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TODAYSMUSIC944 2017.06.11

Kim Min Jae & Younha - Dream

That excitement when I heard this song in The Best Hit. I decided to watch this drama because I love the cast; Cha Tae Hyun is one of my favorite actor, I knew Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Min Jae before, Hong Hyun Bae looked familiar to me and then I realized he is Taeyang’s brother, the rest of the cast is really great I know them all except for Bona but it’s her acting debut and I don’t really pay attention to WJSN, same for Eunwo. And then there’s Lee Se Young, she is freaking amazing and she is one of the most beautiful woman ever and I’ve been a huge fan since Hot Young Blood was out (and I’m still kinda fangirling over the fact that we share the same birthday).

Anyway, I am watching a lot of new dramas now, like Lookout, Circle, My Sassy Girl, Ruler - Master of the Mask and Fight My Way and The Best Hit is my favorite among them all! 

Circle is my second favorite, it’s so freaking good and it gets better each episode. My Sassy Girl, Lookout and Fight My Way are great too honestly, though Fight My Way is not the genre of drama I usually like. I’m a bit less sure about Ruler: the beginning was bomb and I’m a huge fan of Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho. I love Sageuks a lot but the plot might not turn out to be what I expected in the beginning (still gonna continue the show though!) and I’m not hating, but L from Infinite is a very bad actor and I cringe every time he appears on the show which makes the episode less enjoyable to watch. I like him as an idol but not an actor.