jaegercon gift swap

HAPPY JAEGERCON, GAFFERTAPEANDHOPE! I am your Jaegercon Gift Swapper! Sorry it took me so long :)

I stalked your tumblr a little (a lot) and saw a good amount of Doctor Who, so I hope this crossover makes you happy! And just because, have some bonus bro-ties:

External image

Hope you like it! (And give it a click, it’s actually pretty big!)


“Aftermath”: composed of “I should be home soon”, “Mementos”, “Still don’t want your kaiju guts”, and “Only in the drift”.

These are my Jaegercon Gift Exchange pieces for raunaballecter, which are a little late because everything went crazy this week. Hope you enjoy them, Rauna! I tried to get most of your favorite stuff in there. [EDIT: If you’d like me to make a print of it to send you, drop me a line so I can get your contact info. :)]

(I think the panel of the Hansens is my favorite)


Hi thethiefandtheangel! Here is your Jaegercon Gift: a handmade bracelet or necklace dyed with Kaiju Blue and featuring tiny Kaiju teeth. It comes with a certificate of authenticity also written with Kaiju Blue. I’ve included some photos of the dyeing process just for fun.

Send me a message with your address, and I’ll pop this in the mail as soon as possible. Happy Jaegercon!