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So….I just watched Pacific Rim, and a few thoughts.  

I began the movie hoping this would be a Gundam Wing style adventure, but it was not.  More Godzilla / Monster action flick then anything and that was ok.  Action was fantastic, acting was horrible (minus Idris Elba and Ron Pearlman imo), but overall a meh film if you want to watch stuff blow up.

What really kinda made me upset was the lack of attention the Russian and Chinese Jaegars (the cool robot destroyers) received.  I’m from America, and I love my country, but even I get a bit tired of watching movies where “Everyone gets there asses kicked and America / Western Europe comes in to save the day”.  

I was really interested in learning about the other teams (especially the Russians), but the character development never truly happened (and trust me the 2 hour movie had about 40 minutes of wasted dialogue so it definitely could of happened).

I’m not going to go into a long drawn out review, but I hope the next movie, if there is another movie, broadens the Jaegar scope and goes in depth on other countries.

laughsassins replied to your postOkay, so I guess my deal is that I really like a…

those are my shipping thoughts but I really haven’t paid much more attention to ships past that… BUT I DO WANT ALL THE CROSSOVERS. BATMAN+ROBINS IN JAEGERS!! PARABATAI IN JAEGERS!! ALL OF THE BROMANCE/ROMANCE SHIPS IN JAEGERS!!!! //screeches heavenward


I crossover potential IS boggling. ALL THE OTPS AND BROTPS!!!!

two jaegar pilots who become so dependent on the drift that they loose the ability to communicate with other people

two jaegar pilots who are forced apart to be rehabilitated so they can sustain themselves

two jaegar pilots crying against the wall that they know separates them because they can feel it in the drift

two jaegar pilots that drifted for so long that they can always feel the other

two jaegar pilots having to be alone

two jaegar pilots close to death, losing oxygen inside their jaegar, operations failing. both close their eyes and let the drift take them before their bodies fail.

Okay, I’ve only seen Pacific Rim once (so far), and haven’t read the novelization, but have been wonderfully immersed in the fandom by tumblr. So I have this little headcanon and I don’t know how plausible it is, or if people will like it, but here it is:

Jaegar pilots have a bond that is inexplicable to all, save those who have experienced it themselves. Whether they are spouses, siblings, parent and child, or just friends, there is something so deep and powerful and incredible between them. I feel that, if their bond is particularly strong, then they have this desire to be close to one another and to touch whenever possible, because that is as close as they can get to the incredible experience of drifting.

They walk together, hold hands, wrap an arm around the other’s shoulder, give kisses (platonic or not), and are generally as tactile as they can be personally comfortable with (which, of course, is perfectly understood by their partner). I even believe that sometimes they share a bed. They don’t do this to have sex (unless they’re a romantic couple) but because the sensation of being in contact with that literal other half is something wonderful and they don’t think that’s weird at all. Not having that other person there is not exactly the end of the world, but it is distracting, unsatisfying, and lonely. It defies articulation.

They truly love one another in a way not defined by normal terms. In fact, it becomes a commonly used term in that era. To love someone like you are drift compatible. 

I can imagine post-canon Mako and Raleigh moving in together and sharing their amusement when people try to guess their relationship. Their co-pilot isn’t just someone they can move away from, maybe catching up every now and then. No, they come as a single unit. Romance, I imagine, would be somewhat strange for them, because even if they don’t necessarily have romantic feelings for one another, no one will ever know them better or care more about them. If one of them found another person to be romantically attached to, then their co-pilot would always be always be sort of a affixed third wheel because that’s just how it is. You do not seperate Jaegar pilots. You just don’t.

Even Newt and Hermann feel this way after their brief time connected, because now they know evey thing about each other, and have been the other person. Every flaw and virtue and quirk, they understand and accept and love because they have experienced it for themselves.

Fly The Skies Of Azeroth From The Warcraft Movie On Your iPhone Or Android!

Fly The Skies Of Azeroth From The Warcraft Movie On Your iPhone Or Android!

Legendary has produced their very own Virtual Reality application, that will allow anyone with a smartphone to explore Azeroth the way it will be presented to viewers in the new Warcraft movie due out next year. The awesome app allows for you to fly over the movie version of the Alliance capital city Stormwind. Though the VR Legendary app requires a hefty download for the individual video to run,…

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The littlest Bosselot fan scuttles up towards the mister in similar clothes and little spurs jing-jingling the whole way there. " Hiyah~" The tyke speaks in a childish voice, color touching the child's cheeks as any bashful tyke with a rational fear of rejection would have, a proposal stuck on the tip of the child's tongue. The little one speaks. "Uhm. Big Boss and Ocelot AU where they are compatible Jaegar pilots fighting Kaiju." The child's little fists go ''pow pow''. Poof, child is gone

If I knew more about that…maybe. >>’

Are you into this kinda thing, thepunishedsnake?