JaeheeMC3 - Dating alone 18.01.14

This isn’t checked grammar.

Well, for someone doesn’t know, I’m coupling MC3 with Jaehee.

My MC3 have strong feeling for Jaehee. But Jaehee doesn’t know it because MC hasn’t told her how she feels for Jaehee. She just keep thinking that someday she will tell her.

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Can I get a hc for RFA+ Saeran and V about an MC obsessed with wearing a cow onesie I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS

ahaha, yes of course!!


  • honestly, he probably has more than one onesie too
  • theyre so comfortable, and great for lazing around the house in playing games in
  • not to mention, theyre flattering to your figure in a way
  • giggles a little whenever he sees you wearing it, its just too cute
  • movie nights are always fun
  • its so soft so every cuddling position is comfortable 
  • everything works out~


  • “do you like cows, mc?”
  • really, he thinks its silly
  • but its easy to take off so hes not complaining
  • likes it because you like it
  • has at least three dozen selfies of the two of you with you in it
  • when youre helping him practice, instead of dressing up as another character
  • you put the onesies hood up
  • moo
  • you both end up cracking up at least a dozen times before he gets the script down perfectly
  • it makes life fun and you couldnt be happier!


  • mc, please
  • she has to deal with elizabeth the 3rd
  • the meowing haunts her dreams
  • and now she must worry about you mooing
  • she actually finds it very cute
  • its become a tradition for you to wear it every time you watch zen stuff
  • once you surprised her at work
  • in the onesie
  • rip jaehee
  • cause of death adorable s/o


  • what is this commonerwear?
  • no, really.
  • one piece of fabric?
  • like a pajama bathing suit???
  • either way, he likes it on you
  • and then you get seven more
  • wait
  • d
  • do you want a cow?
  • is there any particular reason you like the cow onesie?
  • you now own three different cattle ranches youre welcome 


  • “oh no! where did mc go?”
  • “have they been replaced by a cow? D:”
  • “my beloved mc~ i will cherish this cow in your place~”
  • the first time he sees it, he instantly makes the decision to get a bull onesie
  • and now you match
  • power couple of the century
  • the house is always filled with the two of you mooing
  • saeran dies a little every time he hears it
  • in the middle of the night
  • softly
  • through the door
  • m o o
  • he moves out the next day
  • adios


  • he has precisely three billion photos of you in the onesie
  • just cute, domestic things
  • drinking tea? 
  • snap
  • reading a book?
  • snap
  • talking about something you like?
  • snap
  • he loves it so much
  • and hugging is amazing
  • he has more photos of you in the onesie than in normal clothes


  • i-its so cute?
  • youre so cute?!?!
  • hes very happy with this.
  • really, who knew he would end up with the most adorable person on the planet
  • its comforting to stick his face in the soft fabric after he has nightmares
  • and just in general while cuddling
  • watching movies?
  • hes laying on you, face pressed into your stomach
  • in the middle of cooking?
  • he wraps his arms around your waist and has his head on your shoulder
  • just chilling?
  • his upper body is in your lap
  • he fell in love with a wonderful person who happens to wear a soft onesie and he is 
  • so happy

Everyone in the RFA having a little crush on Saeran gives me life

It doesn’t have to be remotely romantic either a lot of their affection is strictly platonic but

Zen adores Saeran and treats him like a little brother like he does with Yoosung, and he actually finds Saeran to be the second most attractive member behind himself. Whenever Saeran does something alluring Zen’s like “That’s my boy!!” And he gets really excited about Saeran’s fashion and appearance and gives him tips on how to take fabulous selfies! Saeran does it to humor him and Zen dies on the inside from cuteness overload. Also Saeran relates a lot to Zen what with the “bad boy” side to him with his alcohol, cigarettes and motorcycle but he also gets concerned sometimes like “Take care of yourself okay? You’ll give Jaehee a heart attack” and Zen’s like “You’re so cute Saeran SO CUTE!!!”

Yoosung is the most obvious with his crush ofc lol also he just really admires Saeran? Bc Saeran has been through so much but he’s still strong and Yoosung gets really inspired by him. Also he’s in awe of Saeran’s many talents (including his skills in LOLOL) and also Yoosung has a thing for Seven too lol but Saeran is like. A more tame and respectable and tolerable version of Seven so Yoosung has a bigger crush on him lmao;; He’ll trip over himself trying to please and impress Saeran and Saeran’s just like “??? Just be yourself okay” and Yoosung falls HARDER. Also they cook together and that’s always fun and Saeran always gives Yoosung pointers on how to make his dishes better and Yoosung soaks up all of his praise

Jumin also really admires Saeran’s talents especially his more refined talents like his cooking skills and taste in music! Since Saeran can play multiple instruments sometimes Jumin invites him over for a super fancy dinner and Saeran will play smth for him in return hehe so like a platonic friend date. And they have wine and that’s fun (Saeran’s got a taste for that too, he knows a lot about different alcohols). Saeran can get into super serious conversations with Jumin involving all of his favorite subjects like business and wine and cats of course lol so yeah Jumin is very fond of him and finds he’s sorta similar to V! If Saeran mentions smth in the messenger about things going wrong like being sick or missing the bus Jumin’s like “I will pay any amount of money in order to cheer you up and not make you upset anymore, I will send you boxes of medicine and a nurse to feed you and I will have a car pick you up and drive you wherever you need to go” and Saeran’s like “N-no that’s okay I can deal with it on my own” lol

Jaehee and Saeran have a lot of things in common, more than you’d think, and they relate on a lot of things so they go to each other for comfort or venting about their stress!! Jaehee really appreciates that she can talk to Saeran and be honest about everything while knowing he won’t judge her since he’s been through way worse. She really admires the strength he has and the amount of bullshit he deals with daily lol so yeah they bond over their shared “annoyances” (Jaehee’s is Jumin and her job obviously while Saeran’s is Seven but that is more overly fond annoyance than anything). Also when Saeran and Zen do anything together like dress up or take selfies she fangirls SO HARD with the both of them, she thinks Saeran really accents Zen’s beauty but she also thinks Saeran is really pretty too (and Seven is right there with her with the fangirling like “MY BROTHER IS THE CUTEST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD!!” lol). Saeran’s also kinda interested in theater so Jaehee gushes to him about shows she’s seen or wants to see and he offers really insightful comments on Zen’s performances and she’s like “Saeran, you’re brilliant, you should come with me next time!” Out of everyone in the RFA (besides Zen of course) Saeran is the one Jaehee likes and gets along with the most!

Seven just straight up cries every time Saeran smiles or shows he’s happy and at peace with himself and at life (which is often and Saeran always admonishes him for it before melting a little and helping him wash his face and get cleaned up ehehe) but yeah when Saeran tries something new or lights up at anything Seven gets REALLY emotional and sometimes he has to excuse himself to take a breather, and then he comes back and tackles Saeran with hugs cause he doesn’t like being away from him for too long :’) They’re the closest out of everyone of course (so the rest are all a little jealous of Seven for having most of Saeran’s attention lol). Seven will literally do ANYTHING for his brother and he’s got that sixth sense that caters to Saeran alone, so he can easily detect if something’s wrong with his bro and he’ll fix it immediately if possible. (Seven competes with Jumin in pleasing Saeran it’s really funny.) And after being separated for so long Saeran’s always sorta sought Seven’s protection and praise for being strong so yeah they feed off of each other in like, the most positive and healthy way!! Also Seven being the extremely overprotective bro he is has trackers on literally everything Saeran owns or wears and constantly watches over him bc he’s paranoid as hell. Sometimes the attention bothers Saeran but he appreciates it anyway and he understands what it’s like so. And most of all is when Saeran is anywhere you can guarantee Seven is right behind him they’re practically inseparable so the rest of the RFA whine about Seven hogging his brother lmao and they bicker about it while Saeran just sits there, blushing heavily in embarrassment while his brother and the other members dote on him to the max :’D

Anyway yeah everyone’s got a little crush on him and I DON’T BLAME THEM he’s a gorgeous human being

they’re sick (rfa + minor trio)

wow my first poooost (◕‿◕✿) i wrote this at 5 am so i’m not sure how good it is buuut…you know.


- listen. we all know yoosung is a baby

- if he got sick he would let everyone know

- would skip class ofc


- you can’t miss school and then play lolol instead go to sLEEP

- makes soup. probably burns it

- probably asks mc to come over. probably asks her to make him something

- he really wants extra hugs and lots of attention, mc please he feels bad he needs it

- nervous about getting you sick though

- “yoosung istg step away from the computer”


- if zen got sick we all know he’d brush it off

- he heals fast so on the rare occasion he gets sick, he’s over it within a few hours????

- when he does feel bad though,, he doesn’t rest

- “are you really practicing rn”

- pet his hair and call him pretty he needs it now more than ever

- honestly he probably wouldnt be that impacted by being sick


- jaehee?? getting sick?? sorry nope can’t happen

- she’s got too much to do and if she’s not there to stop him jumin will have opened 36 new cat related businesses

- and she is NOT having that

- goes to work anyway. is miserable

- probably more agitated than usual

- “assistant kang you’re working 3.28% less efficiently than usual”


- probably doesn’t talk in the chat room as much bc she’s watching zen’s musicals,,, she just doesn’t feel like talking

- tbh she would probably ask mc not to come over, or in her good end she’d ask mc to run the cafe alone for a little bit??? i can see her isolating herself when she’s sick tho

- babe is miserable. someone hug her


- jumin getting sick is unheard of

- “my nutritionist and personal doctor work extremely hard to keep my health at it’s best”

- shut up jumin

- doesn’t understand??? how is he sick????? he ate a vegetable AND took like 3 vitamins, what do you mean

- jokes aside he refuses to go near you

- like. won’t sleep in the same room. he doesn’t want to get you sick

- really dramatic

- probably wouldn’t show up to work

- sorry baehee


- luciels health is Obv not that good

- he probably doesn’t ever feel well, but he also is never exposed to other germs so he probably doesn’t get colds or the flu

- if he catches something he probably just continues with his work??

- mostly because madam vanderwood threatens him

- works a lot slower

- chat room saeyoung is probably nonexistant, he’s too exhausted

- real life saeyoung is probably just. tired.

won’t pay as much attention to mc bc he doesn’t want her to get sick either


- apologises profusely

- lots of thank yous

- “you don’t have to do this mc…”


- would maybe possibly relax a little bit

- until someone needs him. in which case forget that

- take a break angel please,,

- “i don’t deserve to take a break/to be taken care of”

- please give him love. and soup

- also can we just imagine v’s sick voice because mmmmm


- oh boy

- idk i feel like he’d get sick a lot??

- he tries to push through it

- but mc is like “no bb”

- if mc asks him to take a break he probably will to appease them

- honestly he never feels the best. he’s got headaches a lot and his immune system isn’t the Best so. he’s sick a lot of the time


- refuses to acknowledge it

- he’s got too much to do, he’s gotta make sure seven is doing his work, he doesn’t have time to be sick

- a lot meaner

- mc has to stop him from tasing seven like 8 times

- grouchy vanderwood is grouchy

RFA + V + Saeran W/ Already Pregnant MC

Yoosung Kim

  • he’s surprised
  • immediately tries to take on a father role
  • really excited about it, since he really got excited about the whole baby thing
  • ‘Don’t worry MC!!! I’ll finish school soon and then I’ll get a job and, and,,,’
  • will genuinely almost completely quit LOLOL and study really hard
  • graduates top of his classes from then on
  • during the pregnancy he treats you like a doll
  • won’t let you do anything
  • and he loses it when he finds out you where living in a apartment with a bomb
  • as soon as it’s safe he gets you out of there even if it was to his small dorm
  • when you go into labor he is panicked, doesn’t leave the hospital
  • he’s had like 7 energy drinks in a few hours
  • the staff were borderline concerned letting him see the baby
  • but when he did those 7 energy drinks weren’t enough
  • he was in love
  • you that he loved had made this who he also had fell in love with
  • would honestly take care of them 24/7 it’s like they were only his child
  • full heartedly loves the child
  • also best believe that they’ll compare the child’s factions to himself even if he isn’t the biological dad

Hyun Ryun/ Zen

  • confused
  • ‘MC men are beasts’
  • he finds nothing wrong with it
  • supportive 100%
  • super cautious with everything
  • immediately starts looking for bigger places to live
  • wants to help you and be with you
  • will take you to your appointments
  • is very uninformed so he’ll buy all sorts of books about pregnancy
  • will stay in the room when labor starts
  • he melts when he gets to hold the baby
  • they’re so s m a l l
  • and f r a g i l e
  • feels like if he holds the child too tight it’ll get hurt
  • will watch the baby all the time
  • and sing to it softly
  • A+ Dad

Jaehee Kang

  • she knew a few people that had gotten pregnant back in college
  • and a few distant family members
  • but she had never been near a pregnant person much
  • finds it amazing that you have the strength to do all these things
  • feels really bad that the RFA basically made you live in a apartment with a bomb
  • tries to help in any way
  • researched all the time to know what your experiencing
  • will train to help deliver the baby!!!
  • she’s in love sweetie, children are so smallllllll
  • is always the mom to aplly rules but always the first to treat the child too

Jumin Han

  • doesn’t have an issue with it
  • his father has probably been with woman that had children from a previous relationship
  • it didn’t really bother him
  • he was just kind of surprised
  • makes him a lot more protective of you though
  • because he’s worrying about you and a baby
  • isnt home when you go into labor
  • but best believe that he droppes everything to be with his wife during labor
  • you are at the best hospital for sure
  • will love you and the baby
  • if you let him name them he’ll probably name the child whatever V says to be honest

Seven/ Saeyoung Choi

  • he’ll feel extra bad during the time he spends at the apartment
  • he made a pregnant person stay at a apartment that could blow up at any second
  • so protective of you
  • if he feels like anything at all is dangerous for you to do he’ll stop you immediately
  • your safety is his top concern
  • will leave you in Jumin’s care while he goes looking for his brother
  • when you go into labor he delivers the baby
  • he trained for this and he’s got it
  • will try to name them something ridiculous
  • loves them so much he doesn’t know what to do
  • just loves you so much

Saeran Choi/Unknown

  • he’s so surprised
  • tries his absolute hardest for you to not meet his savior
  • he loves his savior and all but, who knows what could happen
  • thinks the RFA will be the worst influence on the child
  • takes you to a actual hospital for birth and runs away with you afterwards
  • you the baby and Saeran live happily afterwards, and look for 707 as a family
  • he’ll be so awkward around the child but loves them in his own way


  • a child,,,
  • he’s realistically really excited because like pictures of you and the baby
  • but also you are super unsafe oh god
  • goes into a crazy spiral of trying to figure out how to save you
  • two innocent lives,,, hnnNng
  • tries to get Ray to help him
  • when you are finally safe and starting your relationship along with the child he’s so scared
  • he hasn’t been in multiple relationships so you’ll both have to figure it out as you go
  • once he “gets the hang of parenting”
  • he’ll spoil the child and you so much
  • will let child scribble all over in pen and won’t clean it up
  • it’s art
  • just loves the child so much

Jumin/Reader Chapter 1

Request: @bat-yo-us

Wordcount: 2,846

A/N: Whew, this escalated quickly… I might have gone a lil overboard for a request this time but honestly, I’m so happy how it turned out. There will be a second chapter soon; I usually don’t do that with requests but I fell in love with the story and I didn’t wanna keep you guys waiting any longer.

As of lately, I only have time for writing on the weekends. I’m a paramedic now and I have lots of work to do so I’m super duper sorry to keep everyone out there waiting. In addition to that, keep in mind that I’m writing in english which is not my native language so I have to look things up etc. etc.

Please let me know what genre you wanna see on my blog more often. Constructive critisism is very much appreciated as always, and I hope you enjoy it! <3


Vision – “an experience in which you see things that do not exist physically, when your mind is affected powerfully by something such as deep religious thoughts or drugs or mental illness”

Brains. The human brain is the central organ of the human nervous system, and with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system. It controls most of the activities of the body, processing, integrating, and coordinating the information it receives from the sense organs, and making decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body. The relationship between the brain and the mind is a significant challenge both philosophically and scientifically. This is because of the difficulty in explaining how mental activities, such as thoughts and emotions, can be implemented by physical structures such as neurons and synapses, or by any other type of physical mechanism.

It is unknown where in the brain dreams originate, if there is a single origin for dreams or if multiple portions of the brain are involved, or what the purpose of dreaming is for the body or mind. Opinions about the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and culture. Many endorse the Freudian theory of dreams – that dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions. Other prominent theories include those suggesting that dreams assist in memory formation, problem solving, or simply are a product of random brain activation.

But, even though scientists have yet to discover the real purpose of dreaming, the human mind will always be a mystery and some mysteries will forever remain unexplained.

Part 1

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping, face turned to the sun. A warm breeze was wafting through the window, giving away that summer was right around the corner. Out of all the seasons, summer had always been my favorite. I’d always enjoyed the sun, the sting of it on my skin after a long day on the beach, the way its brightness lent a new look to whatever it touched. There was no shortage of sun in South Korea, but I came originally from London, and the cold rainy weathers there had left a permanent chill in my bones.

When I had moved to Seoul a couple of years ago, I’d found the slight humidity on hot summer days far more to my liking than the rainy streets of my home city. Of course, as a paramedic in a busy city, married to the CEO of a big company, I didn’t spend as much time outside in the sun as I might have liked. I even enjoyed the sweltering heat of July, when a breeze would feel like a hot flannel, and the evenings were spent on the large open balcony of the company’s penthouse Jumin and I shared. But things had changed since then. Jumin’s company had flourished, the annual income had sky-rocketed, and the penthouse had long since given way to bigger and better things. A year before, Jumin and I had moved into a ten million dollar mansion just outside Seoul, with a wide, rich green lawn and marble floors.

Now I was lying on the king-sized bed with silk sheets, taking in the warm sunrays that tickled my face. It felt good to sleep in for once, I hadn’t had a day off for more than two months, but I was so captured in my routine that I hadn’t noticed my exhaust until now. The daily night shifts were not only wearing me out, they had also destroyed my social life, and most importantly: my marriage. Not that I was complaining, I decided against the usual 9 to 5 job for a reason; because I wanted to do something meaningful with my life, something that I could be proud of when I was old and grey. But lately, Jumin and I had grown apart more and more. During the day, he was working at the company, seven days a week, while I was spending my nights in an ambulance. There was no time for us to live like a typical married couple. I would usually go to bed when he had already left for work, the sun just about to rise above the treetops of our garden. Sometimes I wondered what our marriage would be like if I had a normal job. We had become two strangers living a separate life in the same house. I don’t regret marrying him; he was the love of my life by all means, but this wasn’t the life I had pictured with him.

I was so used to his side of the bed being empty that today felt awfully strange waking up next to him. When I turned my head, his face was just inches apart from mine, his expression peaceful, and the black hair a perfect contrast to his white skin. And although I had always admired his handsome features, it pained me to look at him, knowing he would never look the same way at me.

When I couldn’t bear to look at him any longer, I got up, careful not to wake him, and made my way over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, dressed, and walked into the big open kitchen downstairs. Although I wasn’t working in an office, I still heavily relied on caffeine to get me through my night shifts. During the months of working non-stop I had pushed my body to the limits, and coffee had helped me to push it just a little further. So just like every day, I brew myself a cup of steaming hot black coffee and went outside to enjoy it on the patio.

An hour later Jumin and I had breakfast together, but the heavy silence between us was slowly but surely depressing the mood.

“How’s work?” I asked. Not because I was interested, but rather to break the silence. There was nothing to talk about other than our work, and even then it felt constrained to keep up a conversation.

He didn’t look up from his plate, pushing the eggs around with his fork.

“Good. I intend to increase the funding of wine for cats for the next three months to help with the production.”

I nodded, studying his expression. The bags under his eyes had become darker since I last saw him and the 5 o’clock shadow made him look old.

“You look awful…” I whispered, accidentally thinking out loud. For the first time this morning he lifted his head and looked me straight in the eye. The sudden sadness that crossed his face felt like a sting to my heart, but then it turned into a look of guilt and he quickly averted his gaze. He started poking around in his food again, then stopped and put down his cutlery.

“Are you happy?”

His question came out of the blue but it drained the blood out of my face. I swallowed hard, his words ringing in my ears.

“What do you mean?” He knew I was playing dumb, but I wanted to avoid this kind of conversation.

He studied my face for a second. Then he repeated his question.

“Right now, are you happy?”

My cheeks started burning. I hated myself for taking so long to answer. A year before I would have confidently told him I was glad to be his wife, that I was happy being married to him, but over time the truth had started to settle in.

“No” I whispered, not daring to look at him.

This was not the life I wished for when I came to Korea. Although I loved him with all my heart, it was time for us to acknowledge the fact that we, as a couple, had to move on.

“Are you still in love with me?” The words came out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying. The silence that settled over us took the air right out of my lungs. A single tear was streaming down my cheek.

“I love you, Maya.”

“I know you love me Jumin. But you’re not in love with me,” I sobbed, tears dripping down my chin, “you never were. You just married me because of your father.”

I choked on my own words. I knew this wasn’t fair, throwing these accusations at him. He furrowed his brows, eyes growing cold.

“That is not true and you know it.”

“Then give me a reason to believe you!” I jumped up from my seat. “You just grew attached to me because I listened to you. I was there when you were all alone. I’ve given you the affection your mother never gave you and I asked nothing in return. Because I loved you, Jumin. But all you ever cared about was your father’s company. And you married me because you wanted to make him proud.”

There was a moment of silence. It pained me to speak the truth but as soon as I did, I felt the weights lift off my shoulders.

“I’m tired of it, Jumin. I feel like you don’t appreciate the things I do for you.”

“What am I supposed to do? You’re being irrational and unfair right now, Maya. I think you’re overreacting.”

Overreacting?” I clenched my jaw, “Then please correct me if I’m wrong, but would you have married me if your father hadn’t approved?”

“Why do you care so much about the reason I married you? And what difference does that make?” he asked, raising his voice and jumping up from his seat as well. The fact that he didn’t deny it left me stunned, although I had known it all along.

I studied his angry expression for a second, searching for any kind of affection left in his eyes. But all I could find was disappointment and guilt.

“All the difference in the world.”  It was a mere whisper but I made sure he heard it. For a split second I thought he was going to slap me. But he just took his coat, grabbed his keys from the counter and started tying his shoes.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to walk away?” I desperately tried to stop him, but he was already out the door.

Part 2

I ran through my mental list of things I needed to check, knowing I’d done everything already. Windows locked, stove turned off, passport at hand. I felt edgy and ill at ease. I was no stranger to travelling, but this was different. This trip there wouldn’t be anyone travelling beside me, not to mention I was visiting my family alone.

Driver Kim was late, but I had plenty of time to catch my flight. Still I found myself restlessly checking my phone, waiting for possible phone calls. Not that I was expecting any. The people who might have contacted me knew I was leaving the country, and the person I most wanted to talk to wouldn’t be calling.

All at once I felt claustrophobic. I carried my bags outside, careful not to trip on the way down our front porch. The car pulled up as I closed the front door. It shut behind me with a solid thunk that had a sound of finality about it. I turned away without a backward glance and walked to where Driver Kim was opening the trunk.

I’d be glad to leave, I thought. This was the first time since I’d moved that I had felt the need to get away from Seoul. I needed to escape for a while, to put some distance between myself and my marriage. Besides which, I’d not visited my family in years. I hoped this trip would be a way of bringing clarity to my mind. And of finding out if I was still in love with Jumin.

As I sat in the departure lounge at the airport, watching the slow and silent dance of aircraft through the plate glass window, I wondered what it would be like going back to England. After having lived in Korea for so long, I had not only adjusted to the country, but also became a part of it. My Korean had improved quite quickly over the past two years, and I’d consider myself fairly fluent nowadays, but I still had a hard time understanding the airport announcements.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 89B to London England. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance to begin boarding at this time, as well as passengers flying first class. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.“

Since I’d booked a first class ticket, I took my bag and left to enter the plane.

I accompanied Jumin from time to time during his business trips, so I was used to travelling first class. The staff greeted me with a welcoming smile when I entered the plane and a stewardess helped me stow my bag. I sat down and took a deep breath. For the first time I felt as if I had made the wrong the decision. The thought of losing Jumin forever made my stomach twist, but we had to take a break from each other in order to rebuild our relationship and I knew that.

The plane was now ready for take-off and I braced myself for the harsh acceleration of the vehicle. I tightly shut my eyes and clutched the armrest next to me, accidentally grazing the hand of the man sitting next to me.

“Afraid of flying, huh?” he frowned at me. “Actually, flying is much safer than driving; you can look it up on the internet.”

I didn’t really pay attention to him. I wasn’t afraid of flying, it’s just the loss of control that always made me slightly uncomfortable.

After about ten minutes, we had reached the altitude of 33,000 feet, the rattling of the plane had calmed down and so had my nerves. I put my headphones in, limiting the outside noises of talking people and clicking laptops, and soon enough drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of the captain speaking. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are currently experiencing some turbulence. Please fasten your seat belts right away, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you. “

Turbulences happen all the time so I wasn’t particularly anxious, but for some reason I started feeling uneasy. I looked outside the window. It was already dark; I must have slept for at least two hours. The plane started to shake more violently and I was feeling more and more nauseous to the point where I felt like I had to throw up.

“Excuse me please,” I said to the man beside me who was nervously fidgeting with his tie. Safer than driving, huh? I thought as I stood up and squeezed through the row of seats into the aisle.

“Ma’am you have to sit down during turbulence”, one of the flight attendants urged me but I ignored her and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and was barely able to open the toilet seat, before I started throwing up. I didn’t know why my body was reacting the way it did, I’ve never had issues during a flight.

I flushed and slowly pulled myself up on the sink next to me. My knees were so weak I was barely able to hold myself upright. I looked in the mirror, my face was as pale as ash and my whole body was shaking. The lights started flickering above my head. I took one last look in the mirror, before I quickly rinsed my mouth with water and prepared myself to leave the bathroom, when I felt the plane jolt and then drop. Then I heard screaming.

It took the air right out of my lungs. This isn’t happening. My body started moving on its own when I opened the door. There was smoke everywhere, people frantically grabbing oxygen masks that were hanging from the tops. The flight attendants desperately tried calming down the panicking crowds of passengers to no avail. Then I saw the fire outside one of the windows. I stood there for a second, trying to process what was happening. But my mind was absolutely blank. I felt like a child again, I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

I locked myself into the bathroom again and slid down the door, face buried into my hands. The buzzing sound of my blood rushing through my ears drowned out the crying children from outside the door. All I could hear was my steady breathing. Soon enough I smelled the thick black smoke seeping into the room, tasted the bitterness on my lips, and I wondered if it was going to hurt.

The plane dropped again, I felt my stomach twist and turn inside of me. This is it, I thought. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the impact.

You’re so





Selling my soul ‘cause I’m a corporate slave

I watched the first episode of Aggretsuko recently and I couldn’t help thinking about my favourite stressed-out office worker wife. Jaehee may prefer musicals to metal, but the message stays the same … Stay strong girls!