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A drawing I once did for an Attack on Titan fanbook that never saw the light of the day, haha;;

Finally had some time to make this! I fell in love with the description of Ani in ‘Horizon Light’ by @glare-gryphon so this is my own personal interpretation. I’m actually not sure if there has been a description of his hair yet, but I just went with the mohawk haircut that I sometimes see in pictures of Hayden as I felt it fit well into this AU!

Not from any particular moment from the fic, just a general illustration. Also please note my hashed-together mech arm design, which is a bastardisation combination of Anakin’s actual mech arm from RoTS and the jaeger arm design of Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim. 👍


*chants* PACIFIC RIM AUs

Shout out to @kurgy / @cornbeefroast for putting this in my brain forever ago. Jaegers definitely not my design/art. ty warner bros for having a jaeger creation website hahaha

also i have 0 humor sry

{|| ~ISABEL & EREN~ ||}

“ We don’t look alike at all… ”

“ It’s all in your eyes…you remind me of something I lost. ”


Art + Design by : eren-cuddles

|| This was super fun to do:) They are my favorite characters and they have so many similarities it’s truly amazing. Also these dorks don’t have enough art so I’m really happy I did it. ||

A rare picture of the unique prototype of the 105 mm mobile gun Pz.Sfl.IVa Dicker Max (Thick Max) of Panzer Jaeger Abteilung Sfl. 521.

Designed on the basis of a heavily modified Pzkfw IV Ausf. E chassis, it looked like a heavy tank destroyer but its primary purpose was to be used against bunkers at long ranges. Two prototypes only were built and tried on the battlefield. One of them broke down shortly, but the other one fought successfully through the invasion of the USSR in 1941 and participated in the offensive on Stalingrad with 6th Army. Yet its poor maneuverability and outdated gun did not enable standard serial production. The unique prototype seems to have disappeared from the record in November 1942, during the Soviet counter offensive in the Don River bend. This is the last known photo of the surviving Dicker Max, dated February 1943. It features a soldier dressed in what looks like Red Army winter clothing climbing on top of the vehicle. It is not known what happened to the 2nd and last Dicker Max, which its crew called ‘Brummbar’. It was caught like so many others in the turmoil of Stalingrad.

Two of the youngest pilots in the corps, brother and sister duo Dash and Violet  Parr pilot one of the first in a series of “Designer Jaegers” created by the brilliant mind of Edna Mode. The idea behind them was to give an advantage by studying kaiju remains and figuring out how they work, to discover how to take them down faster and more efficiently. And look fabulous while doing so.

Their Jaeger, Victor Delta (Named by their mother, when neither of them could solidify a name they liked, using the NATO phonetic alphabet and the first initial of their names), is equipped with a finely tuned system that allows it to move faster than most other jaegers. By studying the kaijus eyes they were able to figure out a projected frequency that disrupts the lightwaves around it, effectively making it invisible to the monsters. One newer and more experimental features it has electromagnetic shields that form kinetic barriers when powered up. They may not be 100% kaiju proof, but they do a damn good job in the field.

10/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series