jae's fault


Do you plan to break our family apart like this?


Parings: Park Jaehyung, Brian Kang/Jae, Young K x Reader
Notes: Hi, Can I please request a fic or something where you’re bestfriends with Jae but Young K hates you, but you have a crush on Young k? Sorry if it’s confusing (>//”
Warnings: little bit of angst
Word Count: 1245

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“I just think that you’re overreacting, y/n.”

“Overreact— I am not overreacting!” You threw your hands into the air as you blew out a puff of hot air. You stood angrily to your feet, and you began to pace back and forth. “Do you not see the glares that are shot my way?” You whispered to him, eyes widening slightly as you pointed towards the opened door. “He doesn’t like me, like at all!”

Jae shook his head and he too stood to his feet, and he placed his hands firmly on to your shoulders before giving them a small shake. “No he does not,” He told you, flicking your forehead. “You’re just blinded by your crush, that you think he does.” You scoffed loudly at his answer, pulling away from his grip as you narrowed your eyes. “Don’t say it out loud.” You pressed a finger over your lips.

“It’s not like he’s gonna hear.” Jae rolled his eyes and he crossed his arms over his chest. “Just give him a chance, he just has to warm up to you?” He offered, furrowing his eyebrows as his statement came out more as a question. “You introduced me to the rest of the group two years ago,” You held up two fingers to stress the word. “I met them two years ago, Jae!”

“Unfortunately.” Someone spoke up duly as they walked in, and you turned with wide eyes to Brian as he went to grab something. “B-Brian!” You let out a small squeak, a red tint filling your cheeks as you hurried back over to Jae. “H-how much did you hear, exactly?” Brian only glanced over to you, and he let out a small scoff as he fell on to the couch. “Doesn’t matter.” He replied, giving a shrug before he turned to Jae, giving him a pointed look.

“Why are you— oh yeah!” Jae smiled widely as he snapped his fingers. “Hey y/n, so Bri and I have something to work on, mind if we talk later?” He questioned, folding his hands in front of his body before you nodded in agreement, pushing his hands down and waving dismissively. “It’s fine, besides, our conversation wasn’t that important—”

“Anyways, ” Brian clapped lousy, startling you as you jumped a bit in surprise. “Jae and I need to go over some things, without you, so you can leave now.” He gave a small wave of his hand, almost as if he was pushing you out of the room. Your eyes widened at his action, and you gave a hurried nod as you looked to Jae. “I told you.” You mumbled under your breath as you passed by him, making your way out of the room. Jae reached a hand out to grab you, but you had already left.

“Okay, before we start,” Jae shook his head as he turned back to Brian, and he sighed deeply. “But can I ask what the fuck that was?” Jae narrowed his eyes, and Brian once again shrugged as he turned around in his chair to face Jae. “I don’t know what you mean.” He replied nonchalantly.

“ ‘you can leave now’ try not to act like an asshole Brian.” Jae gave his friends shoulder a small shove as he walked passed him to grab his guitar. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but you need to chill.” Brian groaned under his breath, looking up to Jae with squinted eyes. “It’s not my fault that they’re annoying.”

From outside the door your eyes widened in shock, and you pressed your ear harder against the door as you pressed a hand to your mouth. Okay so maybe you wanted to see if Brian really didn’t hate you, like Jae had claimed, but that didn’t seem to be the case, and it hurt you deeply as he said those words.

“You don’t mean that.” Jae immediately defended you, his fingers tightening around the pick that he hand in his hand. “Y/n is anything but annoying.” Brian shook his head, and he leaned back in his chair before he replied. “They’re annoying to me, Jae. You’re they’re best friend, so you don’t see it that way.”

Tears stung the back of your eyes as his words pierced you heart, and you bit your bottom lip to keep you from making any noise. So it was true, he really did hate you. And just to make it harder for you to return those feelings, you had the hugest crush on him. What fun.

“So they were right.” Jae muttered under his breath, a small chuckle falling pass his lips as he glared at Brian. “You do hate them.” His voice began to raise the angrier that he got, and he placed his guitar back down before standing angrily to his feet. “You could put it that way, yeah.” Brian admitted, nodding his head before strumming a few cords on his bass. “Why are we talking about this again?”

You door at the wall in front of you with wide eyes, tears streaming freely down your cheek as you held a hand over your mouth. Your shoulders began to shake, and you looked to the ground as you could feel your heart shattering at his hurtful words. Never had anyone said that they hated you before, not even the people that were rude at school. A hand suddenly landed on your shoulder, making you jump in surprise and let out a small gasp.

“Hey, y/n— are you okay?” Sungjin immediately took notice of your red, tear stained face, concern contorting his features as he grabbed your shoulders. “What’s the matter, what happened?” You shook your head, frantically rubbing at your eyes to get rid of the tears. You opened your mouth to reply, but the only thing that came out was a strangled cry, making you once again cover your mouth. You quickly removed his hands from your shoulder, and you shoved past Sungjin as you darted down the hallway and out of sight.

“God, I can’t believe this.” Jae angrily looked to the ground as he clenched his fists by his side. “I’ve been lying to her this whole time.” Brian looked to Jae in confusion, his brows furrowing as he frowned a bit. “What do you mea—”

“Hey Jae,” Sungjin suddenly walked into the room, concern and worry still on his face as he looked to the boy. “I uh, I don’t know what’s going on, but I think y/n needs you.” He spoke, pointing out into the hallway. “Now would probably be best.” A frown formed on Jaes lips at Sungjins words, his brows furrowing as he walked over to the door and peaked outside. “Why? What’s up?”

“They were crying.”

Jae spun around quickly, glaring heavily at Brian before pointing an accusing finger in his direction. “This is all your fault.” He growled under his breath, and he ran a hand through his hair before looking back to Sungjin. “Did you see where she went?”

“They ran towards the other practice room.”

“How is this my fault?”

“Because!” Jae snapped, throwing his balled fists into the air before he pointed back to the hallway. “They liked you, Brian, and to make it worse,” Jae closed his eyes before sucking in a deep breath and stepping out into the hallway to run after you.

“They just heard you admit that you hated them, you ruined it.”

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i got nervous i'm sorry it's jae's fault. i won't fight you, you seem to be dangerous (not jae, he's just loud)

Its always Jae’s fault 👀 👀

and no jae is very dangerous I wouldn’t touch jae with a sticky lollipop for fear it might end up in my hair and I’d have to shave my entire head. He’s a menace. (But you’re right about the loud part like sometimes I just smh jae)