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Stormpilot, FinnRey, Reylo, Darkpilot, all ships that I don’t know the name of but are still awesome, where are you jaeger teams? What are your jaegers named? Why are we fighting when we could be having a Star Wars fandom Pacific Rim event?

Headcanons for my team under the cut.

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I got very excited over Pacific Rim 2, though, I keep forgetting it’s an actual thing we’re actually getting and now with those set pictures ??

I’m super stoked, I wanna see what the world is like after the Kaiju war (or rather, as is more likely, between Kaiju wars), I wanna know if people kept up that unified stance everyone had, the whole “world saving the world” attitude, or if they fell back into the usual divisions and squabbles as everyone collectively tries to pick up the pieces.

What happens to the PPDC? Is it dissolved because the threat is (as far as they know) eliminated? Do they keep training Rangers just in case? Do they have Jaegers on standby? And if countries start fighting again, what happens if one of them happens to have a Jaeger team handy in the hanger?

Like, I’d love to see the cooperation continue. It took a team of Japanese, British, American, and Australian to take down the Breach (not to mention all of the support teams in Hong Kong) and it would make me super happy to see the world keep on like that, work together to start rebuilding 

but I’m also super curious what it would be like if people went back to their usual scraping for every last resource, fighting over jurisdiction (who has to clean up the Kaiju Blue if it’s in international waters?) only this time with giant robots to back them up. And then, of course, only to need to come together again when the Kaiju decide they aren’t done with this ridiculous little planet.

I’m really excited for Maelstrom guys

Star Wars Pacific Rim AU

Anakin, Luke, and Leia are the three co-pilots of the Jaeger Binary Eclipse, and they’re pretty much the greatest Jaeger team in history (although Han Solo begs to differ).

Padme, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma are the directors of this entire operation. They direct things on the ground, make final executive decisions in the war room, and also deal with government representatives and bureaucratic red tape.

Obi-Wan used to be Anakin’s co-pilot back in the day, but now he handles ops on the ground because he’s “getting too old for this sort of thing.”

Han and Chewie are the co-pilots of the Jaeger Millennium Falcon (of course).

Lando is the superintendent of the Shatterdome: he keeps everything running smoothly, makes sure the funding can stretch and does grant writing when it can’t, and in general mother hens everyone. (He’s the responsible one.)

Luke and Leia are partnered with their dad not only because they all make an amazing team, but also because Anakin can sometimes have trouble with “chasing the rabbit” (he saw a lot of stuff in the first wave of Kaiju attacks, when he was partnered with Obi-Wan, and he never talks about it but Luke and Leia know, because they’ve seen it in the drift), and they’re better than anyone else at pulling him out of it.

(Obi-Wan may or may not work ops for similar reasons.)

Han and Leia have an ongoing, and very vocal, Kaiju kill competition. Leia is currently winning. (Everyone else in the Shatterdome has an ongoing bet about how long it will take them to officially get together.)

One time Artoo basically hijacked a Jaeger and took Threepio along for the ride. They killed two Kaiju.

IDK what Palpatine’s up to, but he’s probably behind the Kaiju somehow.

Okay so I KNOW that Stacker Pentecost is gr8 at knowing people, and Herc Hansen was smart enough to pilot every generation of Jaeger ever, but just consider:

Team Hot Dads, au or otherwise, where they are actively – nay, aggressively – unaware of how hot they are, and how much the entire Shatterdome (minus maybe Chuck, who does not need to see fantasies in the Drift, thanks Dad) ships them.  


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