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Name: siching

Nickname: cheese,tech,veno and….ithil for funs

Gender: f

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4

Age: 21

Sexual Orientation: agnostic

Hogwarts House: gryffindor apparently but all i know about them is that they’re brave and badass and i am v wimpy

Favorite Color: cyan and jadegreen atm!

Time Right Now: 1:41pm

Average Hours of Sleep: none to 16

Lucky Number:7 or 8

Last Google Search: jue…ancient chinese  bronze ritual wine cup

Favorite Fictional Characters: lee sin, shen, viktor, mondatta, zenyatta, 100 eyes, saint walker, soundwave, straid of olaphis …the main ones off the top of my head

Blankets I Sleep with: 2

Favorite Bands/Artists: ruelle is nice lately, i also always love soundtracks. lorde….anything you would probably use in a dark souls/bloodborne trailer lol

Dream Trips: anywhere with castles and ruins i can poke around in. japan/china for fun stuff….italy for food…. i also wanna go the biggest library every at some point.

When did you make this Blog: NO IDEA LOL i think it was august?

Follower Count: 4k+ or so?? other blogs are around the 100-500 range

When did your Blog Reach it’s Peak: somehow. i think my most favored post is the v first humanyatta i drew… the comic where genji is dorkily wavin at zen U-U

Why did you choose your URL: si-ching is my name, techmaturgy is viktor’s scientific expertise and i thought itd be cool, venomines bc everything related to mon/zen was taken and even tho i dont draw her i actually really like widowmaker! haha. i wanted my blogs easily distinguishable + match the content with their names

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I Know That I Need This, But Sometimes It’s Too Much
(Jade Greene, 2013)