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16. Park Bo Gum

15. Kim Woo Bin

14. Ryu Joon Yeol

13. Yoo Ah In

12. Kim Bum

11. Yoo Seung Ho

10. Song Jae Rim

9. Park Hae Jin

8. Park Seo Joon

7. Lee Jong Suk

6. Jang Geun Suk

5. Lee Min Ho

4. Yeo Jin Goo

3. Kim Soo Hyun

2. Seo Kang Joon

1. Song Joong Ki 

Goblin - A Very Possible Fan Theory (Spoiler?)

This is a very popular fan theory among Korean fans!

In the First Episode, we saw a young king&queen.

The Queen must be Kim Shin’s younger sister (or at least cousin sister) since she was the first one to get shot by an arrow when the King yelled “Kill everyone from Kim Shin’s family.”

And there’s one thing we must point out: THE SYNOPSIS

We now call them the “Grim Reaper” and “Sunny”, but in the early stages, the synopsis called them “Wang Yeo” and “Kim Sun

And if you’re interested in historical dramas, you’d know that “Wang” is a family name given to the Goryeo Royal Family.

Also if the Queen is Kim Shin’s younger sister, Kim Sun is a possible name for her. (Kim ‘Sun’ -> Sunny)

And you remember when Kim Shin became the goblin and returned to the palace (for revenge)?

This evil subject (also in the first picture) got much older, so we can see that the time has past. So the Young king who looked like a teenager must be in his 20s or 30s. They don’t show us the dead king’s body, and korean fans assume that it is because they’re gonna show Lee Dongwook (Grim Reaper)’s face as the grown up king when the secret of Grim Reaper & Sunny reveals.

So Grim Reaper is the dead king who lost his memory (and probably regretted his choice so much) and Sunny must be the reincarnation of the dead Queen, Kim Shin’s sister. Also the opening clip provides some certainty too.


When I first read about this couple, I thought their story was a bit weaker than the main couple’s. But if this fan theory is true, I see why Lee Dongwook contacted the writer first and said he wanted to do it. This story is super awesome!!!!


TOP 10 Sexiest Celebrity Couple Photoshoot

10. T.O.P (BIGBANG) x Sohee

9. Seulong (2AM) x Hara

8. Nam Joo Hyuk x Sulli

7. Park Hae Jin x Go Jun Hee

6. Kim Woo Bin x Shin Min Ah

5. Ahn Jae Hyun x Krystal (f(x))

4. Jonghyun (CN Blue) x Gong Seung Yeon

3. Hyunseung (BEAST) x Hyuna (4MINUTE)

2. Lee Jong Suk x Park Shin Hye 

1. Taemin (SHINee) x Kai (EXO) 

  • me after finishing a kdrama: this is my favourite drama ever nothing can top this
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with the actor
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with a fictional character
  • me after finishing a kdrama: so where does my life go from here

I’m sitting here like…