jae hwan kim

why does it look like a family picture?

father/husband: daniel

mother/wife: jin young

grandmother: ji sung

serious uncle: min hyun

mischievous uncle: seong woo

sons: ji hoon, woo jin, dae hwi

one of their sons’ lover (jin young & daniel): guanlin (panwink everyoneeeee!!!)

ha seung woon is ji sung’s little sister who doesn’t have a husband

kim jae hwan is min hyun’s psycho wife

okay I’m done out.

forgive my imagination


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Does he even know what he is doing?

VIXX’s reaction to their gf not answering their phone calls/texts because she's been sick all day

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Story line: after not answering his phone calls and text, he decides to come over at your house to see if everything is all right…


“i’ll let it go for now but don’t think that you are forgiven for making me so worried.” he will probably forget all about it the next day


*jung is not happy* *silence* *intense silence.*




“you must be really sick if you couldn’t even answer phone calls”


“i shall make you some of my amazing porridge to make you feel better.” bruh just that smile and dimples can rise me from the dead


“Worry no more jagi! Your Sanghyukkie is here now. I’ll take care of you.”

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January: Park Ji Hoon

In which you contemplate your feelings about the upcoming new year.

Inspired by this here: https://youtu.be/SCGL8XdSO38

Master List

It was the typical new years eve party. Everyone was drinking, playing games, chatting it up, and having the time of their lives. That is, everyone except you.

Your best friend had refused to let you stay at home and watch dramas, insisting that you needed to “go out and have some fun for once.” It wasn’t as if you stayed home all the time; you just didn’t go out often… Or maybe that was an excuse to avoid social interaction.

But really, jokes aside, you just weren’t feeling it this year or the next year for that matter. Something about the new year made you intimidated, like you had to have plans, like you had to have resolutions thought out. You weren’t sure how this past year had been, but looking back you couldn’t remember anything stellar about it. That didn’t really make you look forward to the new year like everyone else. Wasn’t it going to be the same?  Maybe you could blame how you were feeling on the winter season.

Which totally explained why you were out on the patio right now, alone as everyone partied on inside. Despite the cold fronts this season so far, tonight had been unusually warm. Perhaps it was global warming. Either way you were outside right now, and with your sweater and jacket, you felt perfectly fine. Well, fine as you could be alone at a crowded party.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t hear another person make their way out to the patio. It wasn’t until you heard a voice that you noticed him.

“Hey Y/N.”

You were startled slightly before looking over to see Ji Hoon smiling at you. For moment you got lost in his wide brown eyes before blinking and shaking your head slightly.

“Oh, um.. hi Ji Hoon. What brings you out here?”

“Just needed some air. You?”

“The same, I guess.”

“For the past hour?”

There was an awkward second of silence before Ji Hoon realized the implications of his words.

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Upcoming actors who are stealing the screen time.

These actors may be upcoming, some of them may be the second leads or supporting actors, but they acting talents ( and looks ) too, are stealing the screen time. Hoping to see more of them..

Yang Se Jong 

Woo Do Hwan

Kim Jung Hyun

Lee Jae Joon

Lee Won Geun

Seo Ji Hoon

Jang Dong Yoon

Seo Young-Joo

Son Seung-Won

Kwak Dong-Yeon

Lee Seo-Won