jackgilinsky: i don’t care what anyone says, this girl is the love of my life. i can’t imagine a world without her. it doesn’t matter what i’m going thru, she somehow knows exactly what to do to make me smile at any given moment. she is my very best friend & knows literally every little thing about me. i’m telling u this girl is special. not only is she the most gorgeous human being i have ever laid my eyes on, but she has the kindest heart of anyone i have ever met. she’s the type of person who puts herself second to everyone else. i’ve only known her for about 3 years, but those 3 years feel like a lifetime. she has taught me so much & i continue to learn from her every day. madison elle beer i love you with all of my heart & pray that i get to call u mine forever. you are the reason i go to sleep with a smile on my face. please never ever change. i can’t wait to see what u do over these next few years & u better know i’ll be there for u every step of the way. no matter how rocky the road may get. you are my soulmate. HAPPY 18TH. hope it was the best one yet. p.s. i’m sorry i posted a video of you sleeping. i hope u can forgive me. i love you. i’m gonna spoon u now. goodnight.


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