They CALLED desperately for her presence;They needed her just as much as the gold desired to be worn by her silohuette.—- just AS MUCH as an individual required the air to preserve such desired element called LIFE. &&. Who was her to deny such requirement ?
A mortal who lived to be praised would never abandon those who encouraged HER

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Tips on how to write for Discord.

Since a few people have complimented me on how accurately I portray Discord, I thought I’d post some personal guidelines that I try to abide by when writing for him.  This is applicable to RP’s and fanfics alike.

Now these tips are based on my personal interpretation of Discords character.  I’m not saying you’re wrong if you disagree with any of these or choose not to follow them.  You do you.


  • Discord is, first and foremost, a source of conflict.  It’s just his nature.  If you’re going to include him, he should be causing or presenting some sort of problem.  This doesn’t mean he can’t be helpful at all, but he shouldn’t be solving more problems than he’s causing.
  • The first point still applies if the story is about Discord.  Thus far, in all his official stories, Discord’s greatest obstacle is himself.  He’s a great example of man vs. self conflict.  You can get very creative with this one.  When you’re the single most powerful entity on your turf, the only one left to be your greatest enemy is yourself.
  • Speaking of creativity, Discord is a very visual being.  When he’s around visual gags are vast and plentiful, whether it’s just with himself or the rest of the environment.  Take advantage of your surroundings.
  • Discord is an absolute ham to cover up his more genuine emotions.  He usually plays himself up soleley to get a reaction from others.  He’s often more soft spoken and timid when he’s having a sincere emotional reaction (unless he gets mad of course).  It’s important to remember the difference.
  • Discord doesn’t care too much when someone is mad at him (apart from Fluttershy of course).  To him, there’s no such thing as bad press and welcomes any attention.  What he doesn’t like, however, is being thought little of.  When he’s being laughed at or passed off as a joke in general, he’ll definitely get angry.
  • If your story has a conflict that Discord didn’t cause, he’ll need something to gain if you expect him to care about it.  Almost everything he’s ever done, even choosing to reform, he did out of personal gain rather than out of the goodness of his heart.

 That’s it so far.  If I think of anymore, I’ll be sure to update this.  For now, have fun!