Good Homestuck Ships

- All of them

Bad Homestuck Ships

- Antis/Bullying
- Antis/Harassment
- Antis/Spamming tags with hate
- Antis/Accusing people of Homophobia and or Rascism
- Antis/Accusing people of being Rape/abuse/incest apologists

Around 4 years ago I did one of the biggest projects, which took months to finish, and animated Karkat’s and Jade’s own video from Take On Me - without working pen pressure and with an antique laptop, can you believe it!

While I have no idea what’s going on in the fandom or the series nowadays, I still really a) like this video b) draw both of these once or twice a year.

Also on Youtube!


GEMSTUCK FUSION DOODLES….not final designs just expirmenting w palletts n stuff…..featureing jade and her nerds. in order: jade and dave(watermelon tourmaline?), jade and karkat(bloodstone) and all three which make a neon tropical nightmare who i have yet to come up with a gem for