Today the Department of Awesome Antiquities learned that someone back in China’s Qing Dynasty was so fond of pork that they commissioned the creation of this mouthwatering work of art: a piece of jasper sculpted to resemble a succulent piece of Dongpo rou (braised pork belly).

“You may not have heard of the exiled Song Dynasty Chinese poet Su Shi, nicknamed Su Dongpo, but you’re likely familiar with the dish named for him: dongpo rou, or braised pork belly, the succulent hunk of meat topped off with a soft and sinful layer of fat. Legend has it that Dongpo, also a gastronome, invented the slow-cooked dish by accident; but no matter its origins, it eventually emerged as a popular Chinese delicacy — one so beloved that nearly 200 years ago, an anonymous Qing dynasty artist working for the emperor immortalized its oil-slicked form, sculpting a piece of jasper into a fleshy lump meticulously finished with wrinkles, dimples, and even a soy sauce-marinated rind.”

The “meat-shaped stone” usually lives at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, but right now it’s at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as part of the Emperors’ Treasures exhibition.

For those of you who prefer veggies over meat or are simply looking for a balanced diet of precious stones, check out this equally awesome Jadeite cabbage:

[via Hyperallergic]



Originally these were the four loyal and faithfully devoted generals and bodyguards of Prince Endymion. When they were all possessed by Metalia’s vast negative energy, they became evil servants of Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. {x}

- Jadeite (ジェダイト)
- Nephrite (ネフライト)
- Kunzite (クンツァイト)
- Zoisite (ゾイサイト)


The Four Heavenly Kings - Byakko - Genbu - Suzaku - Seiryuu -

jadeite doesnt have fabulous hair like his teammates…. …otl
so there will be tons of symbolism to each one of their pics when im done….Hopefully gonna post the full image with each of the beautiful dorks colored, by next week…

WOOOOT finally done!

thank you tumblr ppl for your lovely feedback on the WIPS <3<3<3<3

Uniform color:  white
Beast: Byakko (Tiger)
Cardinality:  west
Season: Autumn
Element: Metal
Stone: Love and Emotion (stone of Aphrodite and Astarte)
Flower: Myrtle (symbol of aphrodite)
Heavenly King: Komokuten, who discerns and punishes evil
Crystal Knight: Affection and Purity

Uniform color:  Green
Beast: Genbu (Tortoise and snake)
Cardinality: North
Season: Winter
Element: Water
Stone: Creativity and Vitality 
Flower: Iris (Fleur de Lis, wisdom flower)
Heavenly King: Tamonten, the All-knowing king
Crystal Knight: Purification and Healing

Uniform color: Red
Beast: Suzaku (Bird/Phoenix)
Cardinality: South
Season: Summer
Element: Fire
Stone: Dream Stone
Flower: Poppy (Orpheus Flower)
Heavenly King: Zochouten, King of spiritual growth
Crystal Knight: Intelligence and Comfort

Uniform color: Blue
Beast: Seiryuu (Dragon)
Cardinality: East
Season: Spring
Element: Wood
Stone: Purity and Beauty
Flower: White Lily
Heavenly King: Jikokuten, the keeper of the realm.
Crystal Knight: Patience and Harmony