Jungkook didn’t hear Jimin enter the room because he had his earphones on. He definitely felt the bed dip when Jimin lied down next to him though.

“eh- hyuuuungggg,” Jungkook whined while pulling his earphones out of his ears. “not tonight too?!” Jimin has been sleeping on Jungkook’s bed even if he has a bed of his own. The first time it happened was after he was wrongly diagnosed of having the flu and had to withdraw from the week long promotions for Fire. Jimin was so worried that he slept beside Jungkook to make sure he gets the love and care of a sick person. Jungkook told him that he was feeling fine, but Jimin refused to believe him; said Jungkook was just saying that cause he was the “golden maknae” and had to stay “cool”. It’s been weeks since his misdiagnosis but Jimin still refused to go back to his own bed.

Jimin rolled to his side and faced Jungkook.
“Kookie-yah, let’s sleep.” Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s waist and pulled him closer to him.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at Jimin and playfully slapped Jimin’s arm. “Hyung, do you not have a bed?”

“I do.” Jimin answered, his eyes closed and cheek squished against Jungkook’s arm.

“then why don’t you sleep on it, hyung?” Jungkook asked while whining. He looks at Jimin and sees his eyes closed. He shakes Jimin lightly. “Hyuuuuung.”

“I would but it’s always so cold in it. It always feels like something is missing.”

Jungkook huffed and started to raise his voice. “what could possibly be missing hyung? a pillow? should i buy you new bed sheets? a new pillow? how about a ted-“


and Jungkook will never admit how that made his cheeks go red. and he’ll never admit how he likes how warm the bed feels when Jimin’s there.

and he will certainly never ever ever admit how he loves it when Jimin hugs him. Never. Nope.