jaeger pacific rim

Honestly if anyone is proof of Drift compatibility being a real thing it’s the McElroys. Like they are so constantly in synch with their thoughts and humour that you can totally picture them still blasting off one-liners and goofs while simultaneously suplexing a kaiju in their jaeger, Rancho Greatjob

  • What he says: im fine
  • What he means: what if Pacific Rim 2 just doesnt live up to the potential? Pacific Rim ended in such a closed way that cpuldve potentially led to more films, but of not, was fine on its own. What of PR2 comes out and its just abysmal compared to its original? What will happen to their toys? Their lore? Will this movie further expand their audience and universe creating potential spin offs with cartoons and toys and comics or will it be a mess of a movie that destroys the series? The fact that this movie took so long to even have a producer back and support it is enough to envoke the depest fears but the potential of one of the best american made kaiju honoring movies may be ruined if it doesnt do well and i dont know if i can handle that

Lilo and Nani lost both their parents when their Jaeger (Ohana King) fell in of the Kaijuu attacks.Due to a severe storm hovering over the area where Ohana King was at the time it had gone off the radar and was never found.

Nani was still a child herself when she had to take up the mantle and play both mother and father to Lilo. When given the opportunity to join the corps and train to become Jaeger pilots, Nani agreed if only to have enough money for food and a consistent roof over their heads. A few years after living on base Marshall Cobra Bubbles got word that a rescue team had news on the whereabouts of the wreckage of Ohana King. Upon finding it, they discovered something else, something worse. A remote team was experimenting on live animals with the remains of the Kaijuu DNA. Most of their creations died off, but one survived, a little french bulldog who had curiously turned blue during the experiments. His tongue and eyes sometimes glow and he is super intelligent.

After some extreme begging and persuasive talking Lilo convinced Cobra Bubbles to allow him to stay and named him Stitch. With the official title of a “Therapy Dog” he was able to live with them and became a sort of mascot for Nani’s Jaeger team. 

When Lilo got old enough she enlisted as well, and when Nani’s old partner David injured his leg to the point where he had to retire she became her sister’s co-pilot. David still helps by piloting one of the helicopters that bring the Jaegers out of the base. With it’s new jockey’s Ohana King has never operated so smoothly. 

5/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series