jadekoolkat-deactivated20131005  asked:

So Cleo, why did you pick Deuce to be your boyfriend? Same with Deuce, why did you pick Cleo as your ghoulfriend? You're two completely different people, but are somehow compatible with one another, so I'm curious.

‘Compatible’? Try 'perfect’.

I chose to be with Deuce because he made me realize that what Clawd and I had wasn’t real. Even just seeing him at casketball games made me feel something for him that I had never experienced with Clawd, and everything about him, and being around him, just seemed… better.

- Cleo

I might not be at the top of most of my classes, but if there’s one thing I do know it’s people. Cleo can seem kind of… intimidating to most monsters, but after fanging out with her a few times as friends, I knew there was more to her than all that ‘royalty’ stuff. I could see she wasn’t happy with where she was, and I wanted to make her happy.

- Deuce