Im Jaebum on his "self" (Identify Special Interview)
  • Q: What type of person do you think you are?
  • A: My self... I've said something like this before on another program. I actually still don't know myself that well... I ponder about what type of person I am and what type of disposition I have, but I'm still not sure. For example, there's a new part of my personality that I've discovered recently. You see, I wasn't the type to think that you have to put 100% in everything you do. I didn't see a need for perfection. Since imperfection is a human charm, there's no reason to make everything perfect. But I didn't know that I wasn't like that... It seems that I've shifted to become a perfectionist. Recently people have been saying stuff like "Jaebum-ie is a perfectionist" and it's the first time I heard such things. I've never heard such words like that in my entire life! So I said "Perfectionist? I don't think things have to be perfect!" But after they started listing examples of my actions, I didn't think they were wrong. And I realized that I have sides of me that seem to be so. Seeing as I'm still discovering parts of my "self" that I didn't know about, I don't think I can correctly judge what type of person I am.