foursidecity  asked:

hey, i know a little more about the leafeon plush! i have the same one i believe, i bought mine in a set with the glaceon off ebay and some sets are still left if you search for "leafeon and glaceon plushies" on it, but i also think the plushes are bootlegs (but i'm not sure) so watch out

There is an official one, and a bootleg that look very similar for Leafeon and Glaceon, which is why I send people to my plush page instead. My plush page has a great guide to real sellers, and tips for sites like Ebay (which I generally don’t suggest Ebay unless you know exactly what you are looking for).

I have a list of many of the fake-sellers on Ebay, general rules of buying plushies online, where to DEFINITELY get real plushies (not bootlegs), and more info there.

My particular Leafeon is a bootleg (it was after I got Leafeon and Glaceon that I started to grow very picky and careful), which you can tell by the leaf on its head (the fakes tend to have a very flat leaf, if you look at the real ones, they have more soft leaves), and it didn’t come with tags (no tags is usually a bad sign, BUT it isn’t always the case).

Here is one of the two real standing Leafeon plushies that I know of, from the 2012 Eeveelutions collections.