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DRAGON PLUSHIES!  I don’t only make felt dolls and outfits to go with them, I also make animals.  I finished this project somewhat recently.  They are the 4 dragon warriors from Akatsuki no Yona and the honorary Darkness Dragon.  Fear them for they have the power of cuteness.  I plan to use them in a future Princess Yona cosplay while my friend cosplays Yoon.  We will carry these dragon babies in a basket around the con.


10 of my favorite cosplays at NYCC 2014.

Jorgen VonStrangle (Fairly OddParents)
Jotun Loki (Thor)
A huge group of fantastic Disney cosplays
Gravity Falls
Professor Sycamore (Pokemon X&Y)
Star Lord (GOTG)
Kiki an I’m sorry but I forget his name (kiki’s delivery service)
Moisturizers (Doctor Who)
And my personal favorite, Man With Buns


League of Legends Pool Party Cosplay