought of you?

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Summary: A mysterious app appears on your phone and you can’t seem to get rid of it. You discover that it notifies when someone thinks of you, and one fateful day, you accidentally send Yoongi to the nurse’s office.



Edit: There’s a part 2 now! you can find it here

You knew this would happen eventually. You were careful of your image after you learned what the app does, but you couldn’t stop yourself from crashing into the lead basketball player, Yoongi. Everyone was there, watching you humiliate yourself in front of one of the highest ranked students. 

Heat rushed up to your face as you quickly avoid eye contact with him, apologizing repeatedly. You not only bumped into him, but at your velocity, had managed to completely knock him to the floor. 

And maybe he had to go to the nurse after that.

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[Eng Sub] Happy Together - Ji Jinhee, Koo Hyesun, & Ahn Jaehyeon etc 

Sorry About My Dog || rosen-twins

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When Daekyun had been aiming to go for an afternoon stroll with Jaehyeon, he hadn’t expected to be dragged halfway down the block by his loud, barking ‘dog’. “Lucky, stop!” He managed to hold his ground, rooting himself in place so Jaehyeon couldn’t drag him on anymore. The other was barking like mad at a tall, strange man like he was some sort of disease. Which was just plain rude. He knew that Jaehyeon wasn’t fond of very many people, but to suddenly up and go berserk over some stranger was just so unlike him.

“Lucky, that’s enough!” Jaehyeon wouldn’t stop barking and snarling at the other man no matter what he did. He definitely wasn’t the strongest guy to hold back a raving frothing hellhound. “Oh jeez, sir, I’m so sorry about this!” Daekyun yanked on the leash to pull Jae back, “He’s usually so well behaved!" 

That was definitely a warning to his ‘dog’. But the warning fell on deaf ears apparently, as it did nothing to calm him down.


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