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10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Ships

3. AoY ships - Kang Yi Na x Seo Dong Joo, Yoon Jin Myeong x Park Jae Wan, Yoo Eun Jae x Yoon Jong Yeol, Song Ji Won x Im Seong Min(Age of Youth)

I’m Not a Robot

(Spoiler Free)

I’m going straight to the most important point here: THIS KDRAMA IS A TRUE TREASURE! It must be protected and exposed on a pedestal, along with its amazing and beautiful characters. *cries in Korean* CAN I ADOPT ADULT PEOPLE? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? 

Alright, I’m going to try to control the fangirling side of me and provide useful information!
As some might know, I’m an incurable romantic and let me just tell you that this Kdrama broke all the records of CHEESY. And I am not complaining about that mates, It’s just absolutely adorable! Though, you must know what you’re coming for, therefore I’m going to prepare you so you can fully enjoy the ride.
When I decided to watch “I’m Not a Robot”, I thought to myself “Oh yay! It’s going to be one of those kdramas that warm my heart and make me smile like a fool!”. Guess what!? It warms your heart, it makes you smile and do weird noises whilst watching it… but, IT STABS YOUR PURE HEART. Because, even though you know something is going to go wrong and you think you’re prepared for it, it just hurts! This, because (almost) all the freaking characters are so preciously adorable and you just want to protect them somehow!
There you go, It’s so adorable that it hurts! And this makes sense, trust me chingu ❤︎

Now, putting the cuteness aside for a brief moment if you haven’t watched this drama yet, I should prepare you for one more thing: things take time to happen!
I’m not saying it’s boring (IT’S NOT!), but at the beginning, everything seems to take a long time until something finally happens. And the things that happen are so simple that might make you scream “REALLY? COME ON, GIVE ME SOME ACTION!”. But then suddenly, that “action” will come at you like a tsunami. So, just be patient and wait until you get hit and everything becomes a mess! IT’S WORTH IT! I swear, I’m not a masochist! Probably…

To be honest, you shouldn’t worry too much about this “things take time to happen!” thing. Because… first if a kdrama is boring, I usually can’t endure it and if it’s bad, I’ll just say it’s bad.

Second, because Kim Min Kyu (main male lead) and Jo Ji Ah (main female lead) have a unique burning radiant chemistry and their love is like a flower that you must see growing!

And third, because there’s a lot of funny scenes and adorable characters you need to meet!!!!

I’m sure, everyone at some point in their lives felt like humans are worthless and became so disappointed, that they could say “Seriously, I’m allergic to humans!”. Right?
Well, you know how some people say they’ll just love dogs instead of humans? How about robots for a change? How about robots that aren’t robots, to make it more fun? Confused? Then watch “I’m Not a Robot”! I totally recommend this drama if you need some sweetness in your days ❤︎

Go go go go, check all these adorable dorks in action if you haven’t yet!
If you have, what are your thoughts about it chingu?

I decided to do some rating Yati style again guys (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.


- Need to protect  Kim Min Kyu: 154875421/10

- Getting jealous of the way Kim Min Kyu looks at a
robot vacuum cleaner: FUCK MY LIFE/10

- Want to find the portal to the Kdrama world to
date Ssanip: I VOLUNTEER/10

School 2017 Episode 16 (Finale)

Bittersweet justice. The school is starting over with a new Principal in Teacher Gu! and a new educational philosophy that won’t let the system destroy the students. Now the Teachers can help everyone try to achieve their goals or find a dream. This is an ideal scenario, although I’m sure Hee-chan is still out there doing his thing. Whatever, he doesn’t deserve any of our time.

I say it’s a bittersweet justice because with Dad admitting to all charges of corruption and buying a new school in the countryside, it meant that Tae-woon had to move away for his senior year instead of ending high school with his friends. I’m proud of him, I think he made the right decision by going with his father -even when he could have stayed- but he choose to rebuild his relationship with the only family member he has left. A mature and sensible decision that shows who Tae-woon truly is and why he won all of us over. It wasn’t only his assertive, swoony actions and constant will to growth but also his sincere heart that made him the perfect leading man.

At first I wanted for Eun-ho and Tae-woon to finish school together, but when I gave it some more thought I decided this was the perfect move for the show. In my eyes these two are the real thing, so there’s really no need to keep them in high school when they are already dealing with the “real world” together. Beyond their school years, Tae-woon and Eun-ho will always find a way to make things work between them because they share a tacit understanding of each other as friends and lovers, who have fun and support their individual dreams as much as their desire to be together. Watching this relationship develop was a real pleasure and I couldn’t be more happy to have found a show that portrayed such a healthy and mature relationship.

I love how the show kept Eun-ho true to herself through all the episodes but at the same time gave her enough space to growth as a person, to let her come on hew own. So when the time came to make a choice, she knew what the right thing to do was for her and those she loves. Going back to school was the right choice for her, that’s where she was most happy and wanted to spend her time, learn and keep on growing. But she also understands that just because it’s the right choice for her, it doesn’t necessarily means it’s the right one for everyone which is why she told Tae-woon, this time, she was the one giving to him.

It’s funny how Joon-ki’s words about Tae-woon being the one who gives because he has more than everyone, came back in the final episode. It’s true that Tae-woon has always been giving to others in his own way, so I’m glad Eun-ho choose to step up and declare herself as the one who would give and protect Tae-woon now and in the future. She has great stamina too.

Dae-hwi remains the MVP of this show. I have always loved how School 2017 had no problems portraying a good natured friendship between Dae-hwi and Eun-ho, and today that returned into the picture with him actively trying to help her find a solution. I like that he used his own experience of bottling problems up, that he knew the best and first solution for her and Tae-woon was to advice they have a honest talk about their feelings.

I like even more that he took his own advice and finally made some progress with Nam-joo. By proudly walking next to her and defending her, he gave her the strength to stand up for herself and confront her own mistakes. That final scene between them was cute AF and I only wish we could have seen more.

It was a nice touch from the show to not give the rest of the characters dreams set in stone, like for example we don’t know what Sarang wants to do in the future but we do know she’s thinking about it. Same goes for Bora, Kyung-woo and Issue. I like that they have their options open to become whatever or whoever they want because at 18 that’s exactly how it should be. You should be full of expectation of the good things life can give you, and considering how tough these kids had it until now, I say it’s a welcome change for them.

What about Teacher Shim? He made a real difference in the kids’ lives and won over the girl, much to Teacher Jung’s disappointment. Poor guy has to keep seeing them together now that Officer Han is staying at the school. Pffft!

Overall, School 2017 was a perfect show that delivered everything I was expecting from it and more, for it kept surprising me every week with its depth and mature views. For that and so many other things, I wouldn’t change one single thing about it. Okay, fine, one thing: a kiss!

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- ̗̀ MASTERLIST — male korean names  ̖́-

hi sweeties !! so, i was thinking about how hard it is to find a different name for my characters every time i apply for a different rp, and then i thought why not make a masterlist of korean names ?! and here i am doing this. there are #50 (FIFTY) male korean names under the cut, none was invented by me. hope you guys like it !! please like/reblog if you found this useful !! (01/??)  [ part 2 HERE. ]

att: this names are REAL names, taken from doramas (korean dramas). 

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