omg hiiiiiii everyone guess what

I HIT 2K FOLLOWERS. i’ve only had this blog for a little less than a year and a half and i can’t believe even 5 people like me enough to follw let alone TWO THOUSAND. what 

soooo basically heres a follow forever to thank you all and also i forgot so many people for my winter follow forever! so i’m going to spend more time on this one ahah (however this edit is crappy but i had a different one and it was even worse. i couldnt stand it lol and i got bored of trying to fix it so i so the only logical thing to do would to give up. laziness. but i did this one and i like it better yaaay)

basically, i’m putting every mutual/favorite mutuals on here because i love all of you and why not (long list ahead omg) here’s my blogroll

jade urls: whyjades, adoresjade, jadecurlwall, akathirlwall, thugwall, thirlsgirl, thirvvy/firelise, jadelust, thirlwife, thirlwank, thirlily, drunkjadeisfun, jademixs, thlrlwalls, jdaethirlwall, moanjade, greathirlwall, jadethrls, snowthirlies, thirlyeah, thirlwallokay, jadeamellia, thirlwarmy, analjadey, tinythirlwall, thirldollz, thrls, jadescannonball, jdaelust, j4dethirlwall, rainbowjade, minipoopey, jadesie, tropicthirlwall, peekaboojade, passionjade, jadethirilwull, waltjadey, ofjadeys

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little mix/misc. urls: cannonwall, littlemixbrat, chermix, wittlemix, harriejuana, horadecallarse, jdaesy, lovedrnk, mixerprince, selaenagomez, seashelled, danielsharmean, ofdianas(-hiatus), shefanciesme, wiltedink, femzerrie, ofyouomeatsix, beyonceera, unitdkngdoms, littlemixladies, naughtymix, fvcklukes, leiqhade, awlerrie, wannamoves, southsheild, jerrienation, wowlerrie, zerrey, wolverchanel, fourmixes, jerrieplease, babyspcie, acapellamix, wowlesy, wigns, barbraplvin, littlemyx, itreallygetsonmyboobs, jaedsy, elenamalinson, pinnowards, stylebyjhelisa, leurrie, lerriepedwards, louisprinkles, hrriestyles, lezwards, harrygergich, ilypesy, javvadmalik, rhythm-mixers, jesythirls, cliforder, mixersbian, superchero, lerries, thirlhoran, firewkors, zouuuis, fratboyszouis, rhythxim, pottrer, zaynsdna, moistcalum

once again thank you so much and i love you all! 

Hey Guys. This is my first follow forever:


420perrie accionelson adorepinnock adoringbtr akapoopey all-day-every-day-is-a-holiday awlerrie bangjesy beatboxerjesy bellepinnock belllittlemixer better-with-logan bigtimekatycat bigtimerushrusherlove bigtimerxsh blueberryperrie ♡ bowtie-jade ♡ btrandkittens ♡ btrforlife ♡ btrgraphics ♡ capliam ♡ cartoonjade ♡ chanelleigh ♡ cheekyzoe ♡ cliffwinfeels crazy4bigtimerush-kjcl cutiepez


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I hope, I didn’t forget somebody :)