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power rangers pacific rim au where the rangers are jaeger pilots and the megazord is a giant five-person jaeger and the morphin grid is the drift and honestly literally everything else is the same i.e. humans inside giant robots punching giant monsters is a trope that will always be epic i don’t care how many times it’s done give me more humans in giant robots punching giant monsters

I’m surprised Pacific Rim hasn’t been developed into an animated series. It’s like, prime cartoon material: nonsense scifi with HUGE toy potential. Like, some obsessive kid isn’t JUST gonna want his fav Jaeger, but BOTH Rangers and ALL the Kaiju that Jaeger fights.



Pacific Rim AU where Bitty is the cook who holds the morale of the entire population of the shatterdome on his shoulders.

 Initially he had trained to be a pilot, but flunked out due to a lack of drift compatible partners, and instructors saying they’d fear he’d chase the RABBIT while drifted with someone in a Jaeger and endanger himself and those around him. 

Bad Bob and Alicia Zimmermann bounced between the shatterdomes from Seattle to Anchorage making a name for themselves as THE team that gives any kaiju an ass-whooping. That is, until they quietly retired a few years back. Publicly, the reason is due to a training exercise going wrong and injuring them. The true reason has to do with the radiation poisoning caused by the Alpha I’s finally getting to them. 

Almost immediately after their retirement, their son Jack rose to take their place with his Drift Partner: Kent Parson. They were the golden boys until a very, very public failure while fighting a Kaiju off the coast of Vancouver. A combination of the mental strain of the PONS unit while also abusing his medication proved catastrophic. They barely made it out alive. Jack was Grounded  and works as a LOCCENT operator. Kent was reassigned to a Shatterdome in Panama City. 

I wonder who is gonna be Jack’s new partner??? I wonder??? No one else is drift compatible with him except this dude who makes really good pie come out of no where??? Where does he get those kinds of ingredients in Alaska???? 

It is a mystery

Anyways if you wanna know about where all the other characters fall in this AU…

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“I am so lucky to have seen you grow.”

‘Graduation Day’ for @shmoo92, because she too is finishing something momentous and extraordinary.

(It’s appropriate, then, that this was a pain in the arse; kids, don’t wait until ¾ of the way through painting to realise you’ve forgotten half the uniform details. If someone wants to message me about how I’ve messed up Stacker’s ribbons, please do. My reference pic had crazy green Alaskan LOCCENT lighting.)

(No celebrities were harmed in the making of this and God I hope none are offended by how they turned out.)

Legend of Korra, "The Importance of Words"

Summary: “Well, damn,” said Mako, fully at the end of his patience. “I must not have thought about it between the slaughter that happened under my watch and my brother dying in the hospital.” (BTP Prompt #58- The Beach)

Rating: T

Pairing: Makorra

A/N: The PacificRim!AU nobody asked for.



If there was anything good about piloting, it was that it came with slightly better rations than a dock or wall-building job. Plus, it had a tad more security than his old job on the black market.

From what Mako had heard, people used to fight to get into a Jaeger. Pilots were the biggest celebrities: their faces were blown up to fit on billboards, toys were released in their image, their interviews held on nighttime news channels and broadcasted across the world. They were greeted after every battle with fanfare and congratulations. They received letters from little kids thanking them for saving the world.

Nowadays, the few pilots that were left were lucky to get a decent turnout at their funerals when they died. But. The rations were a plus.

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I just noticed another small detail in the first scene. When Becket brothers entering the drive suit room, you can see the technicians stand in such a nice formation. Which is for me really cool because if you are rangers, they will welcome you with such a stance and gives you badass entrance. Also it gives me the idea the crews are really proud with their job to be the Jaeger technicians/ Ranger crews.

This might be unimportant so i’m gonna say let this be my excuse to draw this XD

if you replace the word ‘Ranger’ or 'Jaeger pilot’ with 'pretty pretty princess’ you can make any Pacific Rim quote about 10 times better
—  my sister, yet again proving the inside of her brain is pure gold 

the drawing is messy as fuck, like I smeared the hole thing with my hand, and despite the fact that i cut my hand today with a knife twice, I somehow managed to doddle something xDD thou i fucked up a little in some places… too tired to redraw.. UGh *SLEEP PLEASE*

Shingeki no Kaiju AU xD 

For The Rangers: A Jaeger Academy Mix ( Listen Here )

A mix for the Rangers, the pilots of the almighty jaegers. For those  who did not cower in the face of the apocalypse, but instead stood against it. For those who heard the question “Where would you rather die; here, or in a Jaeger?” and answered without hesitating. 

i.  Black Skinhead vs Elephant - Kanye West & Tame Impala ii. Rage - Deniz Koyu iii. Heads Will Roll (Willy Joy Sex Dream Dub) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs iv. Red Dress (Glitch Mob Remix) - TV On the Radio v. Seven Nation Army Remix - The White Stripes vi. Sabotage - Beastie Boys vii. Can’t Hold Use (Big Gigantic Remix) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  viii. Riot Rhythm - Sleigh Bells ix. Viva La Vida (Cryptex Reglitch) - Coldplay x. Howl (Rivas Mix) - Florence + the Machine xi. Wrestler - Does It Offend You, Yeah 

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