So for Christmas, I decided to make some custom clocks for some friends.

And now after a few suggestions, I’m considering maybe setting up an Etsy and making some more to sell. 

If I was to do this, would many people actually be interested?

What I do is buy the clock and then pull it all apart and hand customize it.

One of the suggestions I had was to make six or seven basic clocks - so maybe a Harry Potter, Glee, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural and Lord of the Rings (they’re still up for decision so if you’re interested, feedback would be handy!) - and those would be maybe $12-15 each?

And then, if you wanted a specific image or ship or character or a different fandom all together or what ever, that may be $15-18 (depending on what the base price ends up being.)

All I’m asking right now is for how many people would be interested? Is it a worthwhile thing to invest my time and money into? :)


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