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There has to be Pacific Rim Sheith already right? RIGHT?

>Shiro piloted a T3 Jaegar w/ Matt called ‘Kerboros.’
>Matt got killed, Shiro lost his arm fighting a Kaiju.
>Keith was a part of the Jaegar program but got kicked out cause he was a punk ass bitch 
>Stuck building a shitty wall

>Get’s re-recruited by Allura, daughter of the late creator of the Jaegar program.

>They’re running out of Jaegar pilots.
>Coran is the Shatterdrome technician.
>Shiro is kinda in the background, now has a prosthetic made form Jaegar tech.  Allure has her doubts about letting him pilot again due to PTSD of last mission.
>Pilot a Jaegar made from different parts of previous Jaegars (desperate times man) called VOLTRON.
>Pidge mans research, Hunk dabbles in it but primarily pilots w/Lance.

I’ll leave now

Circle of Magic Pacific Rim AU where everyone so worried about drift compatibility and here come four eleven year olds who are 100% compatible with each other and can randomly pair off and pilot two Jaegars perfectly.

All four of them were made orphans by four different Kaiju attacks, found by Lark and Rosethorn when they were Jaegar pilots.

Lark and Rosethorn pilot a Jaegar until the kids grow up enough to start doing it, then they become more like coaches/medics. Frostpine designs and makes the Jaegars (and Daja helps as much as she has time for). Nico is probably the boss and probably casually helped Rosethorn and Lark find the kids, too.

The Jaegars have names but the kids switch up partners so they’re usually just called the Four or the Circle.

Sometimes weird things happen when they’re in the drift, but they try not to mention it to anyone else but their teachers. They already get more attention than they’re really interested in. This includes them all being able to talk in the drift, regardless of who is technically drifting with who. As they grow up things get even weirder, though, I’m sure.

unpopular opinion but… while pacific rim had diversity and sparked a whole wave of jaegar co pilot aus the actual movie? it was…. really cliche and boring

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41 or 48 for percabeth pretty please.

41. teamwork

“He is not piloting my jaegar!”

“Now, hold on, Annabeth – ”

“Don’t you hold on Annabeth me!” she snarled, exploding out of her chair and waving a furious finger at the marshal. “You know how much this means to me, Chiron. I’ve spent that last three years of my life designing that prototype and overseeing its construction. If I can’t pilot it, I’ll be damned if he’s the one that gets to!”

Marshal Chiron propped his elbows on his desk and folded his hands together, the movement somehow managing not to wrinkle his crisp uniform. His placid expression was unshakeable in the face of her anger. “If every engineer was as proprietary about their prototypes as you are, the jaegar program would’ve never gotten off the ground in the first place. This jaegar is about more than just your ego, Annabeth.”

Annabeth let out a loud scoff, whirling away from the desk so she wouldn’t slam her fist into the shiny wood and get herself kicked out of his office. She settled for pacing across the room like an angry, caged animal instead.

She’d been spoiling for this fight for days; the shatterdome rumor mill had been abuzz about the upcoming final pilot selection for the newest Mark III jaegar – the one she’d designed – so Chiron’s call hadn’t been a surprise. The long walk from engineering to the marshal’s headquarters had given her plenty of time to stew and let that anger build up, though. Boy, after flat out rejecting her, they sure did like to dig in the knife a little deeper by keeping her well-informed about every stage of the hunt for a suitable pilot crew.

“Oh, please. If we’re going to talk about egos, let’s bring up the one that moved that incapable, incompetent idiot up to the top of the pilot candidate list in the first place!” she replied, waving her arms about exaggeratedly. “I’m sure his father being a senator had nothing to do with that at all.”

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Maybe John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is quiet. A scholar. Which is another way to say a nerd. He’s a historian of the Kaiju Wars, born in time to live through them and just a bit too late to fight in them, he’s on track to get his first phd at 23 on the oral history of Alaskan survivors on the Pacific. He’s got passionate opinions about citation methods and the secret goal to write the definitive history of the Jaegar pilots. He’ll dedicate the book to his father and give the first copy to his sister. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is paranoid. And who can blame him? He’s Stacker’s son, and Stacker taught him that sometimes peacetime is just the lull between attackers. Amongst the new generation of the Jaeger program, the pilots who are maintaining the existing robots and seeking to find new uses for them so the program stays funded, he is the one leading the charge that the war isn’t over just because the breach is closed. It was closer before. And then it opened again. There’s no sense not preparing for the worst, and if that has something to do with the fact that he didn’t get to have a part in avenging his father, then you can try to say that to his damn face. It doesn’t mean the people shouldn’t be ready. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is luminous. That’s the only way to say it. There are people who walk into a room and you look at them. There are people who start in the crowd and inevitably find their way to the front. He’s just a scientist, working to figure out the mystery that is the breach, trying to see if what was closed will ever open again. But he’s more than that. When he talks, people look to him. What he says, people listen to. He makes you feel special, in the moments when you have his full attention. He is kindness and charisma and cleverness, and therefore he is dangerous. At least to anyone who doesn’t think they’d end up being on the same side as him in a debate. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is completely unknown at the moment and yet also and utterly my jam, and I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I literally cannot wait 

ObiAniDala Pacific Rim Au

I rewatched Pacific Rim and it reawakened my need for this AU for all my OTPs and OT3s

Anyway, so it starts like this: All Jedi are Jaegar pilots. Obi Wan had been training for this since the first Kaiju attacked Stewjon and left such terrible destruction in his home city. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to have a successful drift with anyone and they’re about to send him to disaster relief corp instead. Then the luck of the draw is he helps Qui Gon under dire consequences and it turns out they’re drift compatible. They become a great team and their Jaegar, Whiskey Maverick, becomes well known and revered.

From that moment on Obi Wan dedicates himself to the program and learning to control his emotions so that he’s worthy of being Qui Gon’s partner. Qui Gon knows and they talk about Obi wan’s doubts, but there’s always a whisper of unworthy in the back of Obi Wan’s mind.

Fastforward a few years: Qui Gon is going to be retiring as a pilot and become a Marshall. They have one last mission together when a kaiju attacks Naboo. They win and save the popular activist, Padme Naberrie alias Amidala(aged up to her 20s), though they end up a little worse for wear in Tatooine. That’s where they meet Anakin Skywalker (aged up) who helps them recover and back on their way to the Coruscant Shatterdome. 

Qui Gon recognizes potential in the teen and invites him to train with LOCCENT. Anakin of course accepts, anything to leave his backwater town. Him and Padme become friends on their journey back and bond over their admiration for Obi Wan, who has become somewhat of a celebrity as one of the youngest and successful Jaegar pilots. “Not to mention handsome,” Padme laughs and Anakin can’t help blushing in agreement. 

Fastforward a couple years: Obi Wan continues training but hasn’t found another partner once Qui Gon retired. It’s frustrating and he does everything he can from helping repair damaged Jaegars to assisting with research in the labs. Anakin has attached himself to him as well, always weedling him for help training and eating lunch together. Padme has become a UN aide and stays at the Shatterdome half the time as an ambassador between the two organizations. She becomes a good friend to Obi Wan, a patient ear to listen to his worries. 

Then Anakin has graduated and a list is made of his potential drift compatible partners. Obi Wan is suggested by Marshall Jinn himself. When they spar Padme describes it as a violently beautiful dance and no one can deny the chemistry between the two. Yoda immediately deems them partners and Anakin is all nervous smiles while Obi Wan feels both relief and apprehension. 

The first time they drift they get stuck in Anakin’s memory of Tatooine and his not so wonderful childhood. Almost blasts a hole through the control room. Obi Wan is furious, but also blames himself for not being able to get Anakin out of it. He finds himself at Padme’s quarters to vent, but Anakin already beat him there. He’s lying with his head in Padme’s lap, pale and shaken. Upon seeing him so off Obi Wan feels all his anger deflate.

Ever the voice of reason, Padme tells them they have to talk it out, and the truth is revealed. Anakin was terrified of letting Obi Wan know his true feelings so he focused on anything but that. Obi Wan is floored by the confession and Padme’s equal admission. “Let’s just all be honest.” It’s a lot to find out that your two closest friends had been hiding their feelings from you, one of which resulted in near disaster. It’s a long night of reluctantly talking about feelings, which Padme greatly helps along, before they all fall asleep in Padme’s room, tucked up next to each other. 

The next time they try to drift there’s a second where they get stuck in a memory of teen Anakin watching Obi Wan on the television screen, his green eyes flashing proudly after his first victory, then it’s let go into the drift and the two are sharing everything and nothing is stopping them.

They become even more famous than Qui Gon and Obi Wan as the kaiju attacks increase. They lead the Jaegar pairs in victories and they always seemingly make a hopeless mission into a success. The media make them out to be golden boys, the most eligible bachelors and most unattainable due to their dedication to the cause. Only Padme knows they aren’t eligible at all, that the three of them only belong to each other. Every time they come back to her she feels relief and in her spare time she has dedicated to assisting with research because while her boys are both fearless and strong, she’ll be damned if she won’t help to finally put a stop to these kaiju attacks. 

Synchronicity (1/3); jongtae; pacific rim au; nc-17

warnings: death

He knows what comes after that morning, but it still hits him hard.  A loud screeching sound that trembles his bones.  Buildings torn asunder, screams, the heavy sound of bombs, the press of panicked bodies around him as people rush for shelter. The loneliness of the orphanage, the thrill of joining the military and the pride of becoming a pilot come next — their memories run parallel to each other, taking place in different neighborhoods with different people but culminating in the same basic story. 

so this thing has been a long long time coming.  the whole thing is a bit over 20k, so i’m posting it in the 3 parts. (not gonna make y'all wait though, since it’s all written.) i don’t think you need to see the movie for this to make sense. if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it, all you really need to know is that jaegers are the giant robots, kaijus are the monster things, and the drift is the mindmeld thingy.

[part 2]   [part 3]

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I was wondering if there were any pacific rim fics?? xx

Yes! I found so many for you. - Anastasia

Originally posted by jmiah0192

( I know this gif doesn’t have anything to do with TW, but omg so cute! Did you know she couldn’t pronounce his name properly so she called him Totoro? I can not handle the cute. I’m going to go lay down while you read your fic.)

The Future Is Bright by paeanrela

(Complete I 780 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles and Derek were in San Francisco when the first kaiju came through the Rift.

(Once More Unto) The Breach by chewysun

(½ I 1,333 I Not Rated I Sterek)

He’s been working up and down a twelve-mile stretch of the Wall for eight months when Marshal Argent finds him on a Tuesday.


a Pacific Rim fusion AU where Stiles’s Raleigh meets Derek’s Mako on a rainy day in Hong Kong.

Drift by Saucery

(1/? I 1,845 I Teen I Sterek I Grief/Mourning)

Derek doesn’t want another co-pilot. Fate has other plans.

Drifting Away by rakel

(1/? I 2,513 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles didn’t mean for any of this to happen. As usual, the world doesn’t care.

Pacific Wolf (or First Comes Chemistry, Then Comes the Drift) by foreverhermit

(Complete I 2,666 I General I No Pairing)

Inspired by a tumblr post: Stiles and Lydia are drift compatible.

Triple Drift by rosewindow for daunt

(Complete I 2,691 I Teen I Stiles/Allison/Scott)

“A triple Drift - particularly among non-relatives - was practically unheard of.”

The Verge of Defeat by bleep0bleep

(Complete I 2,918 I Teen I Sour Skittles I Polyamory)

Pentecost looks at Mako and then quickly at Derek, his steely eyes glittering. Derek knows the Marshal purposefully left him off that list for a reason– he knows exactly why Derek never wanted to get in a Jaeger again.

But there’s both Scott and Stiles turning their heads to look at him, faces both lighting up in recognition, and Derek doesn’t really need to think about it all that much.

nothing but the tide by drazet

(2/? I 5,948 I Teen I Sterek, Scisaac, Allydia, Christopher, Berica, Kali/Ennis)

Stiles Stilinski is incapable of drift compatibility. Derek Hale is incapable of smiling. They fix that.

Or, the one where they save the world and fall in love (but not necessarily in that order).

we are the resistance by callunavulgari

(Complete I 6,836 I Mature I Sterek)

“So,” Stiles says after a moment. “Werewolves.”

“It’s a thing,” Derek murmurs sleepily.

Stiles chokes on a laugh. “Yeah, I realize that now. I just, I don’t know why I expected anything different. We live in a world where giant aliens attack every few weeks through a trans-dimensional portal at the bottom of the Pacific, why wouldn’t werewolves exist?”

Canceling the Apocalypse by Cuddle1023

(3/? I 6,557 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia I Character Death, Slow Build)

Derek Hale, Jaegar pilot, is desolate after the loss of his sister and co-pilot. But with the impending apocalypse looming over everyone’s head he is dragged back into the world by old friends and one Stiles Stilinski. A man whose connection to him could mean everything.

Storm & Drive by VultureCat

(4/? I 8,092 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison)

Stiles isn’t the happiest when he’s driven out of his home due to the Kaiju infestation.

Derek isn’t happy when he’s told he needs a new partner - specifically this skinny, annoying, maybe beautiful - Stiles.

They’re both in the same boat.

(We Left Ourselves) In the Drift by omelet

(Complete I 12,809 I Not Rated I Sterek, Jydia, Scallison)

In the middle of the Kaiju war, Stiles finds himself without a co-pilot.

we’re all together in the same robot (in life) by kellifer_fic

(2/2 I 14,277 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia)

Stiles is not a Jaeger pilot groupie, but he does what he calls keeping tabs. He reads articles, goes over stats and scours the feeds. Everyone watches when a Kaiju attack happens so it’s not like it’s weird, but what people do find odd and are judgemental about is when Stiles breaks the fights down after, what went wrong and right and what could have been done better.

It’s a hobby, that’s all.

Breach Below Lionheart by Lion_ness

(15/15 I 144,451 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison)

After five years the rift in the Pacific re-opens and the Jaeger program launches with more ferocity than ever before. A new team with fresh pilots is built around the world and Stiles Stilinski is recruited to be a part of the revolution. After leaving Brown University, Stiles is thrown into a life he never saw himself living, a life full of amazing new friendships, brutal battles and incredible bonds.

Some fic ideas

The hate for hidashi inspired me to write hidashi fics because I’m a little shit like that. This is amazing because I haven’t written fic in years. In fact, I haven’t even contributed to any fandom in years. Congrats, haters. You’ve awaken me from my hibernation. So here’s a little preview of what fics you can expect from me.

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If Shawn and Georiga were in Pacific Rim, would they be Jaegar co-pilots?

The Masons weren’t thinking in terms of “will they be drift compatible” when they plucked me and George out of the orphanage.  Hell, the kaiju were still years from landfall.  We were the children of California’s natural disasters, her a chemical spill that left her with damaged retinas and a thing about light, me an earthquake that had swallowed my entire family whole while I clung, screaming, to the ground.  We lost everything long before the Rift.  But we got each other out of the deal, and that would have been good enough for us, even if the world hadn’t changed.

When Trespasser made landfall, the Masons were on the front line, getting it all on film.  I try not to watch that last video.  George always gets upset when I start laughing–but she doesn’t judge.  She knows what they put us through.  She was there.

What happens when you have two teenage wards of the state and a burgeoning recruitment program for something like the PPDC?  No one ever said the word “draft."  No one ever had to.  We signed up the second we understood what was expected of us, because staying in the custody of the state meant we stayed together.  I would have given anything not to lose her.  She would have given the same for me.  I know that.  I know it better than anyone has ever known anything, because those scientists, they figured it all out.  They plugged us in and pulled us down and then–

You can’t explain the Drift to someone who’s never been there.  It’s like telepathy and it’s like memory-transfer and it’s like being a ghost in someone else’s haunted house and it’s like the world and it’s like the moon and it’s like the stars and it’s like feeling my own hand from the inside-out as I pull her close to me.  It’s everything.

We’ve had six drops and six kills since we started running in Candor Rising.  We’ve had two close calls.  One day, we’re going to hit something bigger than we are, and it’s going to hit back, and that’s going to be all she wrote.  I don’t care.  It was worth it.

I’ll always be with her, in the Drift.


So….I just watched Pacific Rim, and a few thoughts.  

I began the movie hoping this would be a Gundam Wing style adventure, but it was not.  More Godzilla / Monster action flick then anything and that was ok.  Action was fantastic, acting was horrible (minus Idris Elba and Ron Pearlman imo), but overall a meh film if you want to watch stuff blow up.

What really kinda made me upset was the lack of attention the Russian and Chinese Jaegars (the cool robot destroyers) received.  I’m from America, and I love my country, but even I get a bit tired of watching movies where “Everyone gets there asses kicked and America / Western Europe comes in to save the day”.  

I was really interested in learning about the other teams (especially the Russians), but the character development never truly happened (and trust me the 2 hour movie had about 40 minutes of wasted dialogue so it definitely could of happened).

I’m not going to go into a long drawn out review, but I hope the next movie, if there is another movie, broadens the Jaegar scope and goes in depth on other countries.