MESSY TACTICIAN/MY UNIT HOODIES VERSION 1.0! Have you ever wanted to support the fell dragon? Felt like you just don’t fit in with Ylisseans? Got a thing for Plegians? See grids on surfaces everywhere you look? If you answered yes to any of those, well, I’ve got the perfect hoodie for you! 

I’m thinking about making these a commissionable thing? I’ll probably pick up the fabrics for the prototype soon… so hopefully, if all goes well, these will be a real thing people can get so you can all live out your sweet, strategic lives in style.

Would you guys be interested in other wearable Fire Emblem Awakening-inspired designs?


because i’ve been talking about my gay dirk/jake “feefees” for the past three hours…………………..

i’ll finish it whenever i stop hating it

aka never

“Dave, I’m…”

You are John Egbert, and Dave’s story nearly has you in tears.  Not that it’s hard to get you in tears–you’re the type who goes to see sad movies with a box of tissues in anticipation–but that was the saddest story you’ve ever heard.  Not only the story itself, but Dave’s voice as he told it… so flat and dead, without even the slightest hint of irony or life or humor, without him in it at all.  It’s like he was telling a story that happened to somebody else.

“No, dude,” he pipes up then, and a little bit of fire has bled back into his voice.  "No, don’t you say you’re sorry.  Don’t tell me that shit.  People’ve been telling me that all my fucking life and I don’t want your pity, okay?  Just… don’t.“

So you don’t.  Instead, you slide a little closer to him and put your arms around his waist, leaning your face into his chest, and before you can stop them, the words bubble out.

"I love you.”

And he freezes in your arms.

You are Dave Strider, and… and… and…

“I love you too.”

– YOU ARE DAVE STRIDER, by the lovely Missazrael; part one, part two, part three, part four and the finale, part five

finally done with this one. can you tell that i ship john and dave yet? i wanted this to be one big promotion post for this fic, since it’s very well written and anything that makes me cry is worth mentioning. i’d also like to bring flamegrill’s cover song dedicated to this story up as well, since it’s a great listen. i’m not happy with the way this came out at all, considering that it was supposed to be imagery/mood practice, but i’m tired of looking at it. more to come later.

EDIT: they’re not in the right position (re: the actual story) either, but i felt that this position would be better for illustration. I’M SORRY. 8'C also, there is an almost wallpaper-sized version if you click hi-def. :>