jae yah


You’re best friends with JB and since you’ve got nothing to do, you decided to stay at JB’s place tonight. You plopped yourself to his bed and make yourself comfortable. There’s a huge white, fluffy pillow right beside you. You hugged it. It was warm and cozy. You heard JB’s door creak open and you already know who it was. But what you didn’t know is what he did next. He fell on you. ON TOP OF YOU. Now, he’s lying on top of you. You can feel your face started to heat up. You cleared your throat, “Yah! Jae, w-what do you think you’re doing?” you asked, trying to maintain your cool. He didn’t answer, instead he just grunted. You tried to look at his face but with this position, only the side of his face can be seen. His eyes were close. With all your force, you pushed him away. But it was a fail, he keep coming back. “Seriously, Jae? Ugh! You’re heavy! Get away from me!” you tried again but it was a total fail. “IM. FUCKING. JAE. BUM. GET THE HELL OUT OF ME.” You ordered. But alas, he didn’t move even just a bit. He opened he’s eyes and met with yours. Now your face is just like a tomato. “Can you shut up for a second? I’m trying to rest here.” He said. Annoyed, you answered, “You can fucking rest on the other side of the bed, moron. Not on top of me.” You rolled your eyes. “But you’re hugging my favorite pillow, so for now, you’ll be MY pillow.” He said emphasizing the word “MY” and the worst part is that he’s smirking while saying this.