Prince Endymion was well known for being one of the best dressed princes in the solar system… only because the Shitennou absolutely refused to let him leave the palace in half the outfits he put together himself. It was not uncommon for one to see the prince wearing an outfit that was corrosiveto the eyes while running down a corridor and being followed by Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoicite (who would be screaming something like, “SIRE, YOU CAN’T WEAR THAT!!” or “PLAID DOESN’T GO WITH STRIPES, YOUR HIGHNESS” or “ENDY, REALLY? RUBBER SANDALS WITH HOLES IN THEM?? AND YOU WERE GOING TO MEET THE PRINCESS???”). Kunzite, while agreeing that his prince was in constant need of a fashion intervention, would typically trail behind because he just wasn’t as aggressive about the issue as his comrades were. At the same time, he did nothing to stop them when the three of them would gang up and wrestle Endymion into more suitable outfits. In the end, Endymion always appreciated their efforts, but there was one event that he might have been a little bitter about… There was a particular green jacket that the prince loved. After what was probably the hundredth straight day that he wore it, Jadeite threw the then ratty old thing out when Endymion wasn’t looking. Later, in the 20thcentury, when Mamoru first bought his signature green jacket (which was very similar to the one he lost in his past life), he immediately thought, “IN YOUR FACE, JADEITE!” without knowing why or who Jadeite even was.

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The Four Heavenly Kings - Byakko - Genbu - Suzaku - Seiryuu -

jadeite doesnt have fabulous hair like his teammates…. …otl
so there will be tons of symbolism to each one of their pics when im done….Hopefully gonna post the full image with each of the beautiful dorks colored, by next week…