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The Dual Nature of Light

Uni!AU, Sungjin-centric, mostly flangsty

In which Sungjin is like the sun, whose light can shatter glass and shine on even the darkest of hearts

Bookshop of Souls

Urban Fantasy | Paranormal Romance? | mostly flangsty

It’s complicated when you’re the only openly-practicing witch in the country willing to serve a law enforcement agency. But sometimes, business is business, especially when being Guardian of the City doesn’t pay. So when the weird begins to line up in a series of crimes that transcend the mortal creativity or capability, who else comes to the call? That’s right. You. Good thing there’s Sungjin, ever-reliable to make sure you don’t die in a ditch solving the strange and twisted, and catching, well, whatever.

1. Gotta See Blood | Sungjin : [One] [Two]

One Night Only

fluff, angst, flangst | Sungjin x OC | I Smile

Sungjin hasn’t seen Nayeon since they broke up six months ago, about the same time Haru told Jaebeom she loves him but he didn’t love her back. Now, Jaebeom and Nayeon are together and inescapable when their universes collide at a get-together neither Sungjin nor Haru can avoid. The solution? Pair the spares. It’s just for one night after all. Despite their differences, Sungjin and Haru can fake being in love for one night. But when the moonlight takes them to unexpected places, hard truths, and startling revelations, it’s easy blurring the line between real and make believe. Inevitably, the morning comes and Sungjin and Haru must decide. They faked the night, can they make the morning real?

i. it’s been a while, i didn’t think you’d be the first to call

ii. it’s half excitement, half fear


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Rush | fluff angst flangst, slice-of-life | oneshot | ~5.2k words)

Lazy | fluff | drabble | ~370 words

Summer Things | fluff | oneshot | ~1.3k words

there’s this tune i found that makes me think of you somehow | fluff | oneshot | ~1.6k words

tear down the walls babe, let me in | flangst | oneshot | ~5.9k words

and i’ll be yours until the stars fall out of the sky | fluff | drabble | 516 words


and the rest is silence | flangst | oneshot | ~5.2k words

Anywhere is fine, a place nearby is okay too | fluff | oneshot | ~2k words | Jae x Wonpil BFFery

Young K Brian

It was everything he wanted and more, for itskpopfashion | fluff | slice-of-life | ~3k words

Comfort, for anon | flangst | oneshot | ~770 words

Exams, for anon | fluff | oneshot | slice-of-life | ~2.7k words

Resistance is Futile | fluff | drabble | 492 words


Out of Focus | flangst, slice-of-life | wip* | ~xk words)

Anywhere is fine, a place nearby is okay too | fluff | oneshot | ~2k words | Jae x Wonpil BFFery)

if you like your coffee hot, i can be your coffee pot | fluff | drabble | 518 words


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DAY6 Love Languages

DAY6 as Natural Disasters

DAY6 First Kisses

DAY6 Fake Boyfriend

Sungjin | Jae | Young K | Wonpil | Dowoon

100 Ways to Say I Love You x

16. It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway | Sungjin

17. Watch your step | Dowoon

24. Just because | Wonpil

26. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to | Jae

36. We’ll figure it out | Sungjin

37. Can I kiss you? | Sungjin

39. Don’t Cry ; 98. Take a deep breath | Brian

41. Go back to sleep | Brian

43. I picked these for you | Jae

50. I think you’re beautiful | Jae

66. Stay over | Brian