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hi um positivity is open right? im a lesbian jadestri and i feel invalid .. like are my feelings real??? i also keep seeing davejade which makes me sososo uncomfy HE L p

Your feelings are 1000000% real Jade. You aren’t an accessory for shipping with others, you have your own identity and your own sexuality! Don’t let any ship or shippers make you think otherwise. You’re your own person, and if anyone tries to say otherwise they are dead wrong!

Maybe try to avoid ship posts using tag blacklisting? New X-Kit and Tumblr Savior are good for the Chrome browser (and others but I don’t have access to those links) while Washboard works on mobile devices. I hope these can help you out Jade!

- Mod Redglare (sprite credit)

look, another karkat looking for his friends

(18 and younger only pls as I am 16)
Hey I’m Karkat and I’m looking for everyone.
Jade and I were pale, Dave and I were red. After the game, we all got awarded god tier if we hadn’t already gotten it.
Before you follow: sicklekind-kid.tumblr.com/byf
Memories: sicklekind-kid.tumblr.com/memories
Please hmu if you think we may be from the same canon, but no Gamzees please.

hey y'all
startin tomorrow, im gonna be gone until saturday night
i will have no internet >BT
so, im reblogging this everywhere
when i get back, i’ll probably b more active on my jadekin blog than i have been the past month, but we’ll have to see

okay i’ve come to the conclusion that john and jade are comfort characters

i don’t id with john but i am jadekin

i think this makes sense because i had attachments to them when i first started homestuck, and fef soon joined the list

now the main reason why i’m saying this is because i can’t stand seeing jade and john in sexual situations

idk what it is it makes me really uncomfortable and i don’t like seeing it i think it’s also because @the-bespectacled-bunch is johnkin and i can’t bear seeing him like that especially when it’s nsfw and fetishy (please don’t draw porn of him!!) 

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