I don’t have a million friends or even like twenty but I feel like the ones I’ve got are pretty fucking loyal, especially my bud, Jade. We met in 6th grade and she has been there for me ever since. No one in my life has been as forgiving or understanding as she’s been and I don’t think I’ve ever really told her how much that’s meant to me. I’m not saying our friendship has been completely perfect but I know that whatever happens she’ll always be there for me and I hope she knows I’ll always be there for her. She’s a kick ass dancer, debater, poetry reader, writer, sciencer, soup maker, partier, person, and, above all, friend. I’m not sure how she manages to balance everything so well (she’s really great at everything she does). I just thought the world should know that there’s this ahmazing person here who I love to death and feel incredibly lucky to know.