jae huh

nct u reaction to finding out you’re a spy

@yutastinyhands here she is lmao
taeyong: as long as you weren’t just with him for your mission he doesn’t really have a problem, he would worry about you getting hurt or killed and makes sure your time spent at home after a mission is as relaxing as possible 

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mark: ‘huh’

‘im a spy’

‘…………… huh?’

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jaehyun: jae would ask a lot of questions about what you do and how you got into that job, prolly about how hard the training was and how long it took you as well

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doyoung: probably confused as hell when he first finds out and just kinda stare at you blankly til it registers, when it finally does he’s still confused and you have to explain in detail what you mean

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taeil: concerned for your safety, like taeyong he is also concerned that you were just with him for your job but after you double reassure him that isn’t the case he starts asking about what you do and all that jazz

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ten: thinks ur joking, ‘ya me too i’m the enemy spy sent after u’ u don’t realise that he’s joking and pull a gun on him, he now believes you.

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