Hello! Are you hskin? Do you have issues meeting friends? Do you like really, really bad memes but also super supportive people?

Lucky for you, we have something exactly for that. Our Hskin discord server is designed to be the less stressful environment it can be, all while ensuring a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of memes. We even have a canon section where you can talk about your memories and find canonmates. It’s that rad.

Wow, that sounds really great, where do I join, you may ask yourself. Right here! We have pages on this blog that can be found in the description or on the desktop site. Do a quick viewing of those, agree to the rules, and you’re good to go! Our applications have a whopping 99% accept rate. We love making friends and we wanna have you all join!

Please see the pages for further info, and get ready for a really good time, hopefully! 

Lonely Genderfluid Jade Playlist

Marble Soda -Shawn Wasabi:

[mostly instrumental track]

I Exist I Exist I Exist -Flatsound:

And you said no . These demons will fall / You’re so precious to us all / And I said / I can’t do this alone / I still need you to hold

Secrets -Mary Lambert:

They tell us from the time we’re young / To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves / Inside ourselves / I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else / Well I’m over it

Girls And Boys -Blur:

Streets like a jungle / So call the police / Following the herd / Down to Greece / On holiday / Love in the 90s / Is paranoid / On sunny beaches / Take your chances looking for

Pure Imagination -Fiona Apple:

If you want to view paradise / Simply look around and view it / Anything you want to, do it / Want to change the world? / There’s nothing to it

House Of Gold -Twenty One Pilots:

Let’s say we up and left this town, / And turned our future upside down. / We’ll make pretend that you and me, / Lived ever after happily.

[art found here]