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Lucian walked into the massive schools main building. Fiddling with his collar and red tie, loosening it and undoing the top button. Class was already in session when he arrived and he casually walked around before finding the class he was supposed to be in. He knocked on the door and stepped in as the teacher smiled brightly. “Ah! Class we have a new student!” She smiled and gestured to a seat. “This is Lucian!” The snow haired boy shot a piecing look around the room before taking a seat and laying his head down on the desk, yawning a bit.


I Know That I Need This, But Sometimes It’s Too Much
(Jade Greene, 2013)




breathing life to destroyed worlds

she opened you:

the rougestain of each kiss

a sort of curse; a ruination —

the trespass of her inkjet raven

phoenix lashes,

the creamy molten waves of she:

La Sylthide

the parting of her thighs

illuminated your need violent,

slaked in the crimson cavern

of your true transformation —

and her wanton demise.


Artwork by Jade Leigh, words by deliciousinterludes.