Two weeks ago I was hanging out with my friends and we ended up at some hick bar called Chardonnay’s.  After a few drinks we realized that we were in the midst of someones high school reunion.  Some guy mistook my bf for someone else at their school so we decided to play along and act like we went to school with them.  It was pretty fun.  This is one of the mementos I have- the photo-booth pic. 

NP: Halloween H20 (which BTW expires on Netflix on 9/1/)

I remember seeing this in the theater with my dad when I was 12-13.  I was so fucking excited to see this after reading all the articles about it in Fangoria.  I thought my Dad was the coolest for taking me to see it in theaters before all the kids at school got to.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a beer-stealing skate punk.  The return/end of the nurse! Drunk, fucked-up, realistic Laurie Strode.  Awesome setting/story.  The dumbwaiter scene!  LL Cool J as a trashy book writer.  the gate scene.  And lastly, the kid from Jumanji.

I can also vividly remember how happy I was when I rented it from Blockbuster for the first time.  My mom dragged my brother to some function so I had the house to myself.  I turned off all the lights.  Placed our rocking chair directly in front of the tv.  And I had a bowl of popcorn with the awesome melted butter.  It was pretty, pretty nice. 

Now this movie is clearly no time-worthy film that will get remade in 20-30 years (or will it?).  Strangely, it still is incredibly memorable.  

Horror fan for life!

My friend Brett dropped by earlier to hang out and brought the remainder of the keg from his holiday party we went to last Friday.  There’s a bit left still so we’re going to kill it.  However, the beer is completely flat!  Gross.  I will drink something else.  Ha!

We’ve all given up after one cup each.  Moving on.  Cheers to thirsty Thursdays! 

The pumpkin plans are in motion!  Jeff spoke with a local farmer and we have the same deal as last year- $50 per truck-load of pumpkins.  

This year we’re sticking to 100+ carved pumpkins for our 5th Annual Epic Halloween Party.  The week before the party, us and our friends carve each one.  

I cannot wait for the nights in the garage- drinking beer, smoking, listening to music, and carving pumpkins all night with the gang and our friends!